“mom’s just bean cute” -giggle-

me mam kicked of recent like. about 3 yeers before me mam told all sorts of strange things. one wuz dat she will be ded soon. i am not shore dat 3 yeers later is soon.

another thing mam told me is dat she is a junkie, Junkie, JUNKIE! mam wuz calling me on the tele regular and we wood have somewhat normal conversations but mam always saw fit to interject these rants randomly into the conversation. this went on for a few weeks. i thought i wood shud call the 3 femail siblings and seek out council with them.

zizter #3 had the strangest reply. zizter #3 is the goodie two shoes, the most “normal” of my very sick famblee. it took me 3 phone calls to finally speak to her. i told her all about mam’s outbursts of “i’m goan to be ded soon” and  “i’m a junkie, i’m a Junkie, i;m a JUNKIE!”.

zizter #3 response to my concerns wuz and i quote, “mom’s just bean cute!” sister #3 finished it off with some sort of giggle. it wuz a heh-heh type giggle. i found mam’s odd behavior quite disconcerting, enough so to contact my estranged sisters. i found zizter #3 reply most foul.

i thought about it for a long time. my conclusion: i’m fucked. i’m fucked because my famblee is fucked. how can i be normal when me mam and zizter #3 are like dat?

now we know mam warnt taking her meds for diabetes. mam probably had to shoot up insulin and got confused wiff main lining heroin. so mam has a stroke and an amputation that i beleieve are directly related to mam not taking meds. zizter #3 wuz supposed to be the little baby and darling of mam bean last born. zizter #3 and mam were supposed to have a special relationship. apparently it warnt special enough to be in mam’s confidence to know mam warnt taking her meds.

i guess zizter #3 wuz just bean cute. zizter #3 has ben named executrix of dee will and i send her letters much like this post. i imagine the letters are pissing her off. guess me inheritance is at stake. but…but…i’m just bean cute. victims. we are all victims of the modern age.


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