blizzard nimrod

who picks names for these winter blizzards? why start at “nemo”? shouldnt we start with the letter A? why not angband? why not helcaraxe? why not piqsirpoq? hmph! i seen worst storms back the 1990’s. they used occur every few weeks.

but i digress. why not asgard? i decided to refer to the blizzard of february 8 through 9, 2013 as blizzard nimrod. my pick is  just as valid as the weather channel. following some pix of blizzard nimrod.





solar power update

i cobbled up a frankenstein (or is it frankensteen?) high tech  solar cart. if i put some brass and leather accents on it and an old needle volt meter i could have called it steam punk.  40 watt panel, agm deep cycle battery, charge controller and dc/ac pure sine wave inverter. i actually used it practically during hurricane sandy which delivered 8 day black out. i had CFL and a cd radio boom box running. if the cable internet was up i could have run my laptop too.

i was using an AC charger but it bothered me. so just recently i bought car charger for my power tool batteries.  i got an automotive 12 volt female plug. i wired it directly to to the agm battery terminals. i plugged in the car charger and the power on light lit up. next a discharged power tool battery. it commenced charging.

a closed loop. the energy to make all these gadgets run is now off the grid. saturday was sunny and i was able to charge all six nicads. when i bought the car charger i bought two li-on batteries also.

i have another brand power tool system (home despot) and i intend to get the car charger for those also. why? neither ac charger will operate off the solar carts, even the ones with “pure” sine wave inverters. the sine wave inverters run any other chargers for nimh batteries (D,C.AA,AAA).  my home is augmented by a 3 kw pv array and has an inverter grid tied. the chargers have no problem using that. go figger.

here is a link to the solar cart charging a battery:


i live close to a “sneers” hardware store. i bought the cart on sale for $60. a good value but the wheels are cheap. the batteries are for a “sneers” portable cordless system. what i use the most with the batteries are the florescent work light and weather band am/fm radio. still, i can now use my power tools, circular saw, drill, sander, jig saw with a closed energy loop. no more fossil fuel inputs.

as a prepper, doomer and survivalist i can out last the collapse of the uhmerikan way of life for a short while until someone  pops a cap in my hade and takes all my goodies.