latest to D.C. rep

so a new born baby owes $188,000.
you sed so in a recent e-newsletter.
then the chief of police who just recently quit in west milford must owe lots more. he was making $190,000 per year and is currently sueing the town for unused sick days, about $1000 each for $250,000 total. he got all the benefits of uhmerikan society much more than anew born baby. i say he should ante up his fair share. his share is more than mine also.

i left work early today at 2pm. my thermometer indicated 94 degrees in my work area. yet…we spend 20 billion dollars for air conditioning in afghanistan.

looks like that new born baby is on the hook for some more money:

“NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — U.S. taxpayers likely lost $1.3 billion in the government bailout of Chrysler, the Treasury Department announced Thursday.
The government recently sold its remaining 6% stake in the company to Italian automaker Fiat, wrapping up the 2009 auto bailouts that were part of TARP.”

shouldnt the chief of police pay more because he got more? i bet ypu all the executives of chrysler got more than that, millions of dollars but you say a new born baby owes $188,000.
FART!….FART! i say.

only a RATpublican sezs stupid things like that. the DUMBOcrats are no better.

in other news another 6 or 8 junkies got popped in west milford. the chief sues for a quarter million and drugs flows in the streets. i truly believe that all levels of government are complicit in the distribution of heroin in the community. it is the only situation that makes sense.

if a government cared about it’s citizens it would make sure that heroin was not available. instead of reading about 6 or 8 junkies getting arrested i would read of 6 or 8 big boyz being sent away.

these junkies are young adults in thier 20’s. the were recently children. they just went through the educational system. look what they learned. all my property tax dollars wasted on high salaries for superintendents and principals.

i have enough evidence to suspect you are a heroin user. your last e-newsletter where you sed a new born bab  owes $188,000. that wraps it up for me you mentally addled junkie.
there is one other way of looking at this, you think i am a mentally addled junkie. WRONG!

you are not attending to the people’s business you are giving us the business.
since you got a $150,000 donation to your PAC in georgia shouldnt you owe more than a new born baby?
you’re doing a heck of a job,there, scottie!


latest town council rant

greetings all:

i haven’t wrote to you all because i have been chucking out the local news rags as soon as i get them.
by accident i glanced at the last two and got that terrible sick feeling again.
i see a bunch of junkies have been popped. citizens whose lives have been ruined because the various governments allow
addictive illegal drugs into the community. all the way from the president and the feds right down to the local town drugs must be allowed.
there is no other explanation.
what does the chief of police do? quit to collect $250,000. then he sues the town for $250,000 in sick pay.
i work in a nasty sweat shop. it was 91 degrees today and 96 yesterday and probably 100+ thursday and friday.
i get 5 sick days a year and one week vacation. i have a $2500 deductible on medical insurance. i have no sympathy for
police chiefs or administrators or superintendents or any one getting the big bucks in any level of government.
each and everyone chants how good and wonderful they are, such perfect public servants. but mess with their money and they bail and sue in a heart beat.
40% of all school superintendents have resigned this year. for the money not the children. i mean, “THE CHILDREN!”
do what private industry has done to me and millions of others, cut wages and benefits. exactly what is the town thinking when it is so generous with residents
tax money? think of it, $250,000 for unused sick pay. not good. you got that sort of money? put some in a box and mail it to me. i need it.
and what of the junkies? will any get rehab or is the barree place or the stripey hole? that’s the ticket. let them learn from the best to become hardened criminals
while superintendents of schools and chiefs of police get big payouts.
the superintendent of schools got a standing ovation. but what of the junkies? how many went through west milford school system? i say that increases in BOE
budget goes for huge salaries to supers and principals while the system tolerates the destruction of children, the loss of potential and other evils. what do kids learn in school?
how to shoot up?
 i have sympathy for parents, most likely both working to pay property taxes and put food on the table, turn key kids without proper supervision, by design.
if everyone made big bucks and had great perks without too much labor, if everyone shared the wealth i wouldnt have to write these type of letters.
the system is failing, pure and simple. no fat cat can convince me otherwise.
my girlfriend is out of work 3 years. she is burning through her savings. me? i aint got no savings. i try and help her, even if it is just to a folk music festival.
i drive beat old cars, no trips to disney land or helicopter rides like crispy crisp.
waiting for old age to put me in the the street. it is plain the wall street criminals want social security funds for themselves. i expect the town to throw me in the street when i cant work,
sell my house for pennies on the dollar while junkies destroy themselves and chiefs of police get $190,000 per year and want more, More, MORE!
it aint adding up, not at all. i work with two fellows who make 12 bucks an hour. i cant live on that, thanks to the town. i make 17 bucks an hour and i am hurting. i have to operate a dangerous machine that my boss chopped his thumb off back in february. i dont like it at all. the job market is forcing down wages but GOOBERMINT hands out top dollar to folks who
quit when the going gets tough.
let me tell you, property taxes are too high. why does a town of only 10,000 homes have a budget of 60 million dollars?
why wont the town remove snow from my street in a timely manner?
if the town catches 6 junkies doesnt that mean there are at least 60 other junkies you missed?
some months ago you caught a previous 6 or 8 junkies. it just doesnt seem that junkie catching is effective at all. maybe stopping the flow of heroin into
the nation and the states and the counties and the cities is the best way. we have home land security, dont seem to be working good. well, you cant cut into profits.
i say the the old chief of police aint worth the money you paid him.
what is going to happen when there are 600 junkies? are they going to start a crime spree? B&E and purse snatching and armed assault? stop the drugs.
this is what will happen instead. the courts will become clogged and bogged down with junkies. the prisons will become clogged and bogged down with junkies.
but the big boyz will make all the money on the pain and suffering. let us not forget trickle down to judges and prosecutors and especially lawyers.
then contractors who will have to build more prisons and hire more guards and then taxes go UP!  the heroin epidemic will be a jobs work program.
and all the while superintendents of school will be screaming, “PASS THE BUDGET FOR THE CHILDREN!”. then retire with huge bank accounts.
i want the same deal you guys get. big salaries, excellent benefits, great pension. but if i cant have that, you guys shouldnt get it either. but tax payers are the bottomless pit, the goose that lays the golden egg, the magic fish that grants your every wish.
looks like i am on the wrong side of the fence. scott garret, our rep down in d.c. must be doing heroin or worse he thinks i am doing heroin. he sent me a an e-newsletter that said a child born today owes $188,000 to the public debt. FART! the old chief of police owes that money not some new born kid or even myself. i have never gotten anything of that value from any level of government.  let them that gets the most pay the most.