debt per household

pundits say that uhmerika has a debt per household or individual. for example:

(fair use doctrine)

“Terence P. Jeffrey

( – The debt that the U.S. government owes to foreign interests now equals approximately $47,495 for each household in the United States, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Treasury and the Census Bureau.

The portion of the U.S. government’s foreign debt now owed to interests in Mainland China is about $10,090 per household.

At the end of August, the latest period reported by the U.S. Treasury, foreign interests held a total of $5,430,000,000,000 in U.S. government debt. According to the Census Bureau’s latest estimate (which was for June 2012) there were 114,328,000 households in the United States. Therefore, the total U.S. government debt held by foreign interests was about $47,494.93 per household.”

what fucking bullshit. the elite think so poorly of us that they steal this money and say WE owe it. i bought a used car and financed it. i had the gutters done and financed it. that is all the money i owe. where this other money comes into m y picture is beyond me.

i didnt sign any loan forms for any such other amounts. i am not on the hook for repayment of any of it. get it from romney and obama and cheney and the bushes and the clintons and bernanke and paulson and giethner and all the rest.

they “borrowed” this money. they reaped the benefits of having lots of money not me. let them pay it back. a small elite group cannot squander a huge amount of money and then say everyone else has to pay it off.  bullshit! fuck dat, knicker!

these same people will demand we all starve and have no jobs so they get to keep the money they stole (from us!).

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