email to crispy crisp, gooberner of nj

looks like youze is gonna have to dig up 250 million dollarz to pay back the fedz by midnite tonite..
i lissenned to a speech you gave about it. seems you are beholden to mike bloomey over in nyc to get you out of this predicament you got yerself into.
your voice harmonics didnt have any “jersey attitude” in them. the tone of your voice was of a person who made a big mistake.
so it seems camden is a corrupt cesspool. lots of crooked cops. the state sunk 500 million dollars in and the median income is $23,000! well, i warrant there are lots of well paid politicians in camden while the city crumbles.
back to the dough the state owes the feds. i suggest you cut your own salary and the salary of your 36 staffers who make $100,000 per year or more. no more trips to disney land for you. i promise you i wont be taking any trips to disney land. will you make such a promise?
is there any money to stop heroin distribution in passaic county? seems local and county law enforcement isnt up to it. i heard another speech where you sed you value all life. well, how about getting rid of junk in this state. did you talk to your CIA liaison officer?
i bet he knows who is distributing junk in nj. when a citizen uses junk that is like an abortion. drug dealers and major distributors dont pay taxes.
aint it grand that drug dealers and distributors live a better life style than an honest chump who works in a dirty, filthy, unsafe and unhealthy factory such as myself. why is it easier to buy junk than to find a good paying, clean and safe job?
the GOP sed no money for the states, let them declare backruptcy. but the federal goober mint gave over a trillion dollars to the banksters. too big to fail. now the average bonus is $450,000. but the citizen will have to pay higher taxes and get less services and cuts in benefits. i have a very low opinion of the entire situation. a very, very, very low opinion.


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