latest to D.C. rep

so a new born baby owes $188,000.
you sed so in a recent e-newsletter.
then the chief of police who just recently quit in west milford must owe lots more. he was making $190,000 per year and is currently sueing the town for unused sick days, about $1000 each for $250,000 total. he got all the benefits of uhmerikan society much more than anew born baby. i say he should ante up his fair share. his share is more than mine also.

i left work early today at 2pm. my thermometer indicated 94 degrees in my work area. yet…we spend 20 billion dollars for air conditioning in afghanistan.

looks like that new born baby is on the hook for some more money:

“NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — U.S. taxpayers likely lost $1.3 billion in the government bailout of Chrysler, the Treasury Department announced Thursday.
The government recently sold its remaining 6% stake in the company to Italian automaker Fiat, wrapping up the 2009 auto bailouts that were part of TARP.”

shouldnt the chief of police pay more because he got more? i bet ypu all the executives of chrysler got more than that, millions of dollars but you say a new born baby owes $188,000.
FART!….FART! i say.

only a RATpublican sezs stupid things like that. the DUMBOcrats are no better.

in other news another 6 or 8 junkies got popped in west milford. the chief sues for a quarter million and drugs flows in the streets. i truly believe that all levels of government are complicit in the distribution of heroin in the community. it is the only situation that makes sense.

if a government cared about it’s citizens it would make sure that heroin was not available. instead of reading about 6 or 8 junkies getting arrested i would read of 6 or 8 big boyz being sent away.

these junkies are young adults in thier 20’s. the were recently children. they just went through the educational system. look what they learned. all my property tax dollars wasted on high salaries for superintendents and principals.

i have enough evidence to suspect you are a heroin user. your last e-newsletter where you sed a new born bab  owes $188,000. that wraps it up for me you mentally addled junkie.
there is one other way of looking at this, you think i am a mentally addled junkie. WRONG!

you are not attending to the people’s business you are giving us the business.
since you got a $150,000 donation to your PAC in georgia shouldnt you owe more than a new born baby?
you’re doing a heck of a job,there, scottie!


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