why i stopped smoking weed

some folks call it pot or mary jane. i stopped smoking becuz of the undesirable element i wuz supporting.

disclaimer: i used to take advantage of the system and gamed it when i wuz younger. l learned to lie cheat and steal and do dope in “the man’s skool”.

i like smoking dope, well ,used to. the old weed, mexican, was really good. it made you laff and get horny. it gave eyelid movies. it never made me paranoid. but then the columbian came around. it cost 50 bucks an ounce as to mexican 20 bucks. “they” sed it wuz stronger or more potent. yes, the buzz wuz intense for a small amount smoked but it sure put an edge on the high. it made me paranoid.

so i gave it up. but not for that reason alone. one had to deal wiff some shady characters to buy dope, that is weed. these guys just didnt sell weed, they sold coke or “h” or any sort of pills including LSD or THC or PCP.

if you buy off a friend or known associate, then that wuz good, they dealt wiff the undesirables. i met these undesirables. since anyone purchasing weed wuz technically breaking the law, these undesirables could confide in you all the other nasty things they did. mebbe B&E (breaking and entry), fraud, etc. i frowned on those things but i needed my weed.

after a while it weighted on me. i wuz supporting those undesirables. so i stopped buying weed. but dont get me wrong. dont misunderstand me.

supposed i visited the city, that is NYC. and just suppose i bumped into mayor bloomberg. we strike up a conversation and my witty banter impresses old bloomy and he invites me to share a marijuana  cigarette. sure, i toke up wiff old bloomy. i bet he gets some good stuff too!

i read how the FDA says that no food can prevent or cure a disease. when i wuz a kid we wuz taught how the british used limes in the navy to prevent and cure scurvy. black tongue is another disease that can be cured wiff vitamins. but the goobermint sends SWAT teams to any one who tries to peddle natural cures. even the EU is forcing through regulations to limit vitamin intake.

of course the big pharma  corps have a hand in this. better to have people  buy patent medicine than use age old herbs and remedies.

recently i have read how hemp oil, i.e. marijuana, can cure cancer and have other healthful benefits. exactly who am i to believe?

drug prevention talks of gateway drugs. i want to name the two most important gateway drugs in use in uhmerika today. they are tobacco and alcohol. yes, tobacco and alcohol lead to other undesirable behaviors.

i tried tobacco once or twice. marijuana is much superior. i do drink alcohol. i caint do nuthin more than 5%. so a 6 pack or two a week is my max. but alcohol destroys more lives than marijuana, except of course if you get popped by the man.

tobacco and alcohol are legal and sanctioned by uhmeikan society whereas marijuana is not.

i want to name another gateway drug, coffee. yup. many employers supply free coffee to workers to get them to do stupid things faster.

here is a partial list of folks i would smoke pot wiff:

president obama

bill clinton

bush ,jr (sure, i bet he gets good weed)

any of the princes and princesses of england

sir paul mccartney

ringo starr

mik jagger

deborah harry


in short, any one who is famous and thereby has “protection” and access to good weed.

otherwise i must abstain and tow the line so “the man” doesnt pop me.

take all the junkies in my town, a regular epidemic and plague. i tries “h” once and couldnt fathom why anyone could get addicted. but lots there are. when “the man” pops a street level addict it’s fun and games and profit for the judiciary prison complex. for years some illegal immigrant was running a MILLION DOLLAR A WEEK “h” distribution network in my county. i  read every week about all the hapless users who were caught up in the judiciary prison complex. i often wondered how many lives ruined and sent on to further crimes by being incarcerated.

the taxes i paid to the BOE for high salaries of superintendents and principals and vice principals and administrators and teachers all for naught. they created an army and legion of junkies to provide jobs for judges and prosecuters and lawyers. all the while this illegal immigrant was running a MILLION DOLLAR A WEEK “h” distribution network.

you see, all those high priced assholes sucking off the public largess, paid wiff taxes from people like me working in factories and offices for low wages and low benefits, hadnt a FUCKING CLEW?!?!?!?!


pundits say the goobermint can read all emails and tap all cell phones and scan all social media (such as this blog) but an illegal immigrant can run a MILLION DOLLAR A WEEK “h” distribution ring for years! FUCK YOU ALL!  scott garret my d.c. rep, he is the biggest asshole of them all.

