scott garrish, dc rep but not for me

scott garrish, my dc rep keeps voting for deregulation of the financial industry. he gives banksters less and less oversight and freedom to steal in a legal manner. he gave corporations the upper hand against workers who want to organize for collective bargaining.
scott garish is so powerful no one wants to run against him. rothman jumped to another district against a perceived weaker candidate, pascrell.

i dont know any of these folks. i dont think any of them have my best interests at hand. soc. sec, unemp, taxation, it’s all against me in favor of the big boyz who already have money.

i have to work with rabble in the trenches while we fight each other. this must be exactly what they want. we fight for scraps and they get all the good stuff.

uhmerika is a sick, sick nation.


whackos in the work place

i work with a fellow who is a bully. by hiz own admission to me he smokes pot, weed. this is neither here or there. i used to smoke pot myself. maybe he is using other self medication of the illegal variety. it sure is giving him mood swings.

the bully part is hiz NY in yur face attitude. he jokes and jabs and makes snide remarks. but heaven forbid you do the same to him! he tells me how i deserve low wages. hiz work doesnt compare to mine. he comes in hours late and leaves early.

he freaked out on a coworker who wuz joking with him. then the next day he confronts myself. he sez we have to limit our interacting to just business. but i know hiz art and craft. in a few days he will be buddy-buddy and shaking hands and all slaps on the back. nope. not this time. got to cut dat sukkah off.

i wood go find a new job but any other job would have the same characters but wiff different faces. uhmerika is a sick, sick nation. OH! brave new world with such people in it!

i will hold this coworker to hiz limited interaction. he aint kosher. he is full of bullshit.

i have another coworker who insists on telling me all hiz shady deals and the justifications he uses. “well, the big boyz are getting over, the president, the gen-rals, the banksters, why not me?”

he is over weight, mentally challenged and getting on in years but he thinks he has “swag”, NOT!

who are these people? where do they come from? why does uhmerikan culture produce so many?

me brutha, papa smokes, is one of legion. my fellow coworkers are members of the same hoard.

my boss tells me to hurry up and get the stuff out. “it’s all good” he sez. but when things come back from the customers it’s all, “how can this happen? what’s the matter with you guys?” isnt my boss part of the problem? hiz zeal and zest for profits over quality biting him in the ass as much as it is annoying me.

uhmerika is dead, it just doesnt know it yet. pretty soon some other country is gonna stick a fork in our ass and turn us over. we is done.

to scott garrish,DC rep

what an difficult task it is, indeed, to be an uhmerikan! i rant at the elected buffoons in washington. they are in their own reality field which has nothing to do with me. i write anyway and here is my latest for march 8, 2012. 

thanx to people such as yourself i live in a police state. you voted YEA on the The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 which repeals our right to peacefully assemble and petition the government with our grievances. In fact it is now illegal to assemble in front of Congress if even one member might be inside!


i am voting for ron paul. and when you come up for election i am voting for 3rd party. i read in the record that rabbis are telling jews to unregister as republicans and switch to democrats to vote in primary for rothman against pascrell. i am certainly not voting for rothman. the problem is youse are all strangers. i dont know you although i know of you. you voted to make it harder for workers to unionize handing the advantage to corporations.

why? was it god? did you search your soul and think that is what people in your district want? you voted to cut unem benefits and cut soc sec.

so, what’s up with heroin interdiction in your district? no one should be able to buy heroin at any price. all of it should be taken out of the community. young kids shouldnt be able to drive down from west milford to paterson to buy heroin. but they do. that is because heroin is allowed into your district from the highest levels.

i know a guy at work named joe who just got a $1.00 and hour wage increase. he spends his time behinfd a plastic curtain in a dust filled environment. it is aluminum dust which is toxic to people. he breathes it all day. he is now making $13/hr. he is in his 40’s, a grown man. another guy i work with, ed is my age in his 50’s. he is making TEN BUCKS AN HOUR! another fellow, gilbert makes 12 bucks an hour. one guy named franklin makes $13 bucks an hour. the owner, through his management team, beats on us all. more work! MORE WORK!

the owner drives a collector’s yaller vette and a brand spanking new chevy volt. he sends hiz wife to florida. he takes his family on vacation to cancun or somewhere in central uhmerika. we all drive crappy old clunkers. we work hard just to stay above poverty. all i hear is , “you aint done yet?” what’s taking so long?” what went wrong?” “hurry up!” if i aint doing 3 things at once i am some sort of a heel. you got paid medical coverage for life. i have a $2,500 deductible. i went to the doctor last year. the insurance wouldnt allow a copay. all fees to my primary care physician are part of the deductible.

i used part of my income tax refund to pay off my sears citibank credit card. i called up to close the account. so now they want to give me 7.9% for a year. then back to 17% plus prime. but citbank paid a $100 million fine for it’s part in the mortgage scandal. citbank got $100 billion in quantitative easing an probably more. people who make $100,000 or more per year set the minimum wage. what a joke!

you dont look out for me. you are doing a vey poor substandard job. the only reason you are in office is because elections are rigged. another reason is the voting public is totally uninformed and/or jaundiced. i know! maybe world war three will fix everything. so when are we gonna bomb iran? $5 a gaz-o-leen, that’s the ticket! yur doing a heck of a job there, scottie!