email to council woman 11-29-12

council woman:

your impassioned plea for cops in schools is misguided.  you and the other council members must ask yourself, “how do drugs get into the community?”. yes, how do drugs get into the community, the county, the state and the country?.

look at the airports. holiday travelers are barred from taking cranberry sauce and peanut butter. one must get a full body x ray or an equally invasive pat down. yet any young adult can hop in a car and drive to paterson and cop dope. it has happened again and again. how many of our young adults must we incarcerate to end the plague of heroin? all of them? how  big a gulag do we need?

why is no one addressing the main problem? the free and easy life style of drug importers. how do they operate? do they have protection? if the government truly cared about it’s citizens it would make sure that no heroin can get to the streets.

it’s my understanding that heroin comes from afghanistan. dont we have our full military might there? arent we spending billions and trillions of dollars to secure that area? we spend so much the chairman of goldman sacks says we have to cut social security.

the death of ms p is a terrible tragedy. and so is the addiction of the junky g. the bigger tragedy is the inability of the various governments to interdict illegal drugs BEFORE they hit the streets.

i dont see how having a cop in school will change anything. isnt mr big, the dealer importer still making his huge profits on human misery and suffering? putting a cop in school and arresting a small minority of users only fuels the judicial prison industry and guarantees a certain percentage of new criminals for more tragedies.

are we to say these kids are designated hoodlums for life? then we spend more on them in prison that we would to see them through college.

i cant afford to do illegal drugs. where do children and young adults get the money for their destructive habits? who are their role models? what are children being taught in school? why does it seem we are graduating an army of stoners and a legion of junkies? what sort of future will our nation have?

i dont have a pension, i have medical insurance in name only. my factory reduced my hours. i have to pay high taxes and high utility bills. food and gasoline are more expensive in west mld than in say, hackensack or even paterson. why is that?

why are school superintendents and principals and vice principals and administrators so well paid? why do i have to vote for higher BOE budgets every year but i see the same results, that is junkies.

the 3 kids who were caught smoking pot at the high school indicates to me that the BOE hasnt a “clew” as to what to do about drug abuse. if throwing kids in juvie is the answer we have lost. the war on drugs is a complete failure. maybe it is time to start charging BOE employees a surcharge for every child who ends up in the stripy hole, the barrie place. i bet that would end drug use in schools quick enough. how about all BOE employees under go drug testing. show the student body how serious we are about illegal drug use.

i learned to smoke pot when i went to high school all those years ago. things havent changed much in 40 years, except the price of drugs is way up. that is all the war on drugs has done. i myself am in favor of decriminalization of marijuana. regulate it and tax it.

before the drug craze took hold here in town it was under age drinking with some spectacular and deadly crashes. i read all about them in the local rag. why isnt alcohol illegal? oh, wait we tried that once. but still alcohol creates more traffic accidents of all the drugs. i see the local bars filled with people. they have to drive home. for years i have marveled at the reckless driving in town, especially on all the “dead man’s” turns. i predict that will be the new way to die, at the hands of a drunkard or junkie behind the wheel.

i must insist that you contact the county, state and feds and stop drugs flowing into the community. otherwise i say the fix is in. mr big is protected by powerful people who want drugs in the community. i’ll say it again you aint got a prison big enough to hold the all the junkies. it dont fix anything because there is always another hapless youth to become addicted. make it unprofitable for any mr big to do business. those are the people who should be rotting behind bars.

the government says it can read any email ( like this one i hope) and listen in on any phone conversation but it cannot catch mr big from spreading his poison around. so we put a cop in school and arrest some dumb asses. well, the schools help make them dumb asses. i aint getting my money’s worth in the taxes the BOE levies on myself.


email to administrator 11-28-12

greetings administrator!

i have lived in town going on 30 years. on tuesday at work a coworker mentioned to me he saw an EMT interviewed on channel 12 NJ that there are many young adults dying from heroin over dose. he told me the EMT was crying from the experience. this was west mld. it’s in the local newspapers as well.

you must be aware of the junkie who killed a woman on mn road just 10 days or so ago. it was a head on. the junkie “copped” some dope in paterson, shot it up and drove up here and committed vehicular homicide.