did i ever mention to you that i think marijuana should be legal? yup. it is illegal becuz it supplies new meat for the judiciary prison complex. the war on drugs is just as fake as the fiscal cliff.

uhmerika is a very sick nation.


to rat d.c. rep 12-31-12

so prez obama signed in a $9000 a year raise for you and congress the senate and all federal workers while there is a “fiscal cliff”. will you refuse the $9000? will you send that $9000 to me? what about your free hair cuts? what about your pension? what about your great medical coverage? why was any of not that cut.

but…why does every ratpublican say we have to cut social security and delay it? why?

not that the dumbocrats are any better. you have all sold us down the river. so, how’s your PAC in georgia doing?

when the banksters ask for money, trillions of dollars no less, you guys can find it. but fund social security or extend unemployment insurance?

why are you playing me stupid?

i expect the country to go over the fiscal cliff. then every working class stiff gets an extra $40 withheld. so, congress “gives” back $20 and says what a great job it done while handing the banksters more trillions of dollars.

say… why dis NOAA have to order 50 million rounds of small arms ammo? why did SSI have to? why did TSA and homeland security order 500 million rounds of ammo?

do you guys intend to pump 10 or 20 rounds into every uhmerikan?

aint there underground cities reserved for congress and the senate and the white house to run in hide in during a civil, technological or natural disaster? it’s called COG, continuation of goobermint. but it is plain to see there aint no COC, continuation of citizenry.

i read how you gave some money to fellow congress men whose houses where in foreclosure. one wuz in georgia come to think of it. has you personally helped anyone in your district to keep their house?

i think you guys are a bunch of fake lying crooks.

i read that 80,000 folks will be cut from the pentagon. do it. they make too much money and get way too generous benefits.

i pay $1000/yr for medical insurance if i dont use it. then i have to pay another $2,500 in same year to get 80% reimbusrement. i contribute to pay for your 100% paid in full medical but i aint worth getting the same deal?

what? you need 300 million chumps to support congress and the senate and white house?

fake, obscene, disgusting, crooked, corrupt, incompetent, ineffective, self serving, bought and sold, criminal, traitors, oppressive, totalitarian, and some others i cant think of right now.

i wrote to you many times about some lady, a black lady who was waiting for a bus in newark,nj. she was going on a job interview. she got popped in across fire between bloods and crypts. she died. i dont remember anyone calling her a heroine. there were no memorials for her. no bells ringing, no anniversaries of her death. well, she warnt a member of congress nor white.

i wrote to you many times about the the plague and epidemic of heroin which is in your district. some junkie had a head on in my town and killed a lady.

3 days later some combined drug sting nabs a convicted illegal who was deported and returned who was running a MILLION DOLLAR A WEEK drug distribution network (for years).

and i aint supposed to think that you aint on the take, you and the whole goobermint that can read every email and tap every cell phone.

why doesnt the goobermint read this email? what exactly are you guys doing down in washington? besides from stealing all the money.

elite union

teachers, cops and firemen all have residual unions that get them top pay and benefits. meanwhile folks who work in offices or factories have had their wages and benefits reduced.

now cops, teachers and firemen are battling to keep their great pay and benefits. in some states they march and protest. but only they do. there is no support from the general TAX PAYING public.

all those yeers when i saw every job i had reduce benefits and wages not one cop, or teacher or fireman spoke out against the injustice.  this especially so as their good wages and benefits came out of the tax payers’ pockets.

yeers ago when i wuz a young lad EVERY company gave employees 2 weeks vacation in the first yeer, paid medical insurance for single or family and a decent wage with cost of living increases and merit raises. there were the usual hollerdayz.

if i work my can off so as to be tired both physically and mentally i can mebbe get 20 uhmerikan dollars. expect exposure toxic pollution and unsafe working conditions. i have seen in the past 2 yeers 3 major accidents. my boss chopped hiz thumb off and had it surgically replaced. another coworker had the tip of hiz index finger smashed off. just recently another coworker had 5 stitches put into the inside 3rd joint of hiz index finger. none of these fellows received workman’s comp. nope, that is reserved for the elite.

