upchuck revisited

back in december of 2007 the COO of this multi billion dollar medical implant manufacturer had the company christmas party in the caf. it wuz buffet style. he gave us a rah-rah speech. at the end of the speech he sed, “who wants 50 bucks for christmas bonus?”.  so we ate our buffet and got 50 bucks. in october of 2008 he pulled his golden parachute. a big investment firm bought him and all the other principals out. i red the prospectus. upchuck left with 33 million dollars in cash and free cobra and a bunch of other perks.

consider, a fellow who knew he wuz getting 33 million dollars hands out 50 bucks to the slaves who made the products that enabled his 33 million. upchuck wuz in the middle spread of all the others bought out. two got over 100 million dollars, that is $100,000,000! some got tens of millions, some got millions a few “only” got hundreds of thousands. all told it cost the investment group somewhat over a half billion dollars.

i got totally sick of management and bailed to a different employment. the last i wuz there the company wuz having some products made in china. i tried to discuss that with my fellow  employees. consensus wuz that “the FDA wouldnt allow it”. HAH-HAH!

just so happens today i met a ex fellow employee while shopping. idle chit chat revealed that the manufacturing facility is shutting down completely in april of 2012. the investment group decided to have everything made in china.

this company threatened the state i live in with shutting the plant down if they didnt get tax concessions. originally they were to move manufacturing to the home state some 1500 miles away. my state caved in. but now it’s all history and china gets the manufacturing jobs.

i briefly  asked about some other people i worked with. most had found new jobs. some rather far away “but more money”. this fellow sed his last day wuz a few days later and he had new employ. he sed he wuz there 14 years.

upchuck gets 33 million and everyone else has to lose seniority and scramble for work. i bet the workers didnt get nowhere as generous a separation package.  i bet lots of folks had to take a cut in pay. my current boss with all hiz faults gave us last year a week’s pay as a christmas bonus. cant say yet if it will happen this year. but my current employment  aint no billion dollar a year concern neither.

upchuck spent $350,000 “upgrading” the lobby so clients thought it wuz a cool company. lots good it did seeing howz the company is vacating the premises.  a scam and a sham. talk about yur 1%’ers!




i herd this true story. at work today fellow employee #1 had an argument with fellow employee #2. each employee wasnt a natural born uhmerikan but acted like they wuz. the argument was about the procedure of pushing buttons to control an industrial machine process. employee #1 is 6 feet four inches and employee #2 wuz 5 feet eleven inches. in order to press his point employee #! invited employee #2 outside to, shall we say, to prove who is right. employee #1 felt so strongly about the button pushing sequence he wuz willing to beat up employee #2. did i mention employee #2 had a broken shoulder with two titanium screws in it? did i mention that employee #2 had his arm in a sling? it wuz so heated second in command manager had to step between them.

employee #3 told me this story but i didn’t believe him. later at quiting time i asked employee #2 and he verified the story. what does this mean? work is unfit for human consumption. work is a total mind fuck. boss man owner of this concern buys new cars and does humanitarian work. second in command manager upgrades his wheels but all us worker drones/slaves have to fight amongst each other for the scraps. it aint pretty. in fact it is disgusting.


i hear from my junkie alki bro

i haint seen me bro in 10 yeers now. but i has bean communicating through snail mail. me bro is down on hiz luck. he aint got a computer or cell phone or even a POT. recent letters indicate some medical problems. he wants to move in wiff me. times is hard and mebbe i can use the help if he has any to offer. mebbe he can do chores around the old homestead iffen hiz back aint too broken. many family members live together for economy these days.

we be still negotiating. i has to find out what hiz condition is. he sez he mended hiz alcoholic ways and slacked off considerable in self medication for recreational purposes. me bro can be very personable but he can also be a dunderhead.

