the zen of snow

i live on a planet that has varying temperatures. a compound of hydrogen and oxygen can exist as a vapor, a liquid or a solid. when conditions are exact the vapor can condense out of the atmosphere and fall as crystals. the volume of this compound increases tenfold when it precipitates as crystals. what ever measuring units one uses to compare liqiud droplet precip with crystal precip usually gets you 10 times as much crystals in volume.
this happen recently on february 26,2010. some wags at a weather prediction outfit called the unusual weather system a “snowicane”. the wags caught some criticism from other weather forecasters. no doubt because the critics did not think of it first.
i studied the live radar loops. it sure did look like a snowicane to me. that is a contraction of a snow hurricane.

the gooberner of new jersey, crisp crispy, forgot to declare a state of emergency. perhaps he was trying to save money for the budget. more for gold man sacks, i guess. i ended up with 3 to 4 feet of snow. i started snow removal on the 25th and off and on through the 27th. the town i live in sent a front loading earth moving construction vehicle to clear the street on saturday the 27th at 11 am. my tax dollars at work. i missed two days of work of which i doubt i will get paid. better safe than sorry sez i.

back in the late 1990’s my area had 3 storms each which were called the storm of the century. now, only 10 years later my area gets a storm worse than those. glopal warning to you all!

feb 26, 2010 @ moe mtn


chris christie needs to diet

editor’s aside: the big boys dont listen to the rabble. but i dash off a rant anyway. the fix is in boys and girls.

sent to gov of nj on 2-2510 at 2:15 pm

i read all this slashing of the budget. the gubbermint has to rewrite it’s contract with it’s citizens. less services and more taxes. but i never heard that the state of nj has stopped paying gold man sacks one million bucks per day. that is 365 million bucks a year. THAT contract cannot be rewritten. why? because gubbermint is run by crooks for crooks.
i wrote about this issue to you a few weeks ago. of course you did not answer.
now what am i supposed to think? i know what to think. it’s more important to cut 400 million from education and let my local property taxes go up than to cut gold man sacks evil, corrupt, embezzlement. that’s the way it stands. you can talk until you are blue in the face about how honest you are. your actions belie your words.
sorry pal.
the man enslaved to wealth can never be honest.
thanks for cutting unem benefits while gold man sacks gets golden parachutes on my dime.
i dont have any medical insurance. i dont have any pension. i dont get weeks and weeks vacation. i dont have lots and lots of holidays. i dont get any health and safety or environmental protection but gold man sacks gets one million dollars per day.
i got a job. a lousy job making 15 bucks an hour. give me your money and perks.
that’s what i want. i dont hearyou cutting any of that. live like i am forced to and maybe i’ll respect you, maybe. it’s time for you to go on a diet. just like the one you are going to force on everyone else.

frosty times between gubbermint and citizens

techno lust

“gotta have it”

so my boss is telling me about his 42 inch LCD tv. so what? he sez it cost $700.

in a few years they will be selling them at the dollar store.

remember when microwave ovens cost $1500?

i got 3 tv’s. a 32 inch tube, a 27 inch tube and a 19 inch tube. best wait till they out.

always be the last to buy a a gadget. never the first. i learned that from computer land. wait six months until the new model comes out and get the old one for 99 bucks. that’s always my signal to buy. so when big screen tv’s are 99 bucks i’ll get one and laff at everyone who shelled out big bucks.

here’s a sad story. i know a lady who has big bucks in the bank ($500K). she made her kids buy her a flat screen tv for christmas. or maybe the kids did it on their own. either way i think it should have been the other way around. but i aint a member of that family, luckily. i once heard this lady say she wont spend her money because she made need it for something. i didnt have time to unravel her logic. i understand coffins dont come with pockets.

why do we need big screen tv’s? i often see folks with big screen tv’s and the drapes or shades up so even when you are driving by you can see they got one. what’s up with that?

is a person’s worth dependent on what size tv you got? maybe i am missing something here. couldnt possibly help the economy seeing how all tv’s are made in china.

light painting

light painting

gloppal warning

pundits ay the earth is warming, then it’s freezing so maybe they both cancel out. one thing for sure, the weather is getting weird. it’s the old saying, “climate is what you expect, weather is what you get”.
i used a macro lens on a canon digital rebel. shot through a glass pane “storm window. dirty windows give the best patterns. if you wash your window one must wait until the following season to get good frost. a few times life size on your screen.

jack frost

jack frost

photoshop effect

here’s a photoshop effect i tinkered with. a plane with gossamer wings. sort of phoenix like. used a filter called wind, then blast, then punch. actually i have an old version of ulead photoimpact. this was taken with a 400mm canon tele on a canon rebel xti.

motion effect

motion effect

curent events reduced to blog ramble

the most important news today is….
“GOULDSBORO, Maine — Workers were shocked Wednesday when they were told that the last remaining sardine cannery in the United States would close down for good on April 18, ending more than 100 years of local history.”

so much for buy local, huh?
seems there aint enough herring. so we have peak herring. i suspect overfishing which indicates over population, i.e. overshoot.

and the phd who shot up a university in alabama, more overshoot.

and now the irs bomber.

die off happens in more ways than one.

witness the tesla motors execs who died in a plane crash.
i bet no one saw that coming on a fancy colorful chart or spreadsheet.

looks like there is more than one way to “bug out”.

seems folks best be learning how to make stone knives and bear skins.

think of how much money has been and is being spent on the uhmerikan military machine.

enough to make uhmerika run on “renewable energy”, change the national fleet of vehicles from ice to electric, return to the moon,
health care for all, livable social security for elderly citizens.
and you know what? there would be lots left over. lots and lots for gold man sacks to steal.

military might allows pundits to post contrite comments to websites such as TOD while others die horrible deaths from ordinance.

have you reduced your lifestyle today? if not, have you reduced someone else’s?

reality is chaotic and messy. doesnt follow a script of the smug elite.

chem trails are real!

i see chem trails all the time. i took some photos back in july ’09. here’s an example:

chem trails july 2009


some pundits say that the chem trails are spray in jet airplane exhaust. maybe it is aerosols of sulphur to cause global cooling or warming. others say it is metallic particles to enable HARRP. still others say it is biological agent dispersement. and yet others say it is nano particle delivery.

experts say normal contrail exhaust constists of water vapor and carbon dioxide. it disperses rapidly. sky writiers on the other hand add oil to the exhaust. certain atmospheric conditions make the exhaust linger.

on this day in july 2009 i saw many aircraft leaving chem trails. the trails expanded and draped and festooned the otherwise deep blue clear sky of summer.

i was unemployed at the time and studied this phenomena for the afternoon. i notice that now it is rare to see “normal” contrails that rapidly disperse.

august 2008

august 2008

WATCH THE SKIES! evil men are running the world.

following photo is a “normal” contrail from december 2006.

normal contrail

normal contrail

normal exhaust of water vapor makes cloud in the stratosphere. it disperses quickly. it’s usually quite windy up there. up there is 10 miles up or more.

i often see chem trails turn into cirrus clouds, even mares tails type clouds. i have seen perfectly clear blue fair skies turn to white over cast cloudy bright days. my opinion is that weather modification is in progress.

the meddling fools! as if their ape brains can contain the knowledge of the krell. human greed and folly, that is exactly what it is. when you chang one thing you change everything. cobwebs in the sky, the day of purification is near.