i mentioned once before how the tax assessor got 6 months and $90,000 workman’s comp becuz he had “mold in hiz office”.

i never heard that azzhat bemoan the erosion of blue collar pay and benefits. no! my property taxes go up, Up, UP! to pay off all the unionized and non unionized pay and perks of goobermint workers.

i know exactly what the value is of the taxes i pay. i do not get any where near as much in return but lots of other folks do who dont care one little bit about the cruel wicked world ,i.e. goobermint workers. they got theirs and want to keep it no matter how much others have to “sacrifice” or do without. when you are an elite you do not worry about the little people out there in the dark.

i haz read extensively on internet, local rags and big news publications and i haz never read of cops, teachers or firemen complaining about their brothers and sisters, the tax payers, getting the short end of the stick. since i have no pension, medical insurance in name only and low wages i will not and do not kair that TPTB want to reduce their wagers and benefits.

WELCOME TO THE YOU GOT THE SHAFT CLUB! if unions are no good for factory workers or office workers than i say unions are no good for goobermint workers.

manufacturing jobs were expendable. office jobs were expendable. now unionized gooberment work is expendable. TPTB want to squeeze the last drop of blood from the populace. there is nothing left except well paid goobermint jobs. they will be cut becuz TPTB want more and we haz to do wiff less. no sympathy for me, no sympathy for them.

misery loves company and seems like we is just getting started wiff our party.

perhaps once those elites, teachers, cops and firemen hit the skids like manufacturing and office did then mebbe we can all focus on our real and common enemy, TPTB. NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL. aint you tired of having a red white and blue dildo jammed up yur ass?

nothing much will really happen until food and booze aint available. once gaz-o-leen  and electric is sporadic then we will see the banksters and goobermint lackey enablers strung up.

i leave you wiff this nugget. an illegal alien, deported once before and illegal 2nd time around wuz operating a million dollar a week heroin ring in my county. although he wuz busted i bet some new folks stepped in to fulfill the need. but this fellow wuz operating for yeers! tell me the fix aint in. tell me, tell me the fix aint in. goobermint haz ben infiltrated by wall street banksters. it no longer kairs about the citizen. say i pay $160,0o0 in property taxes in my lifetime, then i get old and kaint work. the goobermint kicks me to the kurb and sells my house for pennies on the dollar while allowing drug cartels to operate wiff impunity. wasted lives all over.

THE MAN WANTS DRUGS IN THE COMMUNITY. if enough citizens are fucked up on dope, then the man can create what ever reality he wants and he wants your money and he wants you to be afraid. the man wants us to fight amongst ourselves for the scraps while the man rakes in all the goodies. the plan is working.

a rap about rap,YO!

i used to hate rap. i thought it wuz sumpin only knickers lissen to. i wuz racist. but i accidently lissened to some. some rap is really good. especially when it tells a story. it’s a rap, get it?

do you know who first done rap? bob dylan. he wuz yeers ahead of hiz time. well i lissen to rap, not the bitch slappen, nigga poppin a cap in yur ass rap but rap dat tells dee human condition. some rap is really good sci-fi. some rap is seditious, the best kind. often dee trute can only be toll inna song or wiff musik. YO!

even more about dope

well, so i done dope when i wuz a young adult. this is uhmerika after all. i managed to survive some close calls. i notice that my generation wuz quite free wheeling and anything goes. abuse through excess. say the usual dose was one pill for THC. nope, i seen kids take 2 , 3, 4 to push it to the max. of course things went wrong with bad consequences.

same for drinking alcohol or smoking pot or dropping acid or snorting coke or mainlining heroin. i got really high once or twice and tended towards moderation. i just could not see the fascination with heroin or coke or THC. these drugs didnt sit well with my system. i didnt drink much in those days, avoided tobacco.

my frist LSD trip wuz very unsettling. it wuz the last of  “real” CIA orange sunshine. later weak blotter acid came around. half a hit created euphoria. i done it quite a bit but just stopped one day. i havent seen LSD in any form in 30 yeers. i havent seen hash in as many. but then i haint seen weed in many a yeer either. i guess i dont get out much any more (old and scary).