i firmly believe that his present condition is due to poor parenting. me mam still alive should see fit to help me bro and her son with some sort of trust fund of the family fortune. pap beat us and never offered any positive reinforcement. mam has to make amends as a mam. she has to take the blame as well as pap’s spirit. pap being up in the spirit world should pay mam a visit and tell her to do this. personally i believe me mam will leave the family fortune to a stranger she will meet in the old folks home or hospice. i also believe that this person will be a person who my mam has told me over and over again she hates. me mam uses the term “knicker”.  mam hates “knickers”. and that is exactly who mam will leave the family fortune to, a so called “knicker”.

me bro being all messed up will get no benefit from the family fortune. i doubt i will get any benefit from the family fortune either. i bet some lawyers will get benefit from it. my female siblings are fond of saying they dont care about the family fortune. perhaps most of it will end up for end of life medical procedures.  but when mam leaves it to a “knicker” i suspect there will be a great gnashing of teeth.

so i will give it a shot, that is having me broken down alki junkie bro live with me. i figger the worse that will happen is i throw him out or have him arrested. maybe hiz hard life has caught up with him. sometimes stupid people realize their mistakes.

me mam and pap told me over and over again that i am a gown man, i am on my own and to take care of myself.  they never offered any monetary help. they always told me they were poor people and didnt have any money for me. now i find out there is a considerable fortune. they never helped me i never helped them. they never asked me for money. i never asked them for money. they did give me 5 grand when i got married. that wuz it. when i lived at home i worked my childhood. mixed cement, dug dirt, chopped down trees, fix cars, home improvements. after i moved out i never helped any more.

me brudder bailed early. it was off with his low life friends, drinking and smoking and fornicating. he done it to avoid pap’s rages and beatings. i think he lead that type of life to spite mam and pap’s style of parenting. they wuz quite flummoxed. but over the years me mam has some sort of guilt judging by all the times she spoke of me bro’s life path. mebbe, just mebbe mam is concerned how it might affect her chances in the afterlife.

i still say a trust fund for his rehabilitation is just the ticket. i doubt it it will happen.

uhmerikan fascist act of 2011

i guess you searched your soul and listened to the almighty one’s voice. so you voted yes to make it harder for workers to unionize. what a typical RATpublikan vote. let’s give corporations more tools and procedures to to thwart union activities. (cops are unionized, when are you and your masters to take care of that?)

answer me truthful. is uhmerika the best nation on earth? yes?

well, answer this, how come there is no hot water where i work? the boss man/owner shut it off. been that way for 6 weeks or more.

boss man/owner only turns the heat on if it is above 65 degrees. today being tuesday december 6th it was 76 degrees at work. i bet you a plug hobo nickel that on thursday when we get mixed rain and snow with accumulations up to 3 inches it wont be 76 degrees in the shop. recent past experience dictates it will be 59 degrees in the shop.

i submit to you that uhmerika isn’t the best nation on earth for these very two reasons and the third is your yes vote to thwart unionizing of workers.

my boss man just bought a big yaller chevy vette and before that a volt. i drive a P.O.S. saturn.

my boss man hires people for 10 bucks an hour, 12 bucks an hour or 13 bucks an hour. he gets the state to pay up to $5000 each if off unem.

i myself make $17 and hour. that is enough to pay property taxes, uitilities, phone, internet, insurance and go somewhere with my girl friend. no saving for retirement (work till i die) or emergencies.

i have to count myself as lucky? the second in command manager where i work just upgraded his old mercedes to a 2009 c350. he’s doing good. him and boss man are doing good on our low paid backs.

i have to operate a machine that can chop off a finger or hand. the foreman chopped off his thumb back in february, him with 30 years experience. at least he has his big wages to console his self.

this guy i work with sez it’s a waste of time to write to a congessman because the system is corrupt. your vote proves that for sure.

i write just to annoy you. once my mam told me, “they’re gonna kill you, mikey”. for a long time i couldnt figger out who she meant. now i know. anyone can be arrested and detained indefinitely after the senate passed the umerikan fascist act. i bet you lots of citizens will vanish never to be heard from again…sort of like the old soviet union. maybe i’ll end up in a gulag
(FEMA camp) somewhere for telling a congressman he is a RATpublikan! karma.