rant to state gooberner (nj)

yup, i remember you sed tritium and perchlorate in the water supply is just fine. no fines for officers of companies who dump rocket fuel in ground water and no fines for atomic reactors that allow tritium leaks.

i red that wilbert romney wants condi rice for v.p. running mate. no fat white guy, looks like billionaire black chic. are you disappointed?

obama may “tap” hillary for v.p. so there may be a gender gap.

i red in the record you may go full time youtube pundit. please do.

i’m a working class stiff working a in factory. it’s been 90 degrees plus every day this summer at work. no helicopter rides, no staffers making $100,000 per year or more to help me with anything.

nope. i am on my own, i has to take kair of myself.

a coworker smashed hiz finger tip on a hydraulic press. he got no workman’s comp. he makes $11/hr. what a lousy system! i bet when you need quadruple bypass surgery me and him has to pay for it. only gooberners and the moneyed elite get the best medical kair while we get death sentences.

FART! i fart in yur general direction.

p.s. the state gooberner is “crispy crisp”.


7-16-12 D.C. rep rant

“WASHINGTON (AP) — After years of following the paper trail of $51 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars provided to rebuild a broken Iraq, the U.S. government can say with certainty that too much was wasted. But it can’t say how much.

In what it called its final audit report, the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Funds on Friday spelled out a range of accounting weaknesses that put “billions of American taxpayer dollars at risk of waste and misappropriation” in the largest reconstruction project of its kind in U.S. history.

“The precise amount lost to fraud and waste can never be known,” the report said.”

By ROBERT BURNS | Associated Press -fair use excerpt for import social, economic and political discussion of important issues.

yet you vote with clear conscience and backed by god (gawd, gah-duh, the load, &c.) and vote no for food stamps or soc sec or anything to help the citizens. why?

BECAUSE CONGRESS AND THE SENATE IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF RATS! that’s why. i aint supposed to notice that you work for some one else besides me? who are you kidding? you represent the moneyed elite, the super rich. you do not represent the working class. time ans time again yur votes prove you vote against me and people like me. exactly how do you get re elected? everything is crooked. look at the choices we have for president, wilbert romney and barak hussien obama. i will vote for ron paul just out of pure stubbornness.

give me a head’s up. when are you rapscallions going to suspend the constitution and the bill of rights? do you have enough thugs hired to drag people to FEMA concentration camps? are gulags and gas chambers in our future while you hide in under ground bunkers in the name of COG? (CONtinuation of goobermint) FART! i fart in yur general direction. a pox on you all, i say! it’s a cruel joke with a punch line and a punch in the face to every honest citizen.

when are any banksters going to jail? WHEN

p.s. my d.c. rep is named scott garret.

a hade hunter callz

some hade hunter called. he had a machinist position open, 7 of them! 23 to 26 bucks an hour. i told him i dont want to be a machinist. i am doing mechanical inspection for on to 3 yeerz. i havent touched a CNC mill in all that time.

it’s true i used to know the secret code to program the machines and understood how to set up the tooling. i also had to inspect everything i produced on the machine. why do both? i do make less money than offered.

let me tell you in no uncertain terms what being a machinist is like. you have to know the secret code and be able to adjust the machine for any job that comes along. it’s like doing an engine tear down and rebuild for an automobile. management is always “nice” and mollifying to get you roped in. then it’s the beat down and the anger to do more, hurry up. no help though. lots of companies are big on “teamwork” but where you really have to watch yur back.

i had anuther hade hunter tell me they only look at what you did for the past 2 yeerz. he sed anything past that is not considered. i wanted to get back into high tech electronic solder assembly of SMT (surface mount technology) using a microscope. yet the most recent hade hunter wanted me to be a machinist.

it seems that the average age of machinists in the usa is 65 which means they are all ready to retire.  i should be able to write my own ticket, a clean modern air conditioned shop, $30/hr, pade medical, 3 weeks vacation 1st yeer, 15 holidays, 5 sick days, pade pension but no, it’s work hard, we own yur sole! and we will disrespect you and treat you like skool kid and threaten to fire you at every chance we get.

