minimum wage, maximun wage

i live in uhmerika. we have a minimum wage. it’s $7.25 per hour. that is starvation money. in other countries that may be the same as getting a gold man sacks bonus.

here is a truism. many uhmerikans believe that auto workers are over paid. i think they make or used to make $21 per hour.  new hires get $14 per hour and many uhmerikans say that is too much. but many uhmerikans never consider the upper management of auto companies  people who make millions per year.

the top 100 paid managers at any auto maker make more than all the union workers combined at that company. dont trust me do a web tube search.

now that the goobermint gave some trillions of dollars to the wall street banksters, we now hear how “we” cant afford social security.  my best friend passed away 4 years ago. she was 93. her soc sec was $12,000 per year. hmmm. cant afford that?

i say we need a maximum wage. any  CEO, CFO, COO or any president, vice president,  board member, member of congress, senator, geologist, rocket scientist, doctor, lawyer, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, king, duke ,earl, rock and roll superstar, porn star, sports star, governor, mayor, dog catcher, teacher, superintendent should all make $14 per hour.

especially anyone who works for gold man sacks.

most millionaires get free health and medical insurance. it’s paid for by someone else.
the more  money you have the less you should have to spend it. but poor people? well, we cant afford to have them get free health or medical. there are only so many hands in a deck of cards as the saying goes.


a crook is a crook no matter how much money he stole. the man enslaved to wealth can never be honest.

but what does it matter. everyone in uhmerika buys into the paradigm. maybe one day even i can be rich, Rich, RICH! so i want all those perks that comes with wealth. so for now i will do the hard scrabble shuffle and the drab scum of routine at the job.

a machine that flies

rich people going somewhere

“people walking on the moon, smog will get you pretty soon”


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