latest rant to my rep in wash,dc

editor’s note: me and my rep are on such good terms we skip formalities such as dear sir or madam.

my boss gave me a big raise…50 cents an hour! WAHOO! now i can invest in hedge funds. but…my property taxes are going up, Up, UP! and state and fed also. gasoline goes up, food goes up. everything goes up. yeah, my wages went up but not enough to matter. how about  all those crooked banksters giving themselves billions of dollars in bonuses.

i am still looking for a better paying job. some agency called with a position for $16.75 an hour. a contract job it is, 6 months to a year and a possibility of going permanent.  if i can get a year i’ll take it. anything to get out of the filthy, dirty, unsafe, unhealthy low wage paying factory i’m in now.

here’s a real life job off craig’s list:”We are seeking an electronic assembler / technician to join our team. This is a full time temporary position with the potential of becoming a permanent full time employee.
Skills required include: -Soldering -Knowledge of surface mount and through hole components -Use of oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer and audio analyzer -Ability to work carefully with very small components -Ability to read schematics – Knowledge of how to use a drill press -Mechanical assembly
Knowledge of RF and the ability to troubleshoot to a component level basis a plus.
Location: Pompton Plains, NJCompensation: $15 – $20 per hour, based on experience”

look at what this company wants the applicant to do and what they are willing to pay. it’s nasty, very, very nasty.why work? better off driving down to paterson and copping some “h”, smack or junk and getting wasted.because you see, there are 20 desperate people applying for that one job that wont support a family. i’m a single guy and that money just about is enough to avoid homelessness.

if i get shot in the head and the bullet goes through my brain, will the goober mint pay my medical bills?or will “they” meaning you and your agents just pull the plug? dont answer! let me guess. heh-heh! i bet you are hoping i get shot in the, have you done any of the people’s business lately? or is more likely giving them the business?


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