victims of the modern age

me mam is a victim of the modern age. mam just recently in the horse pit all for a stroke. mam always told me over and over again for years and years, “dont ask me for help, i’m your mother!” or “good sons dont ask their parents for help”.

i pondered long about this froo-jill tight wad cheap skate attitude. iwuz sent home from skool during the cuban missile crisis. mam put me and my alcoholic junkie brudder under a table and sat there and watched us with pity. it was a rainy day and very dark. then nothing happened, except of course me mam went mad, quite insane.

mebbe , mam thought me and me brudder were responsible for that harrowing event. of course it was the rulers of the usa and the cccp who are to blame.

where pap was i have no idear. mebbe the cuban missile crisis is why he beat us so much. pap was a victim, mam was a victim and me and me brudder are all victims of the modern age.

but us bean kids back then and innocent and all mam and pap took a course to pervert us. no help, no support, no love and kindness just beatings and torment. now me brudder is a burn out shell. i myself an under achiever.

yes! they fed us, clothed us, provided shelter, sent us to skool for indoctrination and BEAT US! over and over for the silliest things. didnt move fast enough mam told me, we deserved it, without a thought for consequences.

pap and me brudder got caught in a negative karma loop that is still functioning today. mam found it so advantageous to lie to get us to do/not do things she continues it to this day stroked out in the horse pit all.

me 3 female siblings pretend we have a perfect family. but why is me brudder a burnt out alcoholic junkie? why am i an under achiever? victims, victims of the modern age.

i still curse me pap’s spirit. i tuk some proxy beatings for me brudder.  pap lashed out at me because i wuz handy. us bean victims still dont diminish the sting after all these decades. and when mam kicks off i will curse her spirit also for good measure. and my 3 female siblings are invited to curse my spirit when the time comes.


goobermint critizism

well! they found the 6 or 8 billion dollars missing in irag for 10 years.
think of the interest that money could have made if properly invested…
in CDO’s!

i say the money should go into the soc sec fund or for extended unem
payments to out of work citizens.

let’s be real. the banksters got that money. done deal.

uhmerika is run by crooks for crooks.

october 1st rant to bloomy

well! it’s plain to see that you dont have to look for jobs in manufacturing on craig’s list.
how about 3rd shift CNC operator for $10 an hour?

or run 5 (five!) CNc milling machines and a lathe. mebbe get $20 an hour.

wall street is already occupied not by the 99% protestors but by the 1% buffoons and rapscallions that are the heads of banks.

it is also plain that you fall into that catagory.

why aint the NYPD elbowing bernancke and geithner and paulson and sommers onto the ground? they are the ones that deserve pepper spray in the face.

but then all cops are hired guns.

i do not support you are your policies.

give me 40 or 50 grand a year with
2 weeks vacation and a good pension
and medical insurance and mebbe i’ll change my tune.