i always got migraines. nasty blind spots with shimmering border, pins an needles in hands, nausea and vomiting, as a little kid before i done any drugs. stress and pollution, i guess. any drug that triggered a migraine i avoided. so called THC did that. almost all inhalants,  ether did not and i abused that for a yeer or so.  funny how i just stopped using many drugs.

marijuana has changed. of course it is GM now days. i just stopped smoking pot one day. i used to drink hard likker but just stopped one day. i caint do anything over 5%. takes all evening to do a six pack.

others chug a lug. the thing is to get so drunk you black out. after i made love to the porcelain princess i knew my limit. never let the room  start spinning. has to pace oneself.

still, i pick up the newspaper and nothing has changed since i wuz a kid back in the 1970’s.  some junkie recently drove to a decaying industrial city in my state, copped his junk. but instead of driving home and shooting up in hiz room he haz to do it right there. drive DUI and front ends some lady. she dies 2 weeks later. yes, big tragedy. the goobermint busts the drug distribution ring 3 days after the junkie shoots up. i say the goobermint is complicit in that vehicular homicide. the man wants drugs in the community.

the drug war haz ben goan on since nixon. all it did wuz load the jails up wiff street level users. sure, once in a while the man busts a big time distributor but it’s BAU soon enough. the drug dealer busted in connection wiff dee ded lady wuz doing a million dollars a week.

another reason i gave up smoking pot wuz so i didnt have to deal wiff shady characters. although i like pot and think it should be legal, it is  illegal. so a whole subculture of dishonest brutal folks haz grown up around distribution. it’s even worse for heroin and coke.

in some factories we used microscopes and the workers used to study the marijuana purchase at 10x magnification and exclaim at the crystals on it. i knew that marijuana is soaked in formaldehyde. that explains the crystals. as to any contraband pill, who knows what it really is. even heroin haz to be cut as it is very toxic unless one builds up a tolerance. but all that is not closely monitored and quality control is questionable.

i thought i seen it all until the late 1980’s. then the newspapers started writing about ecstasy. it made you all warm and fuzzy and telepathic and empathic. sounded real cool and i wanted to try some until i found out about it’s major side effect, 20 bucks a pop (and overheating to boot).

i never seen ecstasy and never met anyone who dealt it and in fact caint say i met anyone who used it. apparently it makes the user extremely stupid and stubborn.

so what i do is buy a six pack of 5% alcohol once a week and sit home and sip it through the evening. everything else is downright scary. it helps kill the pain of working in a factory.

i’m afraid to go out friday or saturday nites as everyone drives high but it can and does happen anytime. it just seems that junkies dont work and can be out and about randomly. but how do they get the money? i think parents feed the habit unknowingly. then the kids just steal off the parents, then i guess it’s B&E’s and smash and grabs.

the dealers are the ones cleaning up, a million bucks a week! but even dealers have to get product from somewhere. many drugs are made off shore, ecstasy, heroin, coke all are manufactured out of uhmerika. pot is a weed and can and is grown everywhere.

ask yurself how massive amounts of heroin reach the dealers who distribute in every town. we do have homeland security and TSA but it is very obvious that those agencies are compromised. we have had our full military might in afghanistan for a long time. we have spend untold amounts of money to secure that area. so much so blank fiend, the CEO of gold man sacks says we must cut social security. every other billionaire and CEO haz chimed in for the need of “shared sacrifice”. and they will get it becuz the populace is all doped up on easily available illegal drugs. plus you can bet your worthless hobo nickel that all those millions per week from illegal drug sales are being laundered through every major financial institution.

AND…street level users when busted serve time (enter the justice prison complex industry) but those same wall street big shots dont do time when busted. if random non drug users get killed once in a while by a spaced out junkie, well that is just part of doing business.

i avoid illegal drug use on philosophical reasons. not only do i not want to support the local slime ball dealers i dont want to support all the big time profiteers. i must be nutz. no one else thinks dat way.

but let me make one thing cleer. imagine i wuz in the city (NYC),  maybe to visit some art installation in a park, and i met mayor bloomberg. we strike up a conversation and  bloomy offers to light up a marijuana cigarette wiff me. of course i would take a hit and inhale. i bet bloomy gets high class potent stuff!