and coworkers? alcoholics, junkies, street hustlers, psychopaths and suck ups all ready to rat you out to management for more money and promotion. sure they give you $25/hr but yur supervisor makes 50 bucks an hour, sits in hiz office and comes out to tell you to hurry up! no asking if you need help. no continuing training. no co operation. most shops dont have engineers any more. the machinist must do all hiz own math and R&D and take all the blame when things go wrong. there’s a shortage of engineers in the usa also.

oh, did i mention mandatory overtime? isnt that indentured servitude? all shops i have ben it have unsafe and unhealthy environment. how about reeking of lube oil and getting covered with metal chips? why do machinists have to put in long hours without recreation while the bosses live the easy life?  management doesnt want the worker to know he’s got the upper hand. shortage of highly skilled workers means higher wages and benefits. so they continue to beat everyone down and they leave the industry and young guys try it for a while and get out and yet management cant figger out why no one wants to be a machinist?

the hade hunter spent quite a long time trying to get me to sign on to what ever hell hole he has as a client. then he sez i should call him if my situation becomes dire. being a machinist is pretty dire work. i done it, i know.  if a company wants to pay $25/hr expect to get beat down and wore out for it both physically ans spiritually.

for $25/hr corporations want to run forced labor concentration camps.

finger smashed

if anyone red the previous post about machinists then this post is a confirmation of that consensus reality.

a fellow where i work smashed his index finger on a hydraulic hardware press. i had just left for home but there were splatters of blood all around the machine where he worked the next morning. he makes $11 bucks an hour.

he wuz rushed to the hosiptal. the doktor amputated the tip because of health reasons. the doktor sed he can take off two weeks but in my state a worker has to out 28 days before income compensation kicks in.

almost everyone told him to go to a lawyer but he is recalcitrant to do so be cause he “has a dialog” with the owner. the owner drives a yaller collector’s vette and cherry red volt.

i wuz at a meeting with this owner when he sed, “we have all these guys making ten bucks an hour, let’s take advantage of it”.

the fellow who got hiz finger smashed came to work 2 days later because he desperately needz hiz 11 bucks an hour to pay the rent, this happening in the last week of the month. they gave him lite duty but he went home early friday. he looked really bad. i guess the finger is throbbing from fighting infection.

USA #1! USA #1 not…

the hydraulic machine works on a foot pedal. it is a rocker switch. hit the left one the machine plunger that presses hardware into the chassis goes up. press the right the plunger goes down. the foot switch is rather small. it is in a metal box that foot can slip in. normal men’s feet are big enough to actually hit both right and left rocker pads a t same time. i personally had many problems with this machine. the pedal is very old, perhaps decades and has been jury rigged more than once.

a new pedal switch assembly wuz purchased a few weeks before the accident. it wuz bigger than the old one allowing more foot swing to hit each rocker pad independently. it wuz returned after a relay in the machine  wuz replaced instead.

it is my opinion that the foot pedal contributed to the accident. once or twice i have almost pinched my finger and had to take extreme care and use the utmost attention when pressing fasteners.

i dont do much assembly anymore. i do lots of inspection and press brake. press brakes are hydraulic sheet metal benders much worse, the smallest one being capable of delivering 35 tons pressure to amputate fingers or hands or arms.

the owner forced me to learn to setup and operate soon after my foreman clipped hiz finger on a 100 ton press brake 2 yeers ago. i complained and the owner gave me a dollar an hour raise then and promised me another dollar an hour later which i never got. the owner has since sed i make enough money.

i take my time setting up and loading the machine even when assholes tell me to hurry up. about 1/3 of the people there are angry and arrogant. they yell and scream at coworkers. it’s one of those places where they beat you down a like a pig dog slave.

USA! USA! USA! #1! #1! for fucking the working class over.