and the suppressed report of 3 children in the high school smoking marijuana. it just seems that west mlfd is not a “clean community”. we have a dirty secret. it is an epidemic of drug abuse.

it is my opinion that the war on drugs is a complete failure. we have our military might in afghanistsan costing so much money (billions and trillions of $$$) that all the filthy rich people say we must cut social security. the TSA and home land security wont let holiday travelers take cranberry sauce or peanut butter on air flights. one must have their crotch grabbed by the same folks.

but…a young person in town can drive to paterson and buy a bag of heroin. the town is completely flummoxed as to how to prevent this. the county, the state and the feds havent a “clew” as to how to proceed. as if throwing these victims in jail and turning them  into hardened criminals is a suitable plan. why isnt “mr big” captured and thrown in jail? the government can read every email (i hope TPTB are reading this one!) and tap every phone yet dope is allowed into the community. let me say that again. dope is allowed into the community. THE MAN  wants it that way.

a real government would be proactive and see to it that the temptation of drug abuse is not an option. no illegal drugs available at all.

why does it cost so much money to create an army of junkies? why does the BOE budget have to go up every year to graduate all these stoners? i say the BOE budget is being wasted on over priced superintendents and principals and vice principals and every one else. that is why i always vote no for increased spending.

do you remember superintendent kampe? he was with the town for 4 years or so but retired with a cash out payment of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! that is $500,000. i wonder how many junkies were graduated during his tenure. he is living in the lap of luxury while we have to deal with the plague and scourge and epidemic of heroin addiction.

get that money back from that rat and use it to rehabilitate our citizens. use it to interdict shipments from mr big and bankrupt him.

any other result indicates to me the fix is in. THE FIX IS IN!

i have to go to work every day. property taxes takes a big chunk out of my income that i could use. i know the value of that $8000 i have to pony up under threat of eviction and i aint getting my money’s worth. nope, not at all.

here’s an aside, when is this town going buy a new snow plow to clear the streets? i had to drive to work under the most trying conditions tuesday morning. the snow was very slippery and no salt or sand put down, no snow plows about so i can get to work and be an honest citizen. then when i get to work a coworker has to tell me how my town is the junkie capital of pc county.disgusting.

economic black out

during hurricane sandy i haz 8 dayz of no electric power from the grid. lucklishly i had a portable solar generator so i cood lissen to dee radio and have a lite. now thangs are back to normal, BAU. but….

there is a shack across the street that wuz unoccupied for a few yeers. some folks moved in through the fall and they had 3 flood lites on all through the nite. most of the houses around here are all electric wiff wood stoves as an economical alternative. lots of folks use propane also.

although i had 8 dayz wiffout electric my electric bill for that period came to …are you reddy?….$224!!!!!! that pumps water, heetz water, cooks and lites. and dat wuz wiff some juice provided by me 3 kw roof mounted PV solar array.

i suspect dat the folks across dee street got their electric bill becuz they haint got no flood lites on all nite anymore. i bet a multi hunnerd dollar electric bill created some cost cutting and flooding the area wiff lite dat no one is using wuz dee first to go. now mebbe day wuz afeerd of dee dark bean city slickers transplanted to dee boonies. well, keeping money in dayz pocket cured dem reel quick like of dat phobia.

now i can see dee stars agin and meat eaters. what are meat eaters? some sort of raptor? nope, dayz be shooshting stars.

so you see we had a black out from moe foe nature and now from dee electric company. in dee future, dee neer future, there will lots of economic black outs as folks kaint afford electric.

letter to mayor 11-26-12

ms. mayor:

again i pick up the local rag and read 3 kids popped for smoking “mary jane” at our high school. as a tax payer i just have to wonder why we always need more money for BOE. cant they turn out stoners at last years’ money?

but that isnt the main issue i want to address. why is government so less than effective at preventing drugs from reaching it’s citizens? if the town cant handle it, the county must. if the county cant, then the state, if the state cant then the feds. if the feds cant handle it i say the fix is in and it is time to legalize drugs. tax it and make revenue.

these 3 students, what is to happen to them? juvie? a life of crime? and the parents? i guess lawyers will become rich with legal fees. no doubt the parents are paying a stupid tax that funds prosecuters and judges and prisons.

