sparky update

today, the day after sparky ran away i called the nearby animal hospital and animal shelter to see if any one turned in a cat like sparky. i made up a few fliers to hang up. still, once a cat bolts….i have a sinking feeling i will never see sparky again. i hope he ends up in a nice home.

sparky would often bug me for food but then not eat it when offered. plus i had to put the dish down just right. i couldnt make any sudden moves or he would get spooked. then the other cat, squeaky would finish it off. the cycle would repeat. the last time i fed him, right before he ran away, he got all finninky. i shoved the dish at his side and plopped it in front of him, told him to eat it or not and walked away. he did eat some, about half of the canned portion i gave him.

maybe he felt like i was too mean to him. well, sparky is gone now. i was hoping to see him in the yard or skulking around the general area. if he had a 30 minnit head start he could be anywhere. the area is heavily forested, yet there are many homes around. i hope someone took him in.

squeaky the other cat, seems not to miss him at all. it was an uneasy alliance.

i liked sparky except for his dainty eating habits.sparky actually seemed to prefer dry food. he was a good cat and well behaved. i would wish for his return but i also wish him the best. still, i’ll warrant he is starving now. but can he find his way back home? will he wait for me in the yard? i’ll give it a week. it’s raining and chilly out for the end of april. i’ll bet sparky wishes he was snuggled up next to the radiator.

do cats feel regrets? does sparky realize he made a bad decision? was my curtness with him worth his new form of freedom? i am uneasy with his running away. i fear something awful will happen to him. i hope it is quick without suffering.



sparky runs away

my cat sparky ran away today. i let him out on the deck. i forgot about him for about 30 minnits. the inner door blew shut. this has happened before and sparky was always there to run in. it was a nice spring day with mild temps just starting to cloud up. the time was 5:30 pm.

about an hour previous sparky came by me to beg for some food. i asked him if he wanted food. and he got all hyper. i put some canned stuff in a dish for him and squeaky. squeaky attacked hers but sparky went into finnicky mode. so i shoved the dish at him told him to eat it or not and walked away. i was lying down in the living room and both cats walked in and started to groom. i told sparky i was sorry i was sharp with him. to make amends i asked hm if he wanted to go out. out means on the deck.

the deck is about 6 foot off the ground on one side, somewhat higher on the other but has a thick shrub growing just even on that side. maybe when the inner door of the vestibule blew shut and i didnt open it right away sparky got adventurous. maybe he thought i didnt like him enough. i wasnt there, all i know is when i did go on the deck sparky was gone.

i walked around the property looking in the bushes. i went up the road. i had to get some groceries and when i returned i drove around the block. now it is cloudy and getting dark. light rain is forecast. sparky has never been in bad weather.

maybe he will return when he gets hungry. i worry. although i live in a side road folks drive very fast. i fear he will become road kill.

i blame myself. all day i was ranting and raving to myself about the mean nasty people i have to work with. no doubt i sounded like a mean nasty person. perhaps sparky couldnt handle it and when i just shoved the food at him he used the deck as a means to escape.

i really hate my job. the people there are mean and nasty. there is no team work there. i bought my work home and my companion animals suffered. uhmerika is a nasty place. when i go to work on monday i will ignore everyone even including the plant manager who is the nastiest of all. maybe i will be fired.

uhmerika is a nasty place. i see no good coming from it except a life time of mean and nasty then death. i would go get another job but when i think about it all the jobs i had were mean and nasty. uhmerika is fuck you in yur face.

now my cat has run away. i have no one to blame except myself. still, it has been my experience that uhmerika is a mean nasty place.


another sigma 28-200

i wuz in a real camera store in bergenfield,. pete’s camera, lots of used stuff. i picked up a used sigma 28-200 zoom for pentax AF k mount. $120! this specimen is the old model. has 77mm filter ring and no macro, focuses to 4 feet. still, i am impressed with the optical quality. it’s all plastic but has metal bayonet.

i decided i would buy one for the canon DSLR. guess what? adorama had one in “E+” condition for….$120. i ordered on sunday and had it on tuesday. this is the modern version with 62mm filter ring and macro to 1.5 feet.

both similar in auto focus noise and hunt. both similar in optical quality and favoring the infinity target. both soft at 28 mm end. best to auto focus at 200 mm and  dezoom.

disclaimer: pentax DSLR is 6 mega pixel. canon DSLR is 8 mega pixel.

sigma lenses are great value on the used market. i intend to use the sigma 28-200 as a “kit” lens for all around general photography. i pair it with a wide zoom, 17-35 or 11-16. if you can find a used sigma 28-200 for your DSLR, get  one!

following photos are cropped then resized to 800×600 and sharpened. dont worry, i do that to all my photos on the web.



dee few cher

wah duz dee few cher hold? more random ax of violins. more infrastructure failures. more grand theft by those running the show. more bald face lies by TPTB to get you to go to work and pay taxes so TPTB can steal more. dat iz wah dee few cher holds.

nostradamus could see into the few cher. i am nostrildamus, i can sniff it out. from here the few cher stinks!

you must real eyes dat dee suffering of utherz haz nuthin to do wiff you as long as you have the latest n greatest phone to call yur budz and set up drug dealz n fence stollen goodz.

a song haz explained it all, good things happen to bad people.

as long as cheap booze and black market drugz are available uhmerika will avoid collapse. when cheap booze and drugz are no longer available then TSHTF.

i predict full legality of marijuana in all fifty states by the end of the decade. TPTB take yur guns and give you pot.

