death race 2012

yeah, death race 2012. last chance power drive. goggles pizano. back and forth from home to work and home again wiff all dee other az-hats. faster, Faster, FASTER! but.. there is always one pokey poison  gumming up  dee works. lead, follow or get out of the way. i caint stand it.


the new thing is to half change lanes. just drive down the stripes until you decide you want to get over or get back. no turn signal, mind you. i haz to guess what dee az-hat in front of me intends. stop signs are optional or if you get there first, i haz to stop instead.

after evenings i like to take a wok in dee pok. it’s 6 miles away. back country roads and main road is against traffic. when i pull into the park road i poke along because i like to enjoy the drive down to the lake. but everyone else zooms up fast 3  inches away from my bumper. they is still in death race mode. i imagine the curses and hexes put on me for doing 20 miles an hour. but we aint goan to work! we is goan to dee pok.

but this is uhmerika. fast! Fast! FAST! i dont belong here. i park in a spot some 1000 feet away from the lake. i walk back along the access road. i cross over to stay on the outside curves. all the  broken heroes cut on the inside.then the gravel road to the camp ground and the side lobe dam. back across the main dam and through the secondary parking lot and the primary parking lot and across the great lawn to my car.

mebbe i drive slightly faster out because the road dips in some places. i take the two speed bumps slow in my 20 yeer old jalopy. in the mean time i sit at the lake and watch the horizon rise.

then the next day i gets up at dee krak of dawn and do the death race again. it’s not sustainable. the pipe line for fossil fuel. how long will it last? long enough for me to die a natural death or be killed by roaming mobs of scavengers looking for a tank of juice?

today the goobermint decided to pave the one main road off the highway to my boondocks.i left early to pay property taxes. i herd dat dee highway wuz backed up for miles at rush hour only 30 minnits later. organization and planning gone wild. i wuz so lucky!

but think of the anger and frustration of the last chance power drivers bean stuck in dee long crawl home wiff all alternate routes just as bad. it cost me 2000 bucks to miss on traffic jam. worth it? ida know?