11-19-11 rant to d.c. rep

GE sent a 57,000 page tax form to the IRS. GE made $14 billion dollars in profit. GE paid no income tax.

i work in a hellhole factory and i am paying fully 50% of my gross earnings to the various goobermints, federal, state and local. i gross $35,000 a year. just federal and state amounts to $10,000 sucked right out of my check before i get anything. then local is is another $8,500. so i get to spend $17,000 on car insurance, home insurance, phone, cable internet,  food, energy and service some small debt. i take my girl friend out to inexpensive live music venues or a bite to eat on rare occasion. no saving for emergencies or retirement.

search your soul and understand why i am so upset. the goobermint is for criminal banksters and oppressive corporations. you, sir, are an enabler of that paradigm.


what of the super, stupor, stupid congess? why don they tax GE and close that multi trillion dollar debt? why dont you guys tax rat bloomy, billionaire fascist mayor of NYC?

you will all tax me and the rest of the 99% to death, no problem. when we get taxed to death it’s for the good of the nation. when you hand that money over to the banksters it’s for the good of the nation. exactly how stupid do you think i am?

specifically,how do you propose to support veterans when we aint got no money? no soc sec for me? no extended unem for the 20% who lost  their jobs to out sourcing? no taxes on GE’s $14 billion in profits?

you’re doing a heck of a job there scottie!


11-16-11 rant to d.c. rep.

so, what have you been doing to thwart the national park for the great falls of paterson?
trying to deny funding? doing all sort of nasty behind the scenes chicanery?
did you search your soul? was it all the letters from the people you represent who told you strike down and smite the efforts of others? was it the orders from your elite masters who wanted to build condos there?

what of the super stupor stupid congress? all master representative scott garrish hands over his power to a bunch of heels who will take everything and deny everything of and to the people and hand it over to millionaires and billionaires? and then say “it wasnt me! it was those people. i had nothing to do with it. but…we cant change anything we are stuck with it.”

yeah, that rat bloomy the mayor of NY sez rights can be taken away by billionaires. sure, that works for me, NOT!

what about all that insider trading going on in the congress and senate? i want a piece of that action, pal.

you’re doing a heck of a job there scottie!

p.s. you been to NYC lately? lots of trash and unsanitary conditions all over, even the heart of manhattan. you think if one of bloomy’s millionaire friends want to dump toxic waste some where’s bloomy’s gonna have a bunch of thugs and henchmen poe-lease and sanitation workers stop it? yeah, right.

UFO bullshit

i have a flickr membership and i created a group and invite folks to post photos there. so it’s my hobby to browse recent uploads for hour on end. i have seen it all. kinky sex, vacations, pets, cars, houses, planes in flight, shots out plane windows, great cities, great ruins, great mountains, great oceans but no UFO’s. why? anyone care to expound on a conspiracy theory?

why isnt?

why isnt the heads of wall street banksters being maced and pepper sprayed?

why isn the heads of wall street banksters being hit with batons?

why aint the belongings of wall street banksters thrown in garbage trucks and hauled away?

of  course i know they bought and paid for the poe lease. the banksters steal all the money and have their goons and henchmen tolchock anyone who points it out, especially a group that is getting media attention like OCCUPY WALL STREET. wall street is already occupied by the criminal elite. class warfare continues. it’s the rich against the poor.

uhmerika has become a fascist oligarchy. the many ruled by the few. goobermint and corporations removing benefits and rights from the people to enhance profits and the power of the few.

being critical of the u.s. goobermint

i am dissatisfied with the u.s. goobermint. i am dissatisfied with state goobermint. i am dissatisfied with local goobermint. high taxes and no benefits. high taxes and no rights. dirty, shitty low paying jobs. i am highly critical of all levels of goobermint and it’s operatives. politicians get into goobermint to steal the taxes and keep it for themselves. politicians take bribes to enable the rich to steal from the people.i want the same salaries, pensions, health insurance, vacation and holidays as goobermint workers get.  i want to make close to or more than $100,00 per year with lots of vacation and holidays.

to rat bloomy on 11-15-11

you cultivated the image of the “billionaire of the people”. but now we see your true colors. you are a billionaire of the rich. yet another rich dude has has hijacked the goobermint. everyone knows the police and law enforcement are there to protect the rich from the rest of the population.

Suppression of Dissent: All tyrannical regimes throughout history have suppressed homeland dissent. As government oppression grows bolder at home and abroad, more citizens will naturally express outrage, resulting in even more oppressive controls.

i do not support you, your polices or your henchmen.

it is plainly clear i live in an oligarchy.

the wall street banksters grab all the money leaving none for everyone else. wages and benefits and now rights are eroded at the whims of the millionaires and billionaires. the class warfare of the rich against the poor continues.