sparky runs away

my cat sparky ran away today. i let him out on the deck. i forgot about him for about 30 minnits. the inner door blew shut. this has happened before and sparky was always there to run in. it was a nice spring day with mild temps just starting to cloud up. the time was 5:30 pm.

about an hour previous sparky came by me to beg for some food. i asked him if he wanted food. and he got all hyper. i put some canned stuff in a dish for him and squeaky. squeaky attacked hers but sparky went into finnicky mode. so i shoved the dish at him told him to eat it or not and walked away. i was lying down in the living room and both cats walked in and started to groom. i told sparky i was sorry i was sharp with him. to make amends i asked hm if he wanted to go out. out means on the deck.

the deck is about 6 foot off the ground on one side, somewhat higher on the other but has a thick shrub growing just even on that side. maybe when the inner door of the vestibule blew shut and i didnt open it right away sparky got adventurous. maybe he thought i didnt like him enough. i wasnt there, all i know is when i did go on the deck sparky was gone.

i walked around the property looking in the bushes. i went up the road. i had to get some groceries and when i returned i drove around the block. now it is cloudy and getting dark. light rain is forecast. sparky has never been in bad weather.

maybe he will return when he gets hungry. i worry. although i live in a side road folks drive very fast. i fear he will become road kill.

i blame myself. all day i was ranting and raving to myself about the mean nasty people i have to work with. no doubt i sounded like a mean nasty person. perhaps sparky couldnt handle it and when i just shoved the food at him he used the deck as a means to escape.

i really hate my job. the people there are mean and nasty. there is no team work there. i bought my work home and my companion animals suffered. uhmerika is a nasty place. when i go to work on monday i will ignore everyone even including the plant manager who is the nastiest of all. maybe i will be fired.

uhmerika is a nasty place. i see no good coming from it except a life time of mean and nasty then death. i would go get another job but when i think about it all the jobs i had were mean and nasty. uhmerika is fuck you in yur face.

now my cat has run away. i have no one to blame except myself. still, it has been my experience that uhmerika is a mean nasty place.


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