review-girl howdy band

in early april i saw girl howdy band from texas at Connolly’s on 45th 121 West 45th (between 6th & Broadway) NYC Music 8:00 to midnight. good dancing band. sound was excellent which means not deafening.
bands website:
“classic honkytonk and vintage twang'”. the band was upstairs. it was an older crowd, but hey! i am older.


review-a midsummer’s night dream

in late march i saw some shake spear at the interart theatre, 500 west 52nd street, NYC. it was a real hole in the wall artists loft affair,off off off broadway. i had a second row set at stage right. there was a was tub on the floor. some spot lights on the ceiling. not much else in the scenery department. the lights go dim and two thespians enter. one actress steps into the tub and disrobes completely. another actress proceeds to sponge her off. the lights brighten and we get to inspect her naked body.
i have seen nude women before so i was able to comport myself public wise.
the play proceeds more normally after that. all the female thespians are scantily clad. this play is ribald after all. the dialogue remains faithful. the acting of all those concerned was very good. no voice amplification is needed. very intimate setting. the stage is just that part of the floor without audience seating. there was an intermission. although i was with a group who wanted to go to a club after wards one could have stayed and commingled with the cast.
theseus was carlos alberto valencia
hippolyta (the nude intro) was luara wickens
violence consultant was matt opatrny
fight captain was scott barrow.
set and costume designer was evan prizant (easy job!)

this was a blessed unrest production of “theatre for the adventurous”.

i can recommend this production to anyone. run ended april 12.