bloomy gone mad

bloomy, that is mike bloomberg mayor of NYC, sez that raising the minimum wage in NYC is bad for the economy. one must understand that bloomy is at least a billionaire and most like somewhat more.

how can having a bunch of people who make minimum wage getting more money be bad. wont those folks go out and spend that extra money? might they save some? might they pay off debt? arent those all good things?

i submit to you that having one man, say bloomy, say at least a billionaire, is a bad thing. he cant possibly spend all that money. he sure as hell wont use it to improve skools or medical care or fix pot holes in the streets. nope, he needz hiz money sure enough. but other people getting money! WTF!

hiz reason is that business owners wont be able to exploit the working classes to become billionaires such as hiz greedy low down self. as if throwing a buck at some one making minimum wage will be in direct competition with him self. mebbe if minimum wage workers got an extra buck there would be a caviar shortage or they would drink all the champagne on him.

maybe they would hog all the high class hookers.

in short bloomy is a heel. a real goobermint would tax hiz fascist a$$ 99%, yup, dat iz dee ticket, massah.

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