email to crispy crisp, gooberner of nj

looks like youze is gonna have to dig up 250 million dollarz to pay back the fedz by midnite tonite..
i lissenned to a speech you gave about it. seems you are beholden to mike bloomey over in nyc to get you out of this predicament you got yerself into.
your voice harmonics didnt have any “jersey attitude” in them. the tone of your voice was of a person who made a big mistake.
so it seems camden is a corrupt cesspool. lots of crooked cops. the state sunk 500 million dollars in and the median income is $23,000! well, i warrant there are lots of well paid politicians in camden while the city crumbles.
back to the dough the state owes the feds. i suggest you cut your own salary and the salary of your 36 staffers who make $100,000 per year or more. no more trips to disney land for you. i promise you i wont be taking any trips to disney land. will you make such a promise?
is there any money to stop heroin distribution in passaic county? seems local and county law enforcement isnt up to it. i heard another speech where you sed you value all life. well, how about getting rid of junk in this state. did you talk to your CIA liaison officer?
i bet he knows who is distributing junk in nj. when a citizen uses junk that is like an abortion. drug dealers and major distributors dont pay taxes.
aint it grand that drug dealers and distributors live a better life style than an honest chump who works in a dirty, filthy, unsafe and unhealthy factory such as myself. why is it easier to buy junk than to find a good paying, clean and safe job?
the GOP sed no money for the states, let them declare backruptcy. but the federal goober mint gave over a trillion dollars to the banksters. too big to fail. now the average bonus is $450,000. but the citizen will have to pay higher taxes and get less services and cuts in benefits. i have a very low opinion of the entire situation. a very, very, very low opinion.


unsafe, unhealthy death trap factory

so i work in a factory. it’s nasty. it’s dirty. it’s filthy.
one machine looks like a giant belt sander. it has a conveyor belt underneath that sheets of metal are placed on. the conveyor transport the sheets under the big abrasive belt. there is an air scoop just in back of the belt that vacuums some of the metal dust. lots ends up on the conveyor or falls off the sheets on the staging table in back. the metal dust that is not vacuumed away piles up round about the machine. imagine a 4 inch (100mm) fillet on all the wall corners near the machine. any exposed piping an even the vertical walls get coated with this dust.
the dust that is vacuumed goes into a big cloth bag. the bottom of the bag is open but strapped around a stainless steel 55 gallon drum. there is a perforated flue
inside the bag to direct the dust into the drum.

however, when many sheets are continually feed into this machine the abrasive belt gets hot and sends out sparks. some just whiz around the belt but some get vacuumed up into the bag and shot into the drum. the bag gets coated with metal dust. the flue gets clogged with metal dust.

i have learned to “beat the bag” before each run. i also bang on the flue to make the dust drop into the drum.

because…if you dont….the dust sticking to the bag and clogging the flue will ignite. the bag smolders. i myself have started 6 fires this way.

this is the interesting part. there is a fire extinguisher on the far side of the machine from the bag. BUT NO! company policy is not to use that. grab a 5 gallon pickle bucket dash across the shop to a rinse tank, scoop up some water run back to the machine and douse the bag.

the reason the bag smolders is because of lack of oxygen in the bag. but…breach the bag and the flames can shoot out and the metal dust clogging the flue can blaze up.

everyone in the shop has started a fire. i would have a spray mist on the dust but that would cost money and reduce profit. besides, real men dont do fire prevention.

i am trying to channel chas. dickens here. they say uhmerika is on the down slope. no wonder.

letter to police chief

Acting Chief:

i have lived in my town since 1983. for many of the young people doing dope in this town that is a life time.
i know that drug use is every where and in every aspect and level of our society.

for a long time now i have been pondering the large number of DWI in this town. it’s in the 2 local
newspapers. i myself like to have a six pack once a week. it’s all i can afford. i buy my favorite beverage, go home
and consume in safety.

it’s only in the past few years i have read of heroin use in town. lately i have concluded that my town is a very sick town. the circumstances of arrest. shooting up in the a&p parking lot or other patently obvious place. the junkies admitting they have dozens of packets of junk. they want to be caught. they are crying out for help.

i suspect that every junkie caught has his/her life ruined. end up in jail and raped by other prisoners. there thy learn a new trade, the career criminal path. no rehabilitation, just continued neglect by society (family, school, employment, the government).