otherwise i dont casually know anyone to make a purchase of any illegal substance. seeing how i work in a decaying industrial city with ex cons and felons i probably cud make a purchase fairly easy. but i am afraid of the man. the man condones drug use but comes down severe on those he catches. it’s institutionalized but frowned upon (if caught you get institutionalized).

uhmerikans like to fool themselves wiff lies about how good and moral dey are. hypocrisy is built into the system. drug education in skool teaches kids how to use drugs not to avoid dem. i have a suspicion that a certain number of students are allowed to become junkies. if a promising young person of great expectations gets caught up and ruined, well, small potatoes, wood of, cud of, shud of, we’ll never know the future.

what’s one less scientist who can create free energy? what’s one less doktor who can cure cancer or the common cold? what’s one less honorable statesman who can prevent a war? not much, just background noise in the profit making machinery.

more about dope

during my salad yeerz when i wuz green in widsom, i smoked pot, weed, mary jane, marijuana. i gave it iup when it got too expensive. back in those care free dayz of yute a whole ounce of “mexican” could be had for 20 uhmerikan dollars. now a dayz 20 bucks gets you a pinch of pot about the size of fingernail on yur pinkie. of course this new fangled pot is much more potent maybe even dipped in other chemicals and given fancy names like hydro or panama red or crystal or anything else that makes the  buyer think he/she is getting something special.

if pot wuz legal i wood smoke it instead of  drinking alcohol. alcohol is a gateway drug to other risky behaviors, such as smoking tobacco or having sex with strangers or driving an automobile into a tree.

the man sez pot is illegal and jacked up the price. i caint afford it on my factory wages. only folks wiff good paying jobs can smoke pot. maybe teechers and doktors and upper management. although lots of under paid working class stiffs smoke pot. they just sacrifice, like blank fiend the CEO od gold man sacks recommends everyone who isnt a millionaire do. so does the CEO of morgan stanley, sacrifice, hexcept for illegal drug use! bit i digress.

another reason i stopped smoking wuz that mexican wuz supplanted by columbian. it wuz just too potent for me and made me paranoid. it may have been additives. the goobermint has black ops dat use drug money to finance their operations.

illegal drug use is entrenched in uhmerikan culture. all the factories i worked in i met folks who smoked dope or popped pills or smoked tobacco or drank.

i drink alcohol. usually a 6 pack or two per week. not consistently but generally one for sure. it takes me hours. mebbe one bottle per hour. lots of folks i talked to say they down a six in 20 minnits. people tell me how they down a quart of hard likker over the weekend.

i tried bean a hard core alkie  but i just get sick of brew. i dont get high off it. so i back off. i find keeping oneself hydrated improves the buzz.

when i drink i stay home. i dont drive or operate machinery. i dont slap my bitch around.

i tried coke onest. i wuz king of dee universe for 2 hours. i tried heroin onest. i snorted it. didnt see what all the fuss wuz about. popped some pills, had a script for valiums back in dee day. dem dayz is all over. i do alcohol as it is legal and “sanctioned” by society.

what i liked the best wuz “injesting” pot or hash. mmmm…yummy. i haint seen hash in many a yeer. i doan unnerstand why pot is illegal.

i unnerstand why addictive drugs like coke and heroin are illegal.many script medicines are abused also. in fact, that is why big pharma is so profitable, the black market. the goobermint allows this. the man wants drugs in the community. i believe dat uhmerika is bean purposely tanked by letting it’s citizens become druggies.

i just met too many out and out freaks and wasted wastrels. mebbe it is dee enemas of uhmerika. mebbe it is traitors who haz sold out to the globalist elites. mebbe it be too much freedom wiff very little responsibility. mebbe it is all of dee above or none of dee above.

most uhmerikans are dumbasses. dey just dont get it. dey take as many pills and booze and drugs as possible all at onest and den do thangs they regert afterwards, like having a head on collision and killing someone. staying home and getting mellow just aint wiff it, man! larned it all in publik education. so it haz to be goobermint sponsored.

i think dat illegal drugs is one of dee biggest employers in dee nation. it probably accounts for most of dee profits also. infrastructure, who kairs about infrastructure when dere is drugs to get! fuck dat pot hole or bridge maintenance! i wants me drugs!

stick a fork in our collective asses, COMRADE! we is fucked.