i am not opposed to folks smoking pot or weed. it should be legal and regulated just like alcohol and tobacco. i myself cannot afford to buy marijuana. i work in a factory and have a limited budget. i work in a decaying northeastern industrial city with a bunch of ex felons and various street people. i bet i could purchase dope real easy like. but why? why is dope so easy to get, especially for young people?

heroin is a plague in our town but we cannot stop it. why? dont we have troops in afghanistan? arent we spending billions if not trillions of $$$ on the war(s)? the TSA and home land security wont let you take peanut butter or cranberry sauce on an airplane. you cant get on an airplane unless you get your crotch grabbed but young people in high school can buy pot. young adults can buy heroin.

i say there is something very wrong with that.

back in my salad days when i was green in wisdom i smoked pot. an ounce of “mexican” was only 20 dollars. me and my friends could get high for a whole week.  a little bit of discretion and caution kept me out of the way of the man. i have seen others get in trouble with the law by just being stupid. and that is the true reason these kids are in trouble. even that junkie who had the head on wasnt reasonable. i figure these folks were probably not reasonable even when off the influence. so i submit our education system is not working well.

look at alcohol consumption. who would go to a bar and drink and then drive home?. answer: almost everyone. i can tell this by the haphazard way folks drive. folks think they have a manifest destiny. perhaps so but not for greatness but for tragedy. besides alkies i have to worry about junkies also.

the government cannot say it is not responsible for the actions of it’s citizens. i say if the various governments cant keep dope off the streets, it has to take the blame for every tragedy that happens. kids busted at school, people dying at the hands of intoxicated drivers. the government has to, it has to.

as i have mentioned before, i work for low wages. i have medical insurance in name only. pension? what’s that? work till you die is in the cards for me. lots of folks who work in government get sweet heart deals. i read about their compensation in the local rag also. property taxes are a big BIG percentage of my income. enough so it hurts. i know exactly what i could do with that money if i could keep it. but i dont. and this is why i expect so much of government. it’s a let down. the war on drugs is jobs welfare for law enforcement and the judiciary and the legal profession.

you (the various goverments) interdict drugs from reaching the community and tragedies like 3 young students and junkies reckless driving wont happen. that is what government must do. find and prosecute those people bringing the bulk stuff in (unless they are protected).

back in 2009 i was working in a shop in b-gdale and met a few recent graduates of local BOE systems, towns around here. yup, they had and could get marijuana. one fellow showed me a 20 dollar bag. it has a piece of pot as big as the finger nail on my index finger. talk about inflation! it seems that young students learn all about using and purchasing dope right at high school. in fact, that is the way i remember it. i figure if you guys caught 3 i suspect there are 300 others. i would start by drug testing all the administrators and then the teachers to demonstrate to the student body how serious it is. no one should complain. i say to them the same thing they scream at me when the BOE budget come up. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! they are out future. and i’ll tell you, we are in bad shape.

this news was withheld for a month. i figure that the BOE doesnt want to look incompetent. how can it beg for money at the next budget vote when the BOE is turning out dumb asses left and right? it just aint w. m. BOE it’s all of them. more money, more money. well, i want more money but i aint getting it.

black friday

me and the GF drove to a back water town, port jervis, to escape the the depraved escapades of black friday. we stopped in the  gillinder glass works/museum. i bought two pieces. one is shaped like shell, scallop, and the other a round coin stamped with an owl. total, $4. we stopped in a pizza joint and spent 10 bucks on four slices. that’s it. my car gets 35 mph so another 7 bucks for gaz-o-leen.

i guess i should be rounded up by TSA or home land security thugs and shipped of to gitmo, quebber. why? becuz we didnt gitmo stuff.

it’s a meme repeated over and over. the average dumb fat stupid uhmerikan owes $56,000 of the public debt and i done precious little to increase my share. let sorros or gates or romney pony up my share.

black friday wuz sunny and mild even all the way at the three corners. it’s where nj, ny and pa have common borders. we looked at old churches, the old bridge over the delaware river and the high skool. no reason, except we didnt see any big box stores. as such there warnt any traffic to speak of. the super highway bypasses the town and folks are busy going from a to b on it.

iffen i need sumpin i doan haz to wait fer a black friday. i haint on no rich boy’s schedule for buying. no sir. i needz it i getz it. iffen i aint got dee money i haul off and wait. it’s dat simple.

