mascon mystery

is the DHS monitoring usage of  “mascon”? mascon is nasa speak from the 1970’s post moon landing. it is a contraction of mass and concentration.

nowadays “mascon” sounds like the name of a bad assed super villain/thug/rapper. YO! i would like to throw into the mix at this time, “KREEP”. that is the name of the super villain/thug/rapper (a.k.a. MASCON)’s shadow organization. Kill, Rape, Exploit, Exploit, Punish.

KREEP is also nasa speak.lunar basaltic igneous rock enriched with potassium (K), Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Phosphorus (P).

here’s a pix of a lunar mascon map. sort of looks like a pop art jimi hendrix alas “mascon” supervillian/thug/rapper (CIA asset).



fat joe

i work in a hell hole machine shop in paterson,nj. how hell hole? i dont have dental insurance. some times the company doesnt pay the premium on the health plan. my health plan has has a $2500 deductible and only pays 80% after that.

fat joe says he wants a raise. he says he haint gat a raise in over a yeer. but fat joe screws up many jobs. sure, he’s fast just not accurate. i axed him about it once. i axed him iffen he red the print or the shop traveler. i axed him 3 seperate occasions. each time he told me no.

the print and shop traveler haz important information about many details of the product’s manufacture. just to be busy and move on to the next job fat joe will skip a detail. he haz done this many times. he routes to shipping with a detail missing. maybe it comes back from painting or plating then the product must be reworked. fat joe aint the only one. many of the low paid employees do the same thing. they just want to be busy without doing a good job.

even if you tell fat joe about the detail he skips it. once he sed he doesnt have to do a good job becuz of hiz low pay. but how can someone ax for a raise doing a bad job?

fat joe rolled  a cart into the QC area and the plant manager saw it before i looked at it. he wanted to know why it was there so i told him fat joe brung it. the plant manager sed he wanted to fire fat joe for being so stupid as it needed another operation before i look at it.

i told fat joe the plant manager wanted to fire him and he got all scared. i laffed at him. he tells angry george and now angry george wants to beet me up instead of the plant manager. angry george used to own hiz own business and still thinks he is a boss. angry george wants to dominate me but he is not my father ormny boss or even a trusted coworker. angry george is just an asshole.

i told fat joe to read the print and shop traveler and he made a funny face and sed he ant goan to do it. many times i had to go to fat joe’s boss and show him the detail he missed, then his boss told me that he told him to do that detail. when i ax fat joe later he swears up and down hiz boss never told him. but then sometimes fat joe just sez yes without listening. fat joe told me he dont listen to anything hiz boss tells him.

i paid fat joe 50 bucks to help me move some cut logs from my driveway to a shed in the back. i wood like to get him to do some more odd jobs, simple stuff like picking up branches of the shrubs i wood trim.

some times we talk about investments. he’s into stocks, i’m into PM. he sed he made some bucks but he walks in around in old work boots that have duct tape holding them together.

angry george

i work in a hell hole machine shop in paterson,nj. how hell hole? we haint had hot water in 8 months.

i work with angry george. george is an ex navy seal and haz killed men in battle. george is 72 yeerz old. he should be retired but he sez he needz the money.

george’s wife had breast removal due to cancer. george comes in angry all the time. he often makes mistakes on the jobs he does. when ever any one points out hiz mistakes he flies into a rage and flips the bird, that is “the finger” and raises up a storm of cuss words. then later he slinks around looking for sympathy.

i have no sympathy for him basically because he has no sympathy for me. i ignore which only seems to nifuriate him more. i think he wants to make other people angry.

george worships jesus christ and goes to church on sundays. hiz  behavior is not what i call a christian. i met plenty of muslims who are better christians than george. george is single handedly giving jesus a bad rap.

george smokes like an old coal fired locomotive. i take pleasure from the fact he is committing suicide. i just wish he would hurry up about it. could it be that being old haz made him bitter? the only way he can effect things is by making others angry?

george is an uhmerikan, very typical. george thinks he is some sort of a swell guy, kind and generous. maybe he is trying to fool jesus into getting into heaven. personally i think he is going straight to hell.

the monkey sphere & spear

that is then name of my new pub!

i live on a planet that i call the monkey sphere. it is a huge ball of rock and molten metal with a thin coating of liquid and gas. there are billions of fellow monkeys living on the monkey sphere. there are so many monkeys that the monkeys are in danger of destroying the life capacity of the monkey sphere.

there are many places on the monkey sphere that monkeys have rendered inhospitable. the waste from industrial technology has poisoned great areas of the monkey sphere for larger amounts of monkey money. some monkeys have so much monkey money they cannot actually spend it all. yet the monkeys always want more monkey money even if it means denying other monkeys a satisfactory life.