TPTB doan wan a stable kulchur or society.  dat is why we haz open immigration. how else to get revenge seekers to set off explosions? for every drone strike dat kills chillinz in far off places we need chillins dade here. it’s karma. it’s a zero sum game.

but…wait…some one is making a profit offen all dee suffern. it is a profit motive. it’s capitalism. so, it’s OK!

get over it.

misappropriation, misdirection, disinformation, distraction, intoxication, indoctrination, indecision, infidelity, infidel, infinity, indistinct, instinct, incest, insect, intersection, intercourse, fornication, formulation, master bacon, and much much more!


drones roost

i often read on news sites that uhmerikan drone strikes kill the intended target, a “bad guy”, and lots of other folks who happen to be nearby.

the death of the bad guy is ballyhooed and the death of those nearby are down played. sometimes the appointed leader of the nation that is getting drone ops complains about the deaths of bystanders to the uhmerikan PTB.

it seems to me that for every targeted bad guy, 15 others are killed and sometimes more. any injuries are not mentioned.

and then uhmerika gets the boston marathon massacre. everyone is shocked and outraged.

it’s just my opinion, there is way too much killing going on. i dont wish to kill anyone and i dont wish to get killed myself. i see no resolution to the root cause.

i expect more asymmetrical warfare. BAU. the new normal is to be brutal and violent. who profits from chaos?

why is it?

is there a difference from being blasted to bits by a million dollar drone or blasted to bits from a $20 pressure cooker? it’s a federal offense to use a product in a manner for which it was not intended.

perhaps if we just flung feces at each other like most monkeys do things wouldnt be so deadly.

my way of life is better than your way of life. my god is better than your god. my money is better than your money. YOU MUST DIE!


why is it?

why is it that the uhmerikan goobermint has trillions of dollars to give to banksters?

why is it that the uhmerikan goobermint thinks giving $150 billion to social security will bankrupt the nation?

why is it?

can it be because the president and the senators and representatives are rats?


they all say they arent. actions speak louder than words.

“knickers are animals!”

me mam and pap had a script they stuck to. mebbe it wuz some sort of agenda.  they were very fond of telling me many things over and over. one of these things wuz that, “knickers are animals!”.

my pap worked in a great metropolitan fire dept. this city was predominately black, that is afro uhmerikan. my pap hated these people but went to work to save their lives and property. he came home to hiz famblee and told us that he hated those people, pap sed they were animals.

then he wood beet us and curse us and put us to slave labor. pap hated knickers so much he treated hiz kids like knickers. KNICKERS! to this day i cannot reconcile the disconnect that pap lived. he hated the people who paid taxes and gave him a job. i think a “normal” pussin  wood have found some sort of other employment. nope, me pap wuz promoted to kappin. pap made decent money.

me parents always told me not to ask for help. “good sons doan ax for help” they wood tell me.  mam and pap told me over and over that i am a growd man, i am on my own, i haz to take kair of me self.

i had a scholarship to the state university, that is paid tutition! yet me mam and pap insisted i get a job and pay room and board. i always thought that parents wanted their childrens to better themselves. not me am and pap. i had to drop out of skool to get a job in a factory.

i moved out late. i had trouble dealing with reality. i did however move out. me mam always shoved it in my face. i stayed the longest mam wood tell me. i also wuz bully ragged the most.

me pap used to slap me up the side of the face and make ptt, ptt sound effects to boot.  yet here was a white man who told me over and over that, “knickers are animals!”

mam and pap told me how sister #2 wuz no good, they had to spend their money to get her out of trouble. mam and pap told that sister #1 was no good. mam and pap had to spend their money to get her out of trouble. BROTHER #1 WUZ NO GOOD! they had to spend their money to bail him out of jail. then…wait for it… mam and pap told me ….”good sons doan ax for help!”.

pap once told me and bro #1 that we must “sink or swim”. us bean only 5 and 6 yeers old we axed pap to expound on this philosophical profoundity. pap just repeats, “sink or swim”. brother #1 sinks and i just bearly tread water.

at least i have an inner resting story to tell. that must be on account of sumpin.

in the future inter tube sociologists may want to know what life wuz like in late 20th century uhmerika. well, here it is. me pap wuz much like rice, the coach from rutgers who beat and cursed hiz players. i can relate to dat, bro, i can relate haven lived true it me self. pap wuz ahead of hiz time. pap wuz a trail blazer. so far ahead, that there warnt no video available, just my say so. YO!