DISCLAIMER: this post written under dee influence of alcohol.

heroin for sale CHEAP!

sent to gooberner of nj crispy crisp on 12-4-12

i didnt have power for 8 days becuz of hurricane sandy. i survived somehow in spite of the state of new jersey.
the very next day a junkie had a head on and seriously injured a woman on a local road. the lady died 2 weeks later with broken arms and broken legs and spinal injuries. the accident happened on nov 9.

the ny, nj and federal DEA decides to bust a major drug trafficking ring in paterson on nov 13. 4 days too late i’d say.

the drug dealers were up and running 4 days ahead of law enforcement.

the head dealer, garcia, had spent 5 years in the federal prison for drug dealing, then deported but comes back and sets up a heroin distribution network for the middle atlantic states. 3 kilos of heroin and $255,000.

exactly were was TSA and homeland security? too busy grabbing honest citizens’ crotches. too busy looking for booty instead of contraband.

some lady is dead, i dont know her but it just as easily been me.

garcia was running his drug trade for years. i have read about many of his victims in the local rag. young adults whose lives are ruined. their families’ lives ruined and now innocent victims all tracable to garcia and his ilk due to the the inactivity of the various governments. what the local governments are doing is popping all the junkie victims and jamming them in prison where they all become hoodlums and criminals to terrorize the populace.

i have lost count of all the citizens who you and the rest of government left to garcia’s tender mercies.

i work in a factory at reduced hours with no pension, medical insurance in name only and no real chance of any sort of retirement.
you, your staff, the AG, the top cops, superintendent of schools, principals. vice principals, administrators all make $100,000 or more per year. it just seems that drug dealers make the same amount.

blank fink the chairman of gold man sacks sez we have to cut social security. the CEO of morgan stanley says “we have to share sacrifices”.i bet all those financial institutions launder drug profits. i am saying the goobermint doesnt give a rat’s buttock for honest citizens. we are on our own. we have to take care of our selves and pony up all the taxes for your big salaries and medical insurance and pensions.

this lady died because it’s so easy to get heroin. she is a victim.the junkie is a victim. i’m a victim.

dont blame me. i go to work everyday. it is very hard to get by in this state if you dont make $100,000 or more per year. i understand the enticement of easy big money dealing dope.

heroin is a plague. it is an epidemic. how many other garcia’s are there? how soon will the supply line be restored? quicker than i got my electric back? dont go patting yourselves on the back just yet.

i believe that the fix is in. the man, that is you and the other elites in goobermint want drugs in the community.

heroin comes from afghanistan. aint our full military might there? aint we spending billions, if not trillions, of tax dollars to secure that area. but drugs get into the country while TSA pokes through cranberry sauce and peanut butter.

all those junkies who got popped are in the system now. it’s a jobs project for judges and prosecutors and bailiffs and stenographers and clerks.

the junkie who killed that lady will likely spend 10 years or more in jail at $50,000 a year. that is half a million dollars, at the very least. the state of nj has no intention of spending that much on my welfare.

if i need quadruple bypass surgery i am shit out of luck, a death sentence. but if you or the AG or anyone else i named needs quadruple bypass surgery the state picks up the tap. which means i have to contribute to it. well, none of youse is worth a farthing, not a stinking lousy rotten penny, not even a coupon with a 1/20th of a cent cash value.

this lady is dead. died a horrible death because garcia was able to operate his drug ring for years, making millions of dollars. a legion of wasted expectations because the goobermint hasnt a “clew” as to how to protect it’s citizens. i does seem to be able to create an army of junkies.

i read how the goobermint can read every email sent and tap every phone and text message. but it appears it is only honest citizens who are monitored.

what accounting can you give me to make it all seem plausible?

but you are a fellow who sed that tritium in the water table is ok. why worry about it? leave it for 15 years later. same thing you sed about perchlorate, that is rocket fuel, in the water table. oh! dont bother, it happened along time ago.

maybe you guys just pop one dealer to make it look like you are doing something but in fact there are an army of drug dealers. well, what have you or any of your staffers or the AG or anyone else making $100,000 per year or more have to say for yourselves?