i work in the “blacksmith shop”. let’s just say it is dirty, filthy, noisy industrial manufacturing environment.

if you “red” chas dickens then you know the type of work place.

it’s this heet wave on the east coast. i went to a store and bought a digital thermometer. cost 10 bucks. it has large LCD readout and humidity also. today, july 6th at 3:30pm it was 97 degrees “F” and 37% RH.

i casually mention this to the boss. harold is standing near and butts in,” what about those poor bastids in afghanistan? it’s 112 and getting shot at by moslems”.

i replied to harold…”i’m at work here and it’s 97. YAH-HOO!”

i think harold is a CIA plant or either he is nuts. he used to go swimming in the hack&sack river back in the old days when it was full of human fecal matter. no doubt he is one of those fellows who would go swimming in the ocean with tar balls and oil sheen from BP deep water horizon. he always talks of his pleasure of killing animals, i.e. hunting.

earlier today he took the air gun and blew off his work area. his work area was covered in a quarter inch of mixed steel, aluminum and copper dust. he just blew it around the shop. right above is a giant fan. maybe 80 percent was sucked out into the outside. the other 20% flew around the shop. i’m at home still digging it out of my snots.

his grandson is in the movies or tv. he did a show where a building fell on him. he got some dust in his mouth. the actors union shut down production real quick. harold told me. unions are good for his grandson but not for stupid old grandpas spraying toxic dust around a “blacksmith shop”. we aint got no union.

i usually wear a dust mask and disposable gloves and ear muffs. but it’s too hot. i do wear my lab coat to keep the dust and dirt off my clothes. harold sed i should remove the lab coat. i used to see ads in the paper for clean modern air conditioned shops. not any more. all foul, nasty, little hell holes. no wonder manufacturing is dead in the usa.

so it’s hot and i has to do manual labor under extreme conditions for low money. low compared to what some thief at gold man $ucks steals. why doesnt harold mention to the boss to air condition the shop? is the economic down turn so severe that workers can no longer expect A.C. in the summer and heat in the winter?

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