unmanned drones against terrorists

most uhmerikans dont know it yet but the gulf of mexico oil spill will change our lives. firstly, the gulf has been murdered. yes. correct. murdered along with 11 people on the rig. the atlantic ocean will be heavily poisoned. i predict that tar balls and oil sheen will reach england by 2011.

secondly, we must deal with a terrorist organization. the u.s. goobermint uses unmanned drones to track the leaders of terrorist organizations. the same drones can be armed with missles to assassinate the same leaders. often civilians and noncombatants are killed also.

i say the u.s. goobermint should send a drone to track BP chief executive Tony Hayward and assassinate him. if he is at some social event and civilians or noncombatants get killed it’s no difference than what is happening in the iraqi and afghan wars.

if the goobermint needs plausible deniability  then i will gladly pilot the drone by remote control and push the button.

actually, i predict that BP chief executive Tony Hayward  and his enablers and thugs will all get the medal of freedom for “doing a heck of a job”.

that $20 billion? forget about it. it was used to buy off obama and salazar and chu and feldman and anyone else in the goobermint. the goobermint is run by crooks for crooks.

the man enslaved to wealth can never be honest. there is no limit to human greed and folly. money will be the measure of all things until money dont buy nuthin.


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