POTUS JAN 21, 2012

i picked other SUBJECT IN THE PULL DOWN MENU because i really meant all of the above. it must be said, you are a one termer. you took bad advice from evil people. this means you are either as evil as them, a dupe or a moron.
case in point is the solar power manufacturer that 500 million dollars and went bankrupt. what you should have done is sent out vouchers to everyone one in the usa for $25,000 to install 5kw panels on rooftops. then let the market sort it out. now you look like a crook enabler. and you done it again with some other company that isnt even in the usa!

what about the f-35 figher? cost of program is expected to reach ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! but the plane cant fly in rain. electronic=s fail and plane crashes. if the u.s. goobermint is spending untold trillions on defence how come i have such a low payong job? the outfit that emoloys me subcontracts to a defence contractor. i should be making double what i am now. there should be full employment with that sort of spending. but what is happening is the big boyz are hoarding all that money for themselves. you and them think the people are stupid. i often think so. there actually people who will vote the following idiots, romney, santorum, perry and NEWT GRINGRICH?!?!?!
WTF! well, here are misguided folks who would give you a second chance even after the uhmerikan detention act and the kill the internet for big business proposal.
well, iut seems we have achieved equality in uhmerika. because a black man can mess things up being president as much as a white man.
i am voting for ron paul. ralph nader and jesse ventura both endorsed him and i say there’s nothing better. look at the heels and scoundrels that endorse you! forget about it!


“F” them all!

300 hundred million pipples in the us of a and the ratpublikans come up with romney. well, fuck him. the ratpublikans come up with santorum. well, fuck him. the ratpublikans come up with perry. well, fuck him. the ratpublikans come up with newt gingrich?!?!?!? well…FUCK HIM!

i think i has to vote for ron paul. two uhmerikans i admire sed to vote for ron paul. one is ralph nader. i voted for him 3 times. the second is jesse ventura. that is as good an endorsement as any man can get. fuck the rest o’ dem bastids!

i also admire jimmy carter. i thought i’d just mention dat soes youse nose how “f-ed” up i is. but i tell you dis. uhmerika is more “f-ed” up den i is, bro.

obama is a heel, an idiot and a moron, not to mention a tool of the elite.it’s got nuthin to do wiff hiz bean a black pussin. iffen he wuz white i wood call it dee same. idiot is as idiot duz.

my mam wood call obama a “knicker”. i posit to youse, dear readers that romney is a “knicker”. i posit to you gentle reader that perry isa “knicker”. i post to you, gentle reader that santorum is a “knicker”. i posit to you that newt gingrich is a “knicker”.

ax yurself iffen a white pussin wood act dat way. i sez no.  each and everyone o’ dem wood sell you an me down dee ribber to put an extra penny in der pocket of hiz self or frendz.

all o’ dem is strangers to me. i knowz dem only by wut i see on youtube.  well, i like ron paul’s mess-age dee bess.


DARPA is evil!!! they forgot my proper cut of the trillions of dough  larz pentagon bud-got. “F” dem also.