pap’s insight

i call me pap, pap, like huck finn called his pap, pap. well, me pap once told me this. pap and mam sold  dee house. pap red the contract. pap saw that the wall to wall carpeting warnt specified in the contract. he told the realtor dat he was goan to rip it up and take it wiff us. the realtor sed, “mr, pap! you kaint do dat!”. well, me pap tried to rip  up dee wall to wall but it wuz to difficult, it bean installed professional. but he wood have taken it iffen he cud. these are the things me pap confided in me wiff. well, that he wuz an asshole. i havent found this piece  of information useful or practical in me life. i have found other more creative ways of bean an asshole. just sayin.

why wood me pap think this is sumpin werf tellin hiz son? why confide in me wiff dis? me pap done me hard labor wiff home improvements. he beat me for the effort. in short he didnt go out of hiz way to endear hizzelf to me. no doubt pap wanted me to be a baseball and football star. i let him down real horror show like in dat regard.

you must understand me pap wuz a very private pussin. one of pap’s sayings wuz, “i have to see a man about a horse”. it wuz his special way of telling us he wasnt goan to tell us. but den he tells me about hiz willful defrauding. it wuz as if he wuz a jon cozrine wanna be. “it warnt a-gin de lawr!” but what of dee spirit of intent?

i know now how evil life is, at least for talking monkeys such as ourselves. we live in the get over ghetto. still, didnt me pap think of what hiz legacy wood be? mebbe hiz son wood remember such a father and son bonding experience? is this normal? i need me a baseline of father son interaction to compare mine wiff.

pap haz ben ded a long time now. i jest remembered this event in me life. i haz ben recollecting dee past trying to come to grips what haz made me the pussin i iz now. i haz forgotten much on purpose, ON PURPOSE!

still inter tube archaeologists of dee future may wish to know what life wuz like in  20th century uhmerika. how did parents interact wiff dee chillinz? well, heerz my hexample, such az it is. reed it and weep sez i.


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