everything i kud buy in the mall is made in some far away place. the pizza and glass do-dads i bought wuz made heer.

me and the GF haz taken to popping in thrift stores when we are out and about doing sumpin else. i notice that thrift stores are sprouting up all over. i like to buy knick-knacks to collect dust and thrift stores are the best place. thrift stores have clothes and appliances and toys and compact disks and video tapes all marked down considerable.

if i am goan to buy a useless piece of crap i might as well get it at a thrift shop rather than the mall. i see the same bums in the mall as in thrift shops. i haz never seen no one camp out a thrift store.

i plan to ignore the merchandising of christmas also. i’ll probably check out some other OOTW place then too. i think i will avoid wally mart. i try and buy in mom and pop stores.

used brade machine

i bought a used brade machine at a thrift store in town, 20 bucks for a breadman tr-500b. i have a sears brade machine i got for 80 bucks last christmas. it looks suspiciously like the breadman BK1060S.

still, i like making home made brade. my fav is tomato basil.

i bought another brade machine at a garage sale a few months ago. never used still with cardboard packaging inside. when i got it home it wouldstart knead cycle. i paid 10 bucks for that also but even including that 1o bucks with this one it is only 20 bucks.

luckily there was an electrical outlet in the storage room where all the appliances are. when i plugged it in and the kneading cycle started i knew i had a winner. the peel off plastic protector over the push buttons and LED display was still on. may have be used once. yup, i sed LED. a sticker on front of machine sez (c)1996. i bet the thang sat around for 16 yeers.

the sears model has made about 70 loaves. if this used one can make that many i got me money’s worth. of course it didnt come with a manual but i found a copy online.

brade is expensive. a 2 pound loaf costs $2.50 or more. i dont mean industrial brade like wonder (it’s a wonder any one eats it). whole grain, whole wheat, rye all very expensive. now that i make my own brade i always seem to have money in me pocket. i eat about 2 or 3 loaves a week.

the used breadman consumes about 600 watts times 3 hours of operation equal 1.8 kw times 17 cents what my electricc ompany rips me off for. (when i wus a kid the meme was “too cheap to meter). bulk yeast in a jar is very cheap. i use honey for sweetening, always add spices and tomato paste. flour can be expensive but i can get 4 loaves out of a sack. it’s still cheaper than store bought.

i recommend trying to find a used brade machine. it is my opinion that high technology civilization is determined by brade machines and toasters, not fighter jets or “iron domes”.

portable heat buddy

after hurricane sandy i realized i need a plan b. caint count on a for profit electric company. uhmerika is going backwards for sure. i was with out electric for 8 days, new world’s record. my electric company is no stranger to lack of reliabilty. they excel at frequent random black outs. yet they have one of the highest electric rates, go figger.

i bought 2 mr heater portable buddies. it runs off a 1 lb cannister of propane. i tried one out in the living room, 22x12x10. it wuz 56 degrees this morning. i aint a 1%ter and caint afford to heat or cool it proper. i stuck the heat buddy in there. it fired up after 3 tries. the ceramic element glowed orange. i left it on high for a few minnits then clicked over to low. i shut it off when the heat got to 62. i had the bay window open and bright sun wuz streaming in so i went passive solar. that took it up to 67.

the 1 lb cannister was sweating when i took it off. i had it off and connected for about 2 hours while i was doing some other stuff. i dont know if it leaked slightly or the cannister wasnt full. i may have used it previous. the manual says it should operate for 6-9 hours on the low setting. i will have to do a test with a fresh cylinder some chilly evening. this test was less than 3 hours.

heat buddy is a ventless system. 99.9% combustion. it still produces CO and needs fresh air. there is a low oxygen cut off system as well as a tip over shut off. the unit is compact and light weight and stylish and made in china. still, i find it a good value for heating a basement or room during extended power outages.

damn! there were 3 days of rather cold nights me and the cats endured. well i is a prepped survivalist doomer now for sure. stick a fork in our collective asses and turn us over. we is done!

i wish i was a compensated blogger. this a PSA for other folks who are looking for options. i got it shipped from northern tools. they aint compensating me neither, drat! of course my electric company aint compensating me. i fart in their general direction.