my mom hates “knickers”

i dont speak to my mom much anymore. she tells me all sorts of crazy things. she blurts them out in the middle of a conversation. one day it was,

“i hate knickers!” “sorry, i just dont want knickers in my town. i dont want to see them when i go shopping. i dont want them around me. i hate knickers!”

so it’s ok mom, talk to you next week. i thought about it for a few days. my mom talks funny. she sez “froo-jil” instead of frugal or “cah-ledge” instead of college. so i finally “figger” it out. my mom doesnt hate “knickers”. she aint making a fashion statement. oh no, she hates black people. she means “niggers”.

i hate certain people. i call them assholes. i know mostly white people and almost all the assholes i know are white. however, just because a person is black doesnt mean he/she cant be an asshole. i call them as i see them. i would suppose as i meet more people of different races i’ll meet all sorts of assholes. white people dont have the monopoly on assholes. no sir!

of course i know lots of fine decent white folks who aint assholes. and logic dictates that there must be fine decent folks no matter what color their skin is. but why does my mom hate “knickers”? what has happened to her to force her to reveal this piece of information about herself to me?  she is a victim of the modern age as we all are.

i hate my mom. i guess that makes me an asshole.