11-19-11 rant to d.c. rep

GE sent a 57,000 page tax form to the IRS. GE made $14 billion dollars in profit. GE paid no income tax.

i work in a hellhole factory and i am paying fully 50% of my gross earnings to the various goobermints, federal, state and local. i gross $35,000 a year. just federal and state amounts to $10,000 sucked right out of my check before i get anything. then local is is another $8,500. so i get to spend $17,000 on car insurance, home insurance, phone, cable internet,  food, energy and service some small debt. i take my girl friend out to inexpensive live music venues or a bite to eat on rare occasion. no saving for emergencies or retirement.

search your soul and understand why i am so upset. the goobermint is for criminal banksters and oppressive corporations. you, sir, are an enabler of that paradigm.


what of the super, stupor, stupid congess? why don they tax GE and close that multi trillion dollar debt? why dont you guys tax rat bloomy, billionaire fascist mayor of NYC?

you will all tax me and the rest of the 99% to death, no problem. when we get taxed to death it’s for the good of the nation. when you hand that money over to the banksters it’s for the good of the nation. exactly how stupid do you think i am?

specifically,how do you propose to support veterans when we aint got no money? no soc sec for me? no extended unem for the 20% who lost  their jobs to out sourcing? no taxes on GE’s $14 billion in profits?

you’re doing a heck of a job there scottie!

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