more BAU pre thanksgiving

conspicuous consumption…that is why folks run their emergency gnerators 24/7. besides, it’s what folks are used to, power on demand-and everyone else be damned.

i myself have recently purchased an emergency generator and i fully expect to have to use it. gaz-o-lean is expensive and i will have to be one of those who will husband that resource. expect for heat i may only have to run the generator a few hours a day.

my well tank supplied enough pressure for 24 hours even without pumping water. the hot water stayed hot, well, warm for 24 hours. heat is another issue. i bought a few portable propane heaters, the no-vent type.

back in the 1980’s when the electric was out for 5 days i used my propane stove oven to heat the house. not 24/7 but a few hours a day to take the chill out. so the new fangled emergency propane heaters will do that chore. of course i can run the generator to power a few oil filled electric radiators at the low setting.

thanksgiving is in a few days and i never heard of anyone dying from cooking the bird with a propane or natural gas stove and all 4 burners on. usually, if it is cold the cooking is welcome warmth and a window is cracked usually near the end of cooking because the house got too warm. but then maybe everyone gets drowsy after eating not from the amino acid tryptophan but from CO poisoning. has anyone every had the CO detector going off from thanksgiving cooking?

kurt vonnegant wrote a sci fi story about how all the paper in the various presidental libraries was burned to run a generator to power a computer to give everyone an extended family. it’s a good read rich in satirical irony. prophetic?


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