class warfare

umm… the rich won the class warfare fight. i say we eat them. i imagine they taste like chicken. just add spices and chop up into bite sized morsels. better nutrition than, say, rat meat.

the rich say they cant afford to pay taxes. take a smart fellow, a rich fellow. let’s say he made 20 million uhmerikan dollars last year. if he paid 50% in taxes he would have TEN MILLION DOLLARS LEFT OVER!!!!!

last year i paid 50% in taxes to federal, state and local jurisdictions. i wuz left with $15,000 god damned dollars.

i work in a dusty, oily, noisy, unsafe and unhealthy factory. i just used my medical insurance which cost me $25 bucks a week. i got a $2,500 deductible . the insurance provider mixed up my PCP with a specialist and denied their copay. but it’s under review and will take 30 days. my doctor prescribed me old medicine for my condition because the insurance would not cover any newer drugs (which may be a blessing in dee skies).

this company i work for just hired a new guy at ten bucks an hour. the company is getting $5000 bribe to hire this guy off unemployment. the fellow is receiving food stamps due to his low pay.

the owner just bought a chevy volt. me? i drive a 1995 saturn wagon. i aint saving nuthin for my old age. i gots to work till i drop dead.

i feel like nigger jim in huckleberry finn. i wisht i coulds jump me a raft and float away.

my D.C. rep in washington tuk two trips to isreal. cost the tax payers $26,000. he votes NO! for unem extensions. he votes NO! for soc sec
increases. he votes NO! for medicare increase. he votes YES! for pentagon budget increase. war withOUT end and war without victory. WTF does that mean?

i’ll tell you what it means. the rich won the class war.

i am forced to go along with the scam until the food and booze runs out. then it’s join the revolution. i figger there’s more of us, poe peeple than that 1% elite. i dont think they can kill us all. we will get them.


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