sparky update

today, the day after sparky ran away i called the nearby animal hospital and animal shelter to see if any one turned in a cat like sparky. i made up a few fliers to hang up. still, once a cat bolts….i have a sinking feeling i will never see sparky again. i hope he ends up in a nice home.

sparky would often bug me for food but then not eat it when offered. plus i had to put the dish down just right. i couldnt make any sudden moves or he would get spooked. then the other cat, squeaky would finish it off. the cycle would repeat. the last time i fed him, right before he ran away, he got all finninky. i shoved the dish at his side and plopped it in front of him, told him to eat it or not and walked away. he did eat some, about half of the canned portion i gave him.

maybe he felt like i was too mean to him. well, sparky is gone now. i was hoping to see him in the yard or skulking around the general area. if he had a 30 minnit head start he could be anywhere. the area is heavily forested, yet there are many homes around. i hope someone took him in.

squeaky the other cat, seems not to miss him at all. it was an uneasy alliance.

i liked sparky except for his dainty eating habits.sparky actually seemed to prefer dry food. he was a good cat and well behaved. i would wish for his return but i also wish him the best. still, i’ll warrant he is starving now. but can he find his way back home? will he wait for me in the yard? i’ll give it a week. it’s raining and chilly out for the end of april. i’ll bet sparky wishes he was snuggled up next to the radiator.

do cats feel regrets? does sparky realize he made a bad decision? was my curtness with him worth his new form of freedom? i am uneasy with his running away. i fear something awful will happen to him. i hope it is quick without suffering.


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