email to nj gooberner 3-26-11

just to let you know i ain forgot you sed you dont care about tritium from new jersey’s aging atom reactor leaking tritium into the water table.
takes on new meaning after the japanese melt down.

the goober mint in japan has lied and covered up the severity of the situation. i dare say you are lying and covering up the severity of the situation also.

last year i got almost $800 back on the homestead tax rebate, i just go the bill from west milford. they are only giving me $300. so thanks for losing me $500.
that is a week’s pay to me. i dont make
$100,000 or more per year like your 32 staffers.

oh! i just remembered you aint concerned about perchlorate in the water table either.

say… i aint read nuthin about the great ringwood manor caper. no one has been charged with the B&E. IT’S THE PERFECT CRIME! what ever happened to the jade and ivory collection that was supposed to be stored there? didnt fall into any one’s pocket, did it?


03-16-11 email to town council

greetings all:

i read the local rags, aim and messenger. $108 increase for the mythical home. i wish.
but you guys made a mistake. it should be minus $108 per mythical home. everyone’s taxes should go down. there is a major recession going on.
between the taxes i pay and  electric bill i am a pauper. i just paid $400 to  electric utility. that is a partial. i did that because i am on my second estimated bill. they want me to pay $714!!!! who can afford to live in this town? only the rich elite. folks making slightly under or way over $100,000 per year. administrators, superintendents, tenured teachers, police, people like that.
chumps like me who work in factories are sweating it out. all i get is, work harder! work faster! we dont have any money. you made a mistake! you’re no good. maybe we should fire you! no unions protect my interests or see i get good raises and safe and healthy conditions.
i will take one of my 5 vacation days per year to cast my vote for the BOE budget and vote NO! NO! NO!
let’s make everything sparkling clear. you guys charged me +$8,000 last time and the state kicked in $2,000 and all i got was garbage removal and just barely acceptable snow removal. the services the town provides has no value totaling $10,000. plus i get to live in a junkie town. so scratch all the money i kick in  for
the BOE.
has any council member visited any gasoline station in town? how about any super market and purchased food? have you no mercy?
when unions start protecting me and helping me make a livable wage you will find me willing to give more to the town. right now, those who work for the town have enough.

japan is toast

it is a great and over whelming tragedy. millions of folks will suffer. but the fact remains, japan is toast.

if the “mox” fuel melts down all bets are off. great regions will be rendered uninhabitable for many, many years.

the leaders of japan are too busy trying to save face rather than deal with reality. reality is that this is the world’s greatest disaster in modern times.

expect hard times all over. especially so that the rich and well connected will take advantage of it. suffering will be greatly extended due to profit taking.

the great ringwood manor caper

it’s been two weeks or so and the state has not apprehended any actors known or unknown in the great ringwood manor caper. it’s a perfect crime. it proves just how inept the state is.

under the current goober-ner, crispy crisp, it (the state) can address
financial crime. no one robs banks any more because banks dont have money in them. so “physical” thieves must select other targets. a state museum out in the boondocks loaded with jewels and gold comes in handy (sic).

i read how the state, that great steward of the peoples treasures, kept two civil war cannons in an unlocked shed.
these cannons could fire a 12 pound ball. one day when the state workers arrived they found both cannons missing. the cannons had a value of $70,000 each. this is the same state park that had a 700 pound bronze door stolen of a monument.

here again we have the same pattern emerging. at high point, where many thefts occurred and collections went missing, a mansion was left to disrepair and eventual destruction due to fire.

i wonder if the mansion at ringwood manor will fall into worse disrepair and finally burn?

maybe a movie starring george clooney and matt damon can be produced. i got first dibs on the name, “the great ringwood manor caper”.


i did a search on the bronze door(s) stolen from high point state park in nj. it was only (sic) one door and only 700 pounds. seems that and the recent ringwood manor break in are all just typical corrupt jersey politics.

nothing to see here, move along.


Retired New Jersey Parks and Forestry curator Paul Taylor sums up the fate of High Point’s museum: “not a pretty picture.” Another retired DEP official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was more blunt. He asserts that the disappearance of cultural and historical artifacts from the park system hasn’t just affected High Point, but other parks as well. It amounts, he argues, to “corruption and criminal activity” that “deserves the attention only a special prosecutor would give it.”