i have met some young people who have been through my town’s education system. i am singularly unimpressed.

one fellow told me that some school official told him and a few others that,  “you are all going to grow up to be junkies”.
what a wonderful method of learning we have in this town. and every year the BOE asks for more and more and MORE!


and the kicker is the BOE has a $2 million dollar surplus. do you remember (the name of a previous school super)? he left the town as school super some odd years ago. he left with a $500,000 cash pay out and paid medical and a whole bunch of other perks. i can understand why the town has so many junkies.

i gross 30 grand per year as compared to (a previous school super) $150,000. i dont see how a fellow can support a family in my town on my money. luckily i am single and without children. so i can just barely make ends meet. i work in a dirty, filthy, unsafe and unhealthy factory. i dont want to do it. i hate it. if i dont, the sheriff will evict me from my own house. i wont be able to eat. i dont like those options.

maybe other households with children are under stress. the father and mother both have to work, turn key children. the addiction problem is an indictment against the entire current paradigm.

i suggest that the local law enforcement organization sweat these junkies to name who their supplier is. if this happens to occur in paterson then i want you to have the county police involved. i also want the state and feds in on every investigation until mr big’s head on a plate.
if there is more than one mr big then get them all. if heroin wasnt available then you wouldnt be arresting so many junkies. in fact, the junkies are the wrong people to arrest. it’s the big importers and dealers who have to get “popped”.

unless…it’s making too much money for certain people. how does heroin get into the country? how is it distributed amongst the states and end up in paterson?

why is it easier to buy junk than to find a job? i am looking for a new job that is cleaner and pays more (so i can pay my property taxes-not go to disneyland).
i have been looking since august of 2010. i am unsympathetic to all and sundry who work for the government and make near or more than $100,000 while allowing it’s citizens to turn into junkies and remove wealth from the community to go into the hands of drug dealing’s almost as if the government wants that to happen.

i have a very low opinion of the whole situation.

signed quantumskiunk

p.s. a very, very,very low opinion.

are ufo’s phony?

i tend to think ufo’s are fake. i have hours and hours of L3 video of the night sky. what is L3? a home made acronym for low light level. i use watec video cameras and preprocess video to boost contrast and brightness. then i record direct to mpeg 2 on the hard drive. i burn dvd’s to archive. i have noticed an uptick in meteoric activity. the “real” purpose of my equipment is to study fireballs and bolides, ufo’s being a piggy back arrangement. i posted some comments on well known ufo blogs about my work. i am looking for folks to review the video. even willing to share discovery of any “interesting” phenomena. so far no takers. maybe ufologists just like to arm chair sleuth. maybe such a study would prove there aint no such thang and interrupt income flows. i am keeping at it because i want to determine the frequency of super bright meteors.
some people shoot elected representitives and other people record videos of “meat eaters”. it’s the range of insane behavior in uhmerikan society.

latest rant to my rep in wash,dc

editor’s note: me and my rep are on such good terms we skip formalities such as dear sir or madam.

my boss gave me a big raise…50 cents an hour! WAHOO! now i can invest in hedge funds. but…my property taxes are going up, Up, UP! and state and fed also. gasoline goes up, food goes up. everything goes up. yeah, my wages went up but not enough to matter. how about  all those crooked banksters giving themselves billions of dollars in bonuses.

i am still looking for a better paying job. some agency called with a position for $16.75 an hour. a contract job it is, 6 months to a year and a possibility of going permanent.  if i can get a year i’ll take it. anything to get out of the filthy, dirty, unsafe, unhealthy low wage paying factory i’m in now.

here’s a real life job off craig’s list:”We are seeking an electronic assembler / technician to join our team. This is a full time temporary position with the potential of becoming a permanent full time employee.
Skills required include: -Soldering -Knowledge of surface mount and through hole components -Use of oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer and audio analyzer -Ability to work carefully with very small components -Ability to read schematics – Knowledge of how to use a drill press -Mechanical assembly
Knowledge of RF and the ability to troubleshoot to a component level basis a plus.
Location: Pompton Plains, NJCompensation: $15 – $20 per hour, based on experience”

look at what this company wants the applicant to do and what they are willing to pay. it’s nasty, very, very nasty.why work? better off driving down to paterson and copping some “h”, smack or junk and getting wasted.because you see, there are 20 desperate people applying for that one job that wont support a family. i’m a single guy and that money just about is enough to avoid homelessness.

