to rep in d.c. 10-29-12

scot garret:

i read in oct 27 record how you are spreading money around to your allies. it would be a stretch to call me an ally but i need a hair cut. it’s only $20. i’m willing to cut soc sec and medicare and extended unem an veterans benefits. i am willing to let millionaires and billionaires forgo paying taxes. just put me on your allies list and send me the 20 bucks for a hair cut. you get free hair cuts. everyone in the house and senate gets free hair cuts. you get paid health insurance for life. you get a handsome pension. all i get is squat. i dont even know if i will have a job in 2013. mebbe lose the house because of property taxes.have the car repossessed. right now all i want is a hair cut. you wont miss 20 bucks so send it boss sez i should vote for willard romney. i might if you sent me $20 for a hair cut. you can give money to ratpublikans in other states to keep their houses or fend off challengers but you cant give me 20 bucks for a hair cut even though i live in your district? what about the epidemic of heroin junkies? why is heroin so easily available? why dont the feds stop heroin from getting into the community? why doesnt the fed set up programs to rehabilitate junkies? why is it that junkies go to jail but hedge fund managers and financial executives who do coke dont go to jail? why is is those same people steal trillions of dollars from the rest of us and they dont go to jail? is it because they have enablers in congress to make illegal things legal? the same enablers deregulate and gut oversite so the few can get rich on the backs of the many. i saw looper, a movie with bruce willis. it showed a dystopian future uhmerika where everyone is a junkie killer. i think darpa should build a hundred year star ship and put you and the other members of congress and the federal reserve and treasury dept on it and send you all to some other planet. are you going to deny emergency recovery funds for clean up of the effects of hurricane sandy? did your masters allow you to earmark anything for us? huh? you are doing a heck of a job there, scottie!



i saw bruce willis in looper. really good mish mash.  bruce also done good in moonlight kingdom and the 5th element and 12 monkeys.

what i noticed wuz payment to loopers wuz made in either silver or gold which they traded in for paper money. some close ups of  red paper with a portrait on it. in the future uhmerika is a dystopian nightmare. ultra rich and ultra poor. goobermint corrupt and self serving. 5th element and 12 monkeys explored this theme.

asia on the rise, i.e. china. many many recent movies have this theme. the destruction of uhmerika is at hand. the elites are even showing the sheeple how it will be done in current movies.

looper is only the second good movie of 2012 both with bruce willis in them. scary and unsettling.

debt per household

pundits say that uhmerika has a debt per household or individual. for example:

(fair use doctrine)

“Terence P. Jeffrey

( – The debt that the U.S. government owes to foreign interests now equals approximately $47,495 for each household in the United States, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Treasury and the Census Bureau.

The portion of the U.S. government’s foreign debt now owed to interests in Mainland China is about $10,090 per household.

At the end of August, the latest period reported by the U.S. Treasury, foreign interests held a total of $5,430,000,000,000 in U.S. government debt. According to the Census Bureau’s latest estimate (which was for June 2012) there were 114,328,000 households in the United States. Therefore, the total U.S. government debt held by foreign interests was about $47,494.93 per household.”

what fucking bullshit. the elite think so poorly of us that they steal this money and say WE owe it. i bought a used car and financed it. i had the gutters done and financed it. that is all the money i owe. where this other money comes into m y picture is beyond me.

i didnt sign any loan forms for any such other amounts. i am not on the hook for repayment of any of it. get it from romney and obama and cheney and the bushes and the clintons and bernanke and paulson and giethner and all the rest.

they “borrowed” this money. they reaped the benefits of having lots of money not me. let them pay it back. a small elite group cannot squander a huge amount of money and then say everyone else has to pay it off.  bullshit! fuck dat, knicker!

these same people will demand we all starve and have no jobs so they get to keep the money they stole (from us!).

anecdotal homelessness

yo! knickers! waz dee word on dee street?

i wuz in bloomy’s city saturday. down in dee financial district where the criminal banksters are buzy hoarding all the money for demselves.  i sawr 2 pussins sleeping on door steps, one pussin sleeping on a park bench. one other homeless pussin axed me for a quoter. why dont bloomy, who is a billionaire, give him a quoter? i worx in a factory on reduced hours. why shud i give a quoter? i wanted to, except i didnt have any.  from now on when i go to bloomy’s city i haz to make shore i gotz a few quoterz on me.

uhmerika seems to have the very rich, unimaginably so, and the very poor, all too imaginable. the feller sleeping in the park reeked of urine. all three sleepers used cardboard and rags for insulation.

i just visit nyc and i am always glad to get home. i cudnt imagine living there, either in a swank condo or snoozing indigent on dee street. i see lots of folks in the city wiff dogs. i don think the city, nyc, is a proper place for a dog. i understand the need of people to have companion animals. i got 2 cats me self.  still, the dogs i saw had a sorry look to them being surrounded by concrete and blaring street machines and bean depraved of the company of other dogs. dogs need trees and grass and a safe place to run around.