to get more monkey money monkeys will create machines and devices to kill other monkeys who may just be happening to live on top of areas where there are valuable substances monkeys need for technology.

a long time ago monkeys lived in the “stone age”. monkeys didnt have smart phones nor dumb phones. there was no internet. there was no toasted bread or pornography. if a monkey wanted to take something from another monkey the first monkey had to kill the second monkey himself. usually monkeys just flung shit at each other.

one day, for unknown reasons or circumstances, one monkey picked up a stout branch or the leg bone of a dead beast and  crushed the skull of another monkey who flung shit at him. the monkey had used an item for a purpose for which it was not intended. technology and terrorism were created in one fell blow.

since then the monkeys have been inventing more clever ways to kill the most monkeys with the least effort. monkeys call this patriotism.

revenge from a shit slinger is often considered enough provocation for murder. monkeys needed more so called reasons. these monkeys have a range of skin pigmentation. some look charcoal black, others brown, then tan or ruddy to pink to almost colorless. there are subtle  differences of stature and facial features. some monkeys worship different monkey spirits they call gods. some eat different foods. all are used as excuses for one group of monkeys to kill other groups of monkeys.

the group i belong to, purely by chance, is the group called uhmerikans. uhmerikan monkeys spend the most monkey money on military and defense. if all the monkey money of all the other monkey groups was combined it would not equal 1/4 of what uhmerikan monkeys spend.

uhmerikan monkeys have the biggest bombs, the baddest assed tanks and fighter jets and the most ammo of any other monkey group.

uhmerikan monkeys figured out a way to go to the monkey moon. the monkey sphere has a natural satellite. the uhmerikan monkeys sent some monkeys there to look around and prove how great they are. after doing that the uhmerikan monkeys slowly dismantled their space program. the monkey leaders said it cost too much even though it was a  tiny fraction of the military budget.

the moon flights took place many decades ago. today uhmerika spends more on bribes to other monkey leaders in areas of the world uhmerika has “bombed back into the stone age” than the cost of all the moon flights. such is progress.

one weapon the uhmerikan monkeys invented uses the power of the atom. uhmerikan monkeys have enough bombs to wipe out life on the monkey sphere. this is known as over kill but then uhmerikan monkeys over do everything. this bomb is just a fancy monkey spear, a way to kill lots of other monkeys just by pressing a button and turning a key. uhmerikan monkeys actually used such a weapon twice on other monkeys. one principle of uhmerikan foreign policy, that is how it deals with other monkey groups, is the threat of using these bombs again. YEAH! WE ARE GOAN TO  FLING SOME ATOMIC SHIT AT YOU!

uhmerikan monkeys know that is bad for business. so uhmerikan monkeys use the old fashion way of making war that require lots of  expensive less powerful bombs and delivery systems. first they bomb a country and then go in to fix it up. most of the monkey money that is supposed to fix up the bombed places is just stolen. some monkeys get very rich while lots of other monkeys suffer.

i wish it was otherwise but that is the way it is on the monkey sphere.

i like bananas! OOO-OOO-OOO! EEE-EEE-EEE! AH-AH-AH!

quantum cat & the monkey sphere

in my heart of heart i know sparky is not coming back….

any knerd or geak nose of “Schrodinger’s Cat” thought experiment. some crazy old time money scientist who hated cats thunk it first. in a nut shell he puts a cat in a box with a vial of poison gas. the gas will be released when an instrument detects the decay particles of an unstable atomic nucleus.

unstable atomic nuclei such as uranium have a statistical decay. one cannot predict which nucleus will decay  but that if you had a number of them a certain percentage will decay in a certain time frame. it’s all that quantum mumbo jumbo. one may observe a certain uranium atom for a very long time and it will not decay. it’s the half life of radioactive elements, that is a half of them will decay in a given time. but… half wont. no one not even monkey scientist can say this or that atom will or will not decay.

to get back to the cat in the box fate…as long as the box is not open the cat is both alive and dead. only opening the  box determines the cat’s fate. because you see quantum uncertainty may mean that none of the atoms the instrument is detecting will decay. at the quantum level this is possible but unlikely.

an evil monkey scientist like Schrodinger can calculate that after a certain time and knowing how many and what type of unstable atoms are use to trigger the release of the poison, the cat will be dead in all probability but without certainty. but…unless the lid is opened the cat remains both alive and dead.

so let us return to sparky. sparky, my cat, is in a quantum state. he ran away but i dont know his fate. he entered “Schrodinger’s Box”. sparky is both alive and dead. i can imagine that sparky has found a new and loving home and is being fed and sitting in a sunny window. i can imagine that sparky has been run over by a car or has been tortured by a monkey boy.

i used to be a monkey boy and i have seen first hand how cruel they are. but then maybe a monkey girl is dressing him in doll’s clothes and having a pretend tea party. i dont know much about monkey girls.

