yet another email to my congess critter

i havent emailed you in a while so here’s an update.

how about rummy rumsfeld getting the “defender of the constitution” award?
i wonder what constitution they are talking about. certainly not the US constitution. have you heard of the patriot act? that act enabled the apparatus of fascism and totalitarianism to be entrenched in
our society. crooks and thugs run the goobermint and give each other awards. slick trick.

here’s a job offering straight off craig’s list:

“This requirement is in the small, light cable assembly area. Someone with good dexterity and hand -eye coordination to work the light hydraulic press and small mechanical assemblies would be perfect for this position. A potential candiate should have good communication skills and be a fast learner.

A—-o Employment Services is the global leader in employment and HR services, connecting people to jobs and jobs through its network for more than 6000 offices in 71 countries/territories around the world. A—-o is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply at http://www.—– and attach your resume and updated profile to the Wayne, NJ office.

Location: Northern New Jersey
Compensation: $9.00/hr”

and yet another:
“Searching for Machine Operators in Wood-Ridge. Must have own means of reliable transportation. 3rd shift Thursday through Monday. Pay is $8.50/hr.

Must have clean criminal background and pass drug test. These are temp-to-hire positions depending on your performance and attendance. Non-English speaking is okay.

Location: Wood-Ridge
Compensation: $8.50/hr. ”

yeah. uhmerika is goona compete with the rest of the world with the same low wages while the elite take all the profits from productivity gains.
try raising a family and paying property taxes with that money.

i went to work last saturday to make up for snow time. the foreman was there. he has 20 years experience in
that dirty, filthy, unsafe, unhealthy and DANGEROUS factory. how dangerous? there is a machine there that catches fire every 6 weeks.
but…on this saturday my boss chopped his thumb off in a 4 ton press break. znother employee rushed him to a hospital.

and…the boss came in this monday.
he started hammering and lifting and using the press break with his right hand in a bandage cast. he wrapped a plastic sheet around it to keep it clean.

i stayed an hour late because of the snow. he did too. before he left he showed me his hand. the bandage over the thumb was pink. now the docotr told him two weeks. why didnt he stay home? what if he gets gangrene and they have to chop his hand off?

a few years ago the tax assessor in town got 6 months off and $90,000 cash workman’s comp because, “there was mold in his office”.

it appears to me there is a two tiered
compensation system. the elite, such as tax assessors get the great plan. factory workers get squat.

one last thing the GOP sez no money for the states let them declare bankruptcy. but the CEO of goldman $ucks goes from $600,000 to $2 million a year. the average bonus for banksters is $450,000.

i know what you think is a good plan to balance the budget, cut social security.

how about those afghan elites who robbed $90 billion dollars from the banks there. afghanistan doesnt have $90 billion, that was all money the usa gave them.

aint you guys supposed to attending to the people’s business or are you just giving us the business?


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