The former DEP official recalls visiting High Point as a child in the 1950s and seeing many items whose whereabouts later became a mystery. Among these were five-foot-long models of the ships Aquitania and the Ile de France. Loaned to a local elementary school for a time in the 1950s, the ships were later returned to High Point. When the former DEP official asked about them in the 1970s, he was informed they were “in storage.” Later, he was told in confidence that the ships were now in the private collection of a high-ranking State employee.


i wonder which of the goober-ner’s 32 assistants that make $100,000 or more per year i am writing to.
about 25 years ago unknown actors drove up to the high point obelisk in the middle of the night and made off with 2 bronze doors of 4000 pounds each. the doors had bas-reliefs on them. the doors were never recovered nor were any suspects apprehended.
just a few days ago more unknown actors broke into ringwood manor and made off with paintings and firearms worth $300,000.
earlier today i drove over to ringwood manor. i spoke to a woman named connie. i told her to tell her boss and the park rangers the situation is completely unacceptable. the rangers were out to lunch, they should have ordered in.
then i drove over wawayanda staTe park. i spoke to a ranger there. i told him to tell his boss a citizen sez the situation is completely unacceptable.
but then there is on going heroin distribution plus tritium and perchlorate in the water  so the loss of the state’s property is to be expected.
exactly how much am going to save on my taxes? i want it to be a large amount seeing how i will be ridiculed by my low brow coworkers.
by proxy i am also the owner of the items stolen from the state. if the state cant protect it’s own how can i expect the state to protect my own? answer, i cannot.
i laugh at you and your completely ineffective you are. nay! your are impotent.
you must have heard about the looting of the iraqi and egyptian national museums?you must have heard of the destruction of the giant buddhist statues in afghanistan?
the theft of ringwood manor and high point are just the same. cultural terrorism.
it appears the revolution is starting in your state.
if the revolution is stronger than the state it would wise to join up with them.
i think you personally should go to ringwood manor and announce the state will use it’s considerable resources to recover all items missing and capture “the unknown actors”.team up with scott garret. i have already emailed him.
unless, of course, you have made other plans, going to disneyland or some country on the other side of the world.then just forget about it.


i checked the map of the 5th district. it encompasses high point and ringwood were born here also.
now on to it. many years ago, maybe 25, someone drove up to the high point obelisk in the middle of the night and made off with two giant bronze doors with bas-reliefs. the 4000 pound doors were never recovered nor where the perps apprehended.
just few days ago unknown actors broke into ringwood manor and made off with $300,000 worth of paintings and firearms.
it seems the revolution has already begun. the looting of the iraqi national museum, the looting of the egyptian national museum, the destruction of the giant buddhist statues in afghanistan,all just the same  as ringwood manor. they are all cultural terrorism.
this afternoon i drove over to ringwood manor. it’s only 12 miles away. i spoke to a woman named connie. i told her to tell her boss and the park rangers the situation is completely unacceptable. the state rangers were out to lunch. they should have ordered in.
on the way home i swung by wawayandna state park. i spoke to a ranger there. i told him the situation is totally unacceptable. i told him to tell his boss a citizen says so.
i also called up trenton, an assistant director of parks and forestry is supposed to call me back. i want to tell him the situation is totally unacceptable.
the various goober mints are less than effective. nay! they are impotent.
lawlessness has entered the land. the revolution is at hand. it appears to be starting in your district.
what platitudes will you expound? perhaps i should join the revolution seeing exactly how they can do what they want.
i have to work in an unsafe, unhealthy, dirty, filthy factory for low wages while they plan and execute and carry out daring robberies of the state’s property and by proxy my property. if the state’s property aint safe, how can mine be safe?
i better see some action real soon. i want the perps captured and prosecuted.
in fact, i think you yourself should visit ringwood manor and make statements that the various goober mints will recover the stolen items and incarcerate the thieves.
i laugh at you and the feds and the state. what a bunch of keystone cops you must all be.
dont worry, as soon as i send this i will be giving crispy crisp an earful