if i get shot in the head and the bullet goes through my brain, will the goober mint pay my medical bills?or will “they” meaning you and your agents just pull the plug? dont answer! let me guess. heh-heh! i bet you are hoping i get shot in the, have you done any of the people’s business lately? or is more likely giving them the business?

december 15th 2010

one of my hobbies is the study of shoosting stars, meat eaters, if you will. december 15th was the day after the predicted peak of a meteor shower. my L3 vid cam recorded 6 bolides and eight not so bright meat eaters. seems there is an uptick of shoosting stars. just mentioning it. perhaps it means nothing. just like birds falling out of the sky dead or massive fish kills or an increase in earthquakes or homeless people starving and freezing to death. might just be “noise”. or maybe….?

of course the republicans have everything under control. they are reading the constitution in the legislature of the USA. i read the constitution. i dont remember where it sez the TSA can grab your balls. GRAB YOUR BALLS! make the world safe from democracy. didnt michael jackson grab his balls? do i see a pattern here? yo!

my own mental illness

i sort of picked on me mam and pap and brudder. of course i was mentally ill when i was a kid. i was withdrawn and didnt speak much at school. i wasnt very good at sports. i liked to day dream all of the time.
when i was raging hormones in the late teens i even contemplated raping my sisters. i dont know if all young men have those urges. that is another reason i withdrew from family life. had no acceptable way to deal with biological urges.
i was afraid of women any way. all i could say when confronted by one is “buh” and “duh”.
no support at home. mam and pap always screaming to get a job. my brudder mixed up with heavy drug use and divers companions.
so i had to fend for myself. i had a string of jobs. met all sorts of mentally ill people. satan worshipers, other drug users, scammers and con artists.
let me tell you the big secret about new jersey. it’s full of “FUCK YOU!” in your face people. just look at our current goober-ner crispy crisp. too busy on vacation in disney land during a 3 foot snow storm. then when he comes back a week later after the snow is picked up and partially melted he goes to one of the hardest hit counties and tells everyone what a great job the goober mint is doing. then he sez no one will remember this in 6 months. if that isnt “FUCK YOU!” in your face what is? but i digress.
did i mention my best friend isabel passed away some years ago? isabel and her mentally disabled sister ruthie were my surrogate family.
sure, i still have a mom and a brudder and 3 sisters but they aint my family. i have absolutely no emotional relationship with them. unless one can include hatred…
mam and pap used to complain to me in confidence i guess about how they were disappointed they had to spend their money to bail my brudder and two of my sisters out of each one’s respective problems. my brudder was drug related and my sisters were related to bad first husbands.
i was married myself for 10 years. luckily i was able to get a no contest divorce. at the time neither me or the ex had a pot to piss in.
in all the years i moved out, and i did move out late, i never, ever axed mam and pap for any money. often i was desperate. but i knew mam and pap would gnash their teeth and bang their bloody hands on their chests if i so much as axed for a farthing.
they did give me $5000 when i got married. nothing before and nothing after. nothing in pap’s will but i never seen the will, just hearsay from mam and me sisters. so it’s obvious that i wasnt a full fledged member of the clan to begin with.
mam jackassed me much about the new will and how everything is taken care of, except you see, it’s private. as her son i cant see the will or get a copy.
so i think that what ever problems i may have had and still have are a good part their doing.
when mam was telling me she will be dead soon(3 years ago now and counting!) i called each sister in turn many times and could come to no conclusion. each one of my 3 sisters blew smoke up my ass.
well, i never mixed in much them any way. they lived far away, old fashioned stay at home moms. i have nothing in common with them except we had the same biological parents.
when i was a kid i used to get migraines, bad ones. puking, visual disturbances, terrible head aches, pins and needles in the hands. when i was in my teens i was getting them in clusters, often a few times a week. i went for tests on pap’s medical insurance. found out it’s migraines. i was even suicidal. went to a shrink for a while. waste of time. smoking pot helped. but i noticed after i moved out the migraines subsided. rarely get one now and mostly mild.
so i wonder, was it my less than ideal home life and parenting?
i’m in my mid fifties now. my family, isabel ad ruthie, are gone, biological family good for nothing, lousy dead end job in a stinking hell hole factory. i guess i’m doing pretty good considering.
the TSA hasnt grabbed my balls yet!