email to dc rep 04-11-11

um..i dont read about any governmental agency capturing the terrorists who broke into ringwood manor and made off with over $350,000 of the people’s assets. what’s up with that?
i also read in a recent issue f the riverkeeeper newsletter that captain jack sez you have the worse environmental voting history in congress. you dont even have an environment  subject in your pulldown menu.i read the lybian misadventure is costing $608 million dollars and no victory or resolution. just like iraq and afghanistan. billions after billions of dollars spent on all those wars without end. then trillions for the banksters. then…sorry, no money for soc sec or clean water and air.
what if your uhmerikan flag lapel pin is radioactive and is effecting your judgement? what other explanation can it be?
i just paid $15,000 in taxes for 2010. i grossed $30,500 working in a dirty filthy unsafe and unhealthy factory.yet GE pays no taxes on $3.5 billion. why?
i got a couple thousand back….because i itemize my property tax, a deduction you are on record for eliminating.
i did not receive from any governmental agency, fed, state or local, any services worth $15,000. nope. not at all. was it the gulf oil spill? the wrecking of new orleans by hurricane katrina? the heroin epidemic in my town? the ease with which a citizen can purchase dope in paterson? the space shuttle blowing up? all of the above.

you are doing a heck of a job, scotty!


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