email to dc rep 04-11-11

um..i dont read about any governmental agency capturing the terrorists who broke into ringwood manor and made off with over $350,000 of the people’s assets. what’s up with that?
i also read in a recent issue f the riverkeeeper newsletter that captain jack sez you have the worse environmental voting history in congress. you dont even have an environment  subject in your pulldown menu.i read the lybian misadventure is costing $608 million dollars and no victory or resolution. just like iraq and afghanistan. billions after billions of dollars spent on all those wars without end. then trillions for the banksters. then…sorry, no money for soc sec or clean water and air.
what if your uhmerikan flag lapel pin is radioactive and is effecting your judgement? what other explanation can it be?
i just paid $15,000 in taxes for 2010. i grossed $30,500 working in a dirty filthy unsafe and unhealthy factory.yet GE pays no taxes on $3.5 billion. why?
i got a couple thousand back….because i itemize my property tax, a deduction you are on record for eliminating.
i did not receive from any governmental agency, fed, state or local, any services worth $15,000. nope. not at all. was it the gulf oil spill? the wrecking of new orleans by hurricane katrina? the heroin epidemic in my town? the ease with which a citizen can purchase dope in paterson? the space shuttle blowing up? all of the above.

you are doing a heck of a job, scotty!


Fukushima meltdown, aliens, time travel

besides writing my own “bat shit insane” blog i read other “bat shit insane” blogs. i love the good UFO blog.

i read one many years ago. the blogster sed that aliens, the greys, were humans from the future sent back in time. it seems they mutated to that form from a horrible terrible atomic accident or war. now some folks say the greys are evil. others say they are benign. if evil they are here to see to it that the accident or war gets started so they exist. if  benign they are here to attempt to avoid it.

now we have Fukushima in japan and radiation all over the world. the various goober-mints are setting exposure rates to radiation higher. even radiation contamination levels in food and water are being revised to higher levels. what does that tell you?

the u.s. goober-mint used the dirty bomb scenario to scare the citizens. radioactive material dispersed using chemical explosives will contaminate a whole city. but now that a bunch of atomic reactors with tons of radioactive material is dispersing tens and hundreds and thousands and even MILLIONS of times over the safe limit pundits and trolls and paid shills are saying radiation is good for you.

who loves yah,baby? greys from the future, that’s who.

04-08-11 email to nj gooberner

heres some fair use for important social discourse….
“Christie, who is compensated $175,000 a year as the chief executive, is topped only by the governors of New York, Illinois and Michigan. He ties for the fourth spot with the Virginia governor.
The Stateline report found that on average, chief executive compensation across the nation is on the decline. Three states, California, Florida and Hawaii, all reduced the pay for the chief executive between 2009 and 2010. The decrease in California from $212,179 to $173,987 bumped Christie into the fourth slot.
Stateline also found that several governors across the country decline their salary, like Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam. Former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, who was independently wealthy, accepted only $1 in compensation each of his four years in office. Christie collects the full gubernatorial salary.
In addition to a salary, the New Jersey governor receives $75,000 stipend, use of the gubernatorial residence in Princeton, Drumthwacket, and use of a summer home at Island Beach.”
so, teachers get paid too much? they are political thugs? what does that make you? and what of your 32 staffers who make $100,000 per year or more?
i just did my taxes. federal, state and property taxes amounted to $15,000 on a gross of $30,500 per year.
so guess what? you are a big fat political thug yourself.
what about the the great ringwood manor caper? i haint red about youse capchuring any suspects.
and what of tritium in the water table? seems you are singing a new tune after japan meltdown. and perchlorate in the water table? i guess that is fine and dandy too.
but isnt that to be expected from a  big fat political thug?
when i was growing up stipends were given to poor people. now only rich well paid people get stipends.
but i aint no big fat political thug either. drat!