letter to mayor 11-26-12

ms. mayor:

again i pick up the local rag and read 3 kids popped for smoking “mary jane” at our high school. as a tax payer i just have to wonder why we always need more money for BOE. cant they turn out stoners at last years’ money?

but that isnt the main issue i want to address. why is government so less than effective at preventing drugs from reaching it’s citizens? if the town cant handle it, the county must. if the county cant, then the state, if the state cant then the feds. if the feds cant handle it i say the fix is in and it is time to legalize drugs. tax it and make revenue.

these 3 students, what is to happen to them? juvie? a life of crime? and the parents? i guess lawyers will become rich with legal fees. no doubt the parents are paying a stupid tax that funds prosecuters and judges and prisons.

i am not opposed to folks smoking pot or weed. it should be legal and regulated just like alcohol and tobacco. i myself cannot afford to buy marijuana. i work in a factory and have a limited budget. i work in a decaying northeastern industrial city with a bunch of ex felons and various street people. i bet i could purchase dope real easy like. but why? why is dope so easy to get, especially for young people?

heroin is a plague in our town but we cannot stop it. why? dont we have troops in afghanistan? arent we spending billions if not trillions of $$$ on the war(s)? the TSA and home land security wont let you take peanut butter or cranberry sauce on an airplane. you cant get on an airplane unless you get your crotch grabbed but young people in high school can buy pot. young adults can buy heroin.

i say there is something very wrong with that.

back in my salad days when i was green in wisdom i smoked pot. an ounce of “mexican” was only 20 dollars. me and my friends could get high for a whole week.  a little bit of discretion and caution kept me out of the way of the man. i have seen others get in trouble with the law by just being stupid. and that is the true reason these kids are in trouble. even that junkie who had the head on wasnt reasonable. i figure these folks were probably not reasonable even when off the influence. so i submit our education system is not working well.

look at alcohol consumption. who would go to a bar and drink and then drive home?. answer: almost everyone. i can tell this by the haphazard way folks drive. folks think they have a manifest destiny. perhaps so but not for greatness but for tragedy. besides alkies i have to worry about junkies also.

the government cannot say it is not responsible for the actions of it’s citizens. i say if the various governments cant keep dope off the streets, it has to take the blame for every tragedy that happens. kids busted at school, people dying at the hands of intoxicated drivers. the government has to, it has to.

as i have mentioned before, i work for low wages. i have medical insurance in name only. pension? what’s that? work till you die is in the cards for me. lots of folks who work in government get sweet heart deals. i read about their compensation in the local rag also. property taxes are a big BIG percentage of my income. enough so it hurts. i know exactly what i could do with that money if i could keep it. but i dont. and this is why i expect so much of government. it’s a let down. the war on drugs is jobs welfare for law enforcement and the judiciary and the legal profession.

you (the various goverments) interdict drugs from reaching the community and tragedies like 3 young students and junkies reckless driving wont happen. that is what government must do. find and prosecute those people bringing the bulk stuff in (unless they are protected).

back in 2009 i was working in a shop in b-gdale and met a few recent graduates of local BOE systems, towns around here. yup, they had and could get marijuana. one fellow showed me a 20 dollar bag. it has a piece of pot as big as the finger nail on my index finger. talk about inflation! it seems that young students learn all about using and purchasing dope right at high school. in fact, that is the way i remember it. i figure if you guys caught 3 i suspect there are 300 others. i would start by drug testing all the administrators and then the teachers to demonstrate to the student body how serious it is. no one should complain. i say to them the same thing they scream at me when the BOE budget come up. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! they are out future. and i’ll tell you, we are in bad shape.

this news was withheld for a month. i figure that the BOE doesnt want to look incompetent. how can it beg for money at the next budget vote when the BOE is turning out dumb asses left and right? it just aint w. m. BOE it’s all of them. more money, more money. well, i want more money but i aint getting it.


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