upchuck revisited

upchuck wuz this feller a company i worked for sent out from the mid west to “fix” the division i used to work for.

we had a christmas banquet. upchuck gave a rah-rah speech.he axed us who wanted 50 bucks for christmas bonus. the comapny wuz a billion dollar a yeer corporation. so sure, give us the money.

jump ahead to the following october. the company is sold or bought out by black heart group. all the principles are bought out or pull their golden parachutes. i read the prospectus. upchuck got 33 million dollars and had hiz COBRA paid.

upchuck wuz on the high end, there were two +100 million payouts, a bunch of tens of millions some single millions and some just hundreds of thousands. all told it wuz over $500 million to buy these folks out.

all that heel wanted to give use wuz $50! the people who done all the work.

in some other rah-rah meating upchuck sed we would never have any high end products made in china, especially anything with intellectual value. i bailed soonafter the buy out, that being 5 yeers now.

i recently met an ex coworker in a hardware store and i chit chatted with him briefly doing a catch up. he told me the company moved all manufacturing to china retaining only QC.

it gets better, this division had went to the state to get tax breaks to retain jobs and not move them to the midwest where the company wuz headquartered.

not only did the blackheart group dump the workers blackheart group fucked the state and all the other taxpayers. purty slick trick, hey?

no one who got let go got paid COBRA. why does a guy who gets 33 million need paid COBRA but the workers get squat?


my boss takes advantage

my boss had these meatings. he wants idears. i wuz invited to a few but i seen how total useless it is. on the last meating i wuz invited to me boss sez,

“we got all these workers making $10 an hour. let’s take advantage of it.”

did i mention he gets these workers off unemployment and the state pays half thier wages for 6 months? so in fact me boss is getting workers for less than minimum wage.

my boss has a yaller collector’s vette and a brand spanking new chevy volt. he does go to haiti or has a few times and done medical assistance to earthquake victims.

i dont make 10 buck an hour, somewhat more. i haint well heeled enough to help anyone but myself. although, fully 1/3 of my take home pay goes to property taxes. i help lots of folks in the town hall and the board of education live swell lifestyles.

they get full medical health insurance, living pensions, long vacations, sick day bonuses and other perks.

i get one sick day per quarter and one week vacation. i have a $2500 deductible on my health insurance and it costs me $50 per month.

if i dont buy anything but pay taxes, transportation, utilities, food i can save money. i cant afford any debt at all. i ave to drive an old car and buy used clothes at the thrift shop.

the guys who make less than me say i am doing good. 10 or 12 bucks an hour dont cut it unless you are doing something illegal on the side.

i make just enough money to be 99.9% honest and i get penalized for it.

most of the new hires are on charity medical care as the group plan is so prohibitive.

yup,my boss is taking advantage all right.

bloomy gone mad

bloomy, that is mike bloomberg mayor of NYC, sez that raising the minimum wage in NYC is bad for the economy. one must understand that bloomy is at least a billionaire and most like somewhat more.

how can having a bunch of people who make minimum wage getting more money be bad. wont those folks go out and spend that extra money? might they save some? might they pay off debt? arent those all good things?

i submit to you that having one man, say bloomy, say at least a billionaire, is a bad thing. he cant possibly spend all that money. he sure as hell wont use it to improve skools or medical care or fix pot holes in the streets. nope, he needz hiz money sure enough. but other people getting money! WTF!

hiz reason is that business owners wont be able to exploit the working classes to become billionaires such as hiz greedy low down self. as if throwing a buck at some one making minimum wage will be in direct competition with him self. mebbe if minimum wage workers got an extra buck there would be a caviar shortage or they would drink all the champagne on him.

maybe they would hog all the high class hookers.

in short bloomy is a heel. a real goobermint would tax hiz fascist a$$ 99%, yup, dat iz dee ticket, massah.