latest to DC RAT

it’s all over the internet 82% of the people say that the government is on the wrong track. 82% say that government does not represent their wishes.

this is true. you represent a multinational corporation over the people who voted you in. you will cut social security and give exxon mobil
a billion dollar tax cut on 30 billion dollars in profit.

you say they have to get that billion or they wont extract oil. how about $3.50 per gallon at the pump? that aint enough incentive? the fact that everyone else has to pay through the nose?
and of course that just proves you are a RATpublikan.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta wants to cut social secuirty instead of the pentagon budget. the pentagon has wasted 14 trillion dollars, no one knows where it went. i bet some of it went into Defense Secretary Leon Panetta pockets.

maybe you should remind Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about the f-22’s and f-35’s grounded and $350,000,000 for ships that go right into the scrap heap and billion dollar battle wagons that are in dry dock all the time with bad engines.

what about all the heroin in you district? doesnt that all come from
afghanistan? how is it getting into the nation and ending up in the communities where it is destroying people’s lives in your district?

does Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have a hand in that?

trillions spent on defense and we have high unemployment and low wages.

tell Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that mike mcgrath sez he is a RAT!

when the goobermint is run by crooks the devil has the people by the neck.