and what of the dee homeless?  surrounded by concrete and blaring street machines, hassled by the man, lack of sanitation and hygiene. i dont have dee answer. i aint no money to fix thangs. i’m just axing, dat’s all.

wuz it these folks mams and paps wut done it? programed their chindrens for failure? wuz it dee skool system dat administrators and principals and teachers goad dee taxpayer to approve higher education budgets? it’s the refrain and cry of , “dee chillen! dee chillen!”.

dont chillen turn into adults? when i see the people crashed out in the street doesnt that mean some taxpayers’ money wuz wasted on high salaries for sed administrators, principals and teachers? shudnt those well paid people take heart in their collective failures to produce productive citizens that they shud spend their money they got from us to help the homeless? well?

a wok in dee pok

yo ! knickers! wuz dee word on dee street?

when i go to dee pok i feelz like diffrent pussin. it’s as iffen i be on another wold. i be far away from monkey swarms and monkeys making money.

it’s a big pok wiff rolling hillz and a big lake. it has ruins that are 300 yeers old. today wuz jest past peak autumn colors, yisterday bean dee best.  dere were only four cars in dee parking lot. which is good. i cud communicate wiff nature wiffout any monkey noise. i belong to a species of primate,  a monkey. we haz technology and we figger in out monkey brains dat makes us better n any other monkey or life form on our planet.  HAH! FART!

luckishly for me every other monkey had something better or more pressing to do than to look at fall leaf colors. i usually walk the access road to the ruins road then along the lake. today i climbed the saddle trail. i sawr two pussins, a bicyclist and a femail jogger. of course near dee lake wuz some other folks. considering the splendid nature of dee locale it wuz devoid of monkey swarms.

more importantly i sawr a feral pig. it’s really nice to observe non monkey life forms. this yeer most of the trees were yaller. here and dere wuz a red tree.  ots of brown trees and lots of green trees. a heavy rain wiff wind predicted for tonite so dat means the leaves all fall down then bare limbs against sky.

this bean wrote during the middlish of october the leaves and trees are on schedule. cud have ben better but cud of ben much worse.

you, fellow monkey, reeding this on yur personal computing device hasnt gone into dee woods and experienced the splendor of autumn? thanks! i enjoyed my time alone away from the strife and scurrying of the monkey sphere. it wuz windy and slightly chilly, especially somewhat later. some monkeys used self propelled chariots. those monkeys didnt even get out of the environmental chambers on wheels. those monkeys appeared to be moving very swiftly so as to not be able to absorb a single tree or leave.

i myself, in my very personal monkey foolishness, took 2 hours to walk the saddle. i stopped frequently to scan the canopy and ground cover marveling at the shear volume of riotous colors. i find it amazing that my monkey society has such places in it that the monkey swarms have not defiled. dont get me wrong, the monkey visitors discard empty containers of beverages and foodstuffs. i see more and more every time i wok in dee pok. dee pok is still pristine enough to appear devoid of monkeys. there are parts of dee pok where i cannot here monkey machines or monkey voices.

it’s like NOT bean on dee planet of dee apes.

my turn now

me mam and pap wuz standing in front of thet ditch for me. they aint there no more. so now it’s my turn. how long i get to stare into the ditch is anyone’s guess.

uhmerikan society treats those with lots of money different than those with less. having lots of money frees one from worrying about being an asshole. the money acts as sort of an insulator against negative consequences of assholery. i aint got much money so i have to mind my p’s and q’s.

lot’s of money does not insulate oneself against the effects of old age. sure, one can get better health care but old age hits none the less. lot’s of money can make old age rather fun. lots of money can even hire someone to wipe yur ass when you kaint do it yurself.

being old and not having lots of money is not fun. work until you die is the new paradigm. soon talk show hosts will be having programs about the new epidemic of people dying on the job and what “survivors” are supposed to do. i intend to rifle the pockets of the dead on the job, especially the asshole who likes to flaunt his wad of hunnerds.

if a coworker haz a wad of hunnerds why is he at work instead of retired some where’s? lack of imagination. if i wuz well heeled i woodnt be showing up at a factory or office every day. so fuck him. when i see him slumped over in hiz work area i am just goan to do some quantitative easing of that wad of hunnerds he haz no mo use for into my hands. then i will call the am boo lance and poe lease. iffen he warnt generous to me when he wuz alive he can certainly be generous to me whe he is dead.

my back hurts. it feels stiff. my heel hurts. mebbe i need new foot ware. but my factory is tanking. more people laid off. more hours cut. so now i must look for other work. long term temp is the new normal. but where i am now looks like short term temp. unemployment benefits are determined by a some period of most recent wages earned. so reduced hours will lower my benefit when the time comes.

in some respects dat ditch seems inviting. some brain dead  neurosurgeon woke up after 6 days and sed he went to heaven. if it wuz so great why did he come back? so he can charge people’s insurance outlandish fees and get rich and have lots of money for hiz old age. many will have to do with less so he can have more.