i live on a planet i call the monkey sphere. other monkeys i know call it “the earth” or “the world”. but really it’s the monkey sphere. it is round, very round. if you could shrink the monkey sphere to the size of a bowling ball it would be more perfectly round and smooth.

many monkeys are excluded from social interacting with other monkeys due to environmental and economic situations. the internal mental state and past experiences of each individual monkey come into play just like quantum effects. often the monkey will have a companion animal of a different species. sparky was such an animal. in the past monkeys called such animals “pets”. often the individual monkey will enjoy the companion animal more than other monkeys.

monkeys are mean and nasty. all monkeys want to do is dominate other monkeys. monkeys want control and power. monkeys like making other monkeys mean and nasty, especially uhmerikan monkeys. uhmerikan monkeys think they are the best and brightest and most just and moral monkeys on the monkey sphere. nope, uhmerikan monkeys are assholes just like all the other monkeys on the monkey sphere.

monkeys have bad judgment. monkeys are impulsive. monkeys dont consider facts they dont like. a monkey may want to do a certain thing that has a high probability of failure or may harm others. the monkey just thinks, “it wont happen to me!”

monkeys have no patience, monkeys cant wait. monkeys cant be polite. when monkeys are polite they are trying to get over. monkeys always use violence or deceit to get what they want. monkeys only follow rules and regulations when supervised. when monkeys think no one is watching the do anything they please.

monkeys used to thinK there was a big monkey in the sky they called god watching them all time to make sure they followed the rules. now that the monkeys killed theIr own good they are a lawless bunch.

monkeys have no internal restraint. perhaps the monkeys are under control of some parasite or virus. perhaps some evil spirit or alien entity is controlling them. maybe the monkeys’ own various goobermints are directing them by electro magnetic remote control. maybe the monkeys are being manipulated using brain washing techniques.

monkeys think they have free will until things go wrong and THEN they blame other monkeys. monkeys are excellent liars. monkeys are excellent cheaters. monkeys are outstanding thieves. monkeys invented money, MONKEY MONEY!

i like bananas. OOO-OOO-OOO! AH-AH-AH! EEE-EEE-EEE!

the power of jesus

i know from personal experience that the power of jesus can make “miracles”. can jesus bring sparky back? i think so. how long will it take? i cant say. i am only  a talking monkey living in a deep gravity well on a rocky planet with a thin veneer of water and gas.

the other talking monkeys that i live with strive for money. these monkeys will do anything to get money. if the whole planet i live on must be destroyed and billions of my fellow monkeys killed then those other monkeys will do it to get more money.

all i want is the safe return of my cat, sparky.

part of the problem of why i lost sparky is due to the need for money. i have a job. i work with angry people. employment often makes people angry. mistakes are made reducing profit and that makes people even more angry. monkeys call themselves “people”. still we are primates and that is monkeys.

monkeys use money. money is an artificial unit of measurement that can be exchanged for goods. usually monkeys will have to submit to horrible environments to make things to get money. some monkeys discovered a way to barter the work of other monkeys for these artificial units of measurement. they get money for nothing. those monkeys always want more. so they convince the other monkeys who make things in horrible environments to work even faster and harder. the working monkeys get angry. the working monkeys pick on each other because they are trained not to question the monkeys who are exploiting them.

the working monkeys go home and rant and rave to the four walls. maybe one monkey has a cat and this spooks the cat. the cat has a chance to leave and does so. we are all victims of the modern age.

some monkeys, such as myself, say FUCK THE SYSTEM! but do nothing about it.

right now as you read this, my nation of monkeys is bombing the crap out of some other nation of monkeys. then that nation sends some monkeys here and they plant explosives and blow up something in my nation. we call such monkeys “terrorists”.

my nation of monkeys have special monkeys that do nothing but talk about what “terrorist” monkeys do. it is their job to convince us that we must continue to bomb other nations of monkeys. instead of being sensible monkeys and flinging shit at each other we fling weapons of mass destruction.

the power of jesus is a concept. besides from getting my cat back i would ask jesus to deliver some sense and wisdom into the monkeys who make decisions regarding the planet of the monkeys.

we monkeys have some other gods. i have studied these other gods and methods of worship. i’m going with jesus because of his track record, nothing against all those other gods.

just pointing out. in my nation of monkeys, uhmerika, money is our god. still, the day we designate jesus’ birthday gets most monkeys that day off  WITH PAY even if you havent accepted jesus. now that is my sort of god.

because i used the word “terrorist” and “bomb” and “explosives”and “jesus” the CIA and DHS (and those names also) and other federal agencies are reading this blog. way cool!

monkey money. monkey money. MONKEY MONEY!

OOO-OOO-OOO! AH-AH-AH! EEE-EEE-EEE! i like bananas.