winter of discontent

so europe is having a harsh winter, what we in new jerky wood call business as usual. why? well, let me mention deep water horizon. the BP incident spilled untold amounts of crude oil into the gulf of mexico. then BP dumped untold amounts of dispersent. i read many times, even years ago that the gulf stream current allows europe to have mild weather.

when the gulf stream stops, warm air doesnt reach europe. it is  fitting karma that although BP has reaped obscene profits it has delivered havoc to europe. it could be an unrealted event as MSM and corporate shills and trolls wood have one believe. i say the spill of untold amounts of crude oil and the application of unknown amounts of dispereent have stopped the gulf stream current and europe is now freezing.

this is how bad corporations are. people who profit from corporations say there is no evidence to support the notion that untold amounts of crude oil and dispersents have stopped the the gulf stream current. they point to the billions of dollars of profit. that makes it ok.

i submit to you that TSHHTF. add in the reactor meltdown in japan and it’s pretty much over. western civilization is dead. it just doesnt know it yet. there is still time for evil men to make a profit off the dying. “the lords of the last”  i calls them.

fill yur belly with good things, hold yur lover in yur arms, this too is the lot of men. prepare yurself for a great suffering. even the rich and powerful will be bought low when money will no longer buy respect.

i predict that bill gates will be murdered. i predict that ben  bernanke will be murdered. i predict that all of the powerful elite will be strung up by their testicles.

call it a premonition, if you will. i seem to visualize it in my mind. i am very intuitive about such things. but like all true seers my wordz will be ignored. why? there is money to be made. imagine that you can make a buck for everyone who dies. well, woodnt you make sure lots of folks died? yes, you wood, you lying sack of shit.

the corrupt elite think that by sending many souls before them the maker of all things wont notice their transgressions. the corrupt elite think by hoarding riches in this world they can stave off judgment in the next.

DARPA is evil! down with DARPA!

i’m part of the problem and so are you.