i’m an uhmerikan. i make enough money to pay my bills and eat and have shelter. the vast majority of my fellow earthikins wood think that is enough. but uhmerikan media bombards one with desire to have more. however one needs more money. i havent discovered a way to scam or hustle the system to do this. me mam and pap didnt help. skool didnt help much. hard work didnt help much. i did have a friend or two to assist me along the way but i kaint say i am successful according to uhmerikan standards. only by comparing me self and status to someone in an area undeveloped by “commerce” can i be labeled a success.

i fool myself by posting blogs about pet peeves or uploading a photo of something i saw while waiting to tumble into the ditch. it’s the great equalizer, the ditch. name any “one pecenter” and each and everyone will tumble into the ditch. millions or billions of dollars, euros or yen and it dont matter, you tumble into the ditch. everyone gets to do it. death awaits us all.

i muddle through as best i can. having a friend is the best thing about being alive. even only one is good enough. animal companions are good also. people are animals also. we just think we are special because we can manipulate resources for comfort. we kill each other in great organized conflicts. we deny others basic necessities such as food shelter and knowledge.  we manipulate resources for mass killings of our own kind and eliminate whole types of organisms for “commerce” and “profit”.

well…i wish i cud get me hands on some of dee happy cabbage, the green stuff just to moderate the time between now and the ditch. i used to be afraid of the ditch.

i never talked to mam and pap about the ditch. pap wuz affected strongly by chas. dickens’ “a christmas carol”. he distilled it down to a grumpy old rich dude who was afraid of the ditch. 6 weeks before pap kicked off he wanted to buy me an upscale used car. i had 3 at the time. he told me to dump the ones i got. well, pap died before he got around to it. one may say it wuz a last ditch effort to redeem hizzelf. heh-heh! at the time i found hiz behavior aberrant as i didnt even recognize him as me old man. so out of character but then i remembered hiz take on dickens and it all fit in.

i kaint say anything definitive about mam. mebbe mam saw fit to try and make us fight and argue over dee famblee fortune and in this way mam’s memory will live on. i just wish mam and pap had seen fit to be more generous when alive. technically pap never fell into the ditch. pap wuz much too cheap to be interred. pap figgered it wuz much more cost effective to be cremated. i dont remember anyone in mhy famblee mentioning what happens to hiz bones. perhaps they wuz laid to rest along with mam. i gotz to look into dat.

i certainly dont want pap’s bones. i day dreamed of getting a 5 gallon pickle bucket and filling it up with vinegar and dumping pap’s bones into it. then taking the bucket to household hazardous waste day. i’d just put a corrosive sticker on the bucket lid. it’s my understanding that most hazardous waste is incinerated aboard special ships far off shore. this way pap can burn twice, so to speak.

hiz ashes can spread the world over. maybe precipitating on a cultivated field and fertilizing a farm in africa or even china. maybe falling into the ocean and becoming part of a single celled organism and being ingested by the last blue whale. this way pap cud have done something worth wild(sic) with hiz life and moved up the karma scale. of course uhmerikan sivilization dont see it dat way. it might construed as abusing a corpse with a fine and imprisonment. but dee goobermint didnt seem fit to worry about me and me brudder when pap wuz abusing us.

so the ditch sits there just out of view but not out of mind, one day somewhat sooner than before.

“mom’s just bean cute” -giggle-

me mam kicked of recent like. about 3 yeers before me mam told all sorts of strange things. one wuz dat she will be ded soon. i am not shore dat 3 yeers later is soon.

another thing mam told me is dat she is a junkie, Junkie, JUNKIE! mam wuz calling me on the tele regular and we wood have somewhat normal conversations but mam always saw fit to interject these rants randomly into the conversation. this went on for a few weeks. i thought i wood shud call the 3 femail siblings and seek out council with them.

zizter #3 had the strangest reply. zizter #3 is the goodie two shoes, the most “normal” of my very sick famblee. it took me 3 phone calls to finally speak to her. i told her all about mam’s outbursts of “i’m goan to be ded soon” and  “i’m a junkie, i’m a Junkie, i;m a JUNKIE!”.

zizter #3 response to my concerns wuz and i quote, “mom’s just bean cute!” sister #3 finished it off with some sort of giggle. it wuz a heh-heh type giggle. i found mam’s odd behavior quite disconcerting, enough so to contact my estranged sisters. i found zizter #3 reply most foul.

i thought about it for a long time. my conclusion: i’m fucked. i’m fucked because my famblee is fucked. how can i be normal when me mam and zizter #3 are like dat?

now we know mam warnt taking her meds for diabetes. mam probably had to shoot up insulin and got confused wiff main lining heroin. so mam has a stroke and an amputation that i beleieve are directly related to mam not taking meds. zizter #3 wuz supposed to be the little baby and darling of mam bean last born. zizter #3 and mam were supposed to have a special relationship. apparently it warnt special enough to be in mam’s confidence to know mam warnt taking her meds.

i guess zizter #3 wuz just bean cute. zizter #3 has ben named executrix of dee will and i send her letters much like this post. i imagine the letters are pissing her off. guess me inheritance is at stake. but…but…i’m just bean cute. victims. we are all victims of the modern age.