tim burton’s alice

i “sawr” tim’s alice in wonder land. i read this book about 100 times back in my younger years. tim took a small poem and based the whole movie around it. the core was still there, the rabbit, mouse, hatter, red and white queen. i am beginning to believe in conspiracies. why? because an idle fantasy about a girl falling into a rabbit hole gets turned into a mash up of the lord of the rings and avatar. as a vision i liked it. i really liked what tim did with a classic.
but i question the the need for good and evil and epic battle with a heroine who has to search for herself. tim should have put some nipples in this movie, yes brief nudity to cushion the hard blows.
some young kids sitting in back of me walked out early on. the movie house, a multiplex was empty for a friday night. it was the night of the big nor’easter of 2010, the hurricane with no name. i predict that tim burton’s alice in wonderland will become a cult classic. it might very well be his best movie. no doubt HE took orders from the CIA for mind control purposes. it was a product of empire. ALL HAIL OUR NEW OVERLORDS! GOLD MAN $UCKS!!!!

all creatures great and small


hole lot of shaking going on

has anyone else noticed all the earthquakes lately? is the earth’s crust ready to slip over by 33 degrees? where’s my D.UM.B.? (deep underground military base) these recent quakes aint little window rattlers. they be earth shakers. 6.0, 6.6, 7.0, 7.9 magnitude. i have disaster burnout. i admit not to donate any money to any quake relief fund. why? when i heard that the red cross got one billion dollars after the twin towers inside job i gave up. then katrina. uhmerkia never helps it own. if i was to donate to all these disasters i would be broke. wait a minnit…..i am broke. low wages and high taxes prevent me from being generous. bill gates of microsoft fame should be taking care of my donations. and what of gold man $ucks? aint they supposed to be doing god’s work? nver hear about them suckahs donating money for disater releif. if i have a dispoable income of $16,000 per year and some a$$hole is getting a half million dollar bonus for destroying the world economy i say let the a$$hole pony up. they took all my generosity away. i am paying for pensions and health care and vacations and holidays for everyone who works in the town hall through property taxes that are sending me to the poor house. what of that calamity and disaster? cut me in for some of the pie and perks. i live close to a branch of the ramapo fault. i often wonder what help i would receive if my house was destroyed. no doubt i will be told i am on my own and to take care of myself. i need some HAARP. or may just some Guinness stout. may the farce be with yee, now.

phantom dendrites

another day shot to $hit

yup, another day shot to $hit. wage slaving for the man. i do mental tricks to get me through the day. “one hour done. only 7 more to go!” or “3 hours gone and only one to lunch, then day half over!” or “2pm, only 90 minnits left!” then it’s the big count down, 60 minnits, 30 minnits, 20 minnits, FIFTEEN MINNITS!. praise be to god! it is time to go home. i stumble out of the factory punch drunk and dumbfounded. some how i can drive home. i can relax but the nagging aweful realization i has to do it again tomorrow. waste another day in fruitless mind numbing tedium. the man gives me enough money to pay my bills and not much else. i revolt by not buying a blue ray dvd player or big screen tv. “F”! them! go into debt and more wage slavery? but i dont buy those items and lots more. i cant because property taxes takes away all my mad money. it must be a conspiracy. i cant buy into the paradigm. lots do though. “i need my overtime. how else can i afford all the crap i need?” well, you spend all your life slaving for the man and then you die. that’s it. vacation? exactly what are you supposed to do for 2 weeks? if you get that much. sheesh! i wish i never read chas. dickens. looks like all the capitalist exploiter pigs have. ALL HAIL GOLD MAN $UCKS! our new overlords. meet the new boss same as the old boss.

i really dont know clouds at all

anti goobermint writings

it’s my duty to post anti goobermint writings. my mom sez and i quote, “they’re gonna kill ya, mikey!”. who are they and why do they want to kill me? and how would my mom know? at most i am a gadfly. i went to washington’s headquarters in morristown. there were a bunch of pamphlets on display by all those old time revolutionists. yes, you name them, madison, revere, adams, henry, paine, hamilton, et al. make me look like a conservative radio talk host. those pamphlets were full of seditious and inciting remarks. uhmerika is a pale shadow of it’s former self. there can be no revolution in uhmerika. we have no soul. the dollar and profit rules every corrupt situation. it’s all about 15 minutes of fame. only when there is no gaz-o-leen for SUV’s and 4×4 pickups and mcdonald’s is empty of happy meals will the population arise from it’s slumber. when the drug pipeline from the doctor or the street is disrupted, when the liquor stores are empty, when the supermarket doesnt have dong dongs or frozen pizzas, then and only then will there be a revolution. LET THEM EAT KAKE!

funky snow patterns just like goobermint

distasters and looting

hurricane katrina. videos of looters. well, folks was starving and there was no goobermint to save them. haiti 2009, looters trying to eat because there was no goobermint to save them. chile, 2010. looters trying to eat because there was no goobermint to save them.

but the goobermint saved the banks. no one called that looting. yet we have millions of unemployed with their benefits being cut. i guess it all depends what side of the looting you are on and how much.

if you have to take food from a collapsed store rather than starve during a disaster it’s looting. if you steal goobermint money through fraud and impoverish a nation it’s creative financing and time for big bonuses.

i live in new jersey. i bet you a plug hobo nickel that ex-gooberner jon corzine and ex CEO of gold man sacks is collecting his unemployment benefit. even though he’s got ultra millions.
please, someone prove me wrong. i double dog dare you.
stick a fork in our buttocks and turn us over. uhmerika is done.