quantum cat & the monkey sphere

in my heart of heart i know sparky is not coming back….

any knerd or geak nose of “Schrodinger’s Cat” thought experiment. some crazy old time money scientist who hated cats thunk it first. in a nut shell he puts a cat in a box with a vial of poison gas. the gas will be released when an instrument detects the decay particles of an unstable atomic nucleus.

unstable atomic nuclei such as uranium have a statistical decay. one cannot predict which nucleus will decay  but that if you had a number of them a certain percentage will decay in a certain time frame. it’s all that quantum mumbo jumbo. one may observe a certain uranium atom for a very long time and it will not decay. it’s the half life of radioactive elements, that is a half of them will decay in a given time. but… half wont. no one not even monkey scientist can say this or that atom will or will not decay.

to get back to the cat in the box fate…as long as the box is not open the cat is both alive and dead. only opening the  box determines the cat’s fate. because you see quantum uncertainty may mean that none of the atoms the instrument is detecting will decay. at the quantum level this is possible but unlikely.

an evil monkey scientist like Schrodinger can calculate that after a certain time and knowing how many and what type of unstable atoms are use to trigger the release of the poison, the cat will be dead in all probability but without certainty. but…unless the lid is opened the cat remains both alive and dead.

so let us return to sparky. sparky, my cat, is in a quantum state. he ran away but i dont know his fate. he entered “Schrodinger’s Box”. sparky is both alive and dead. i can imagine that sparky has found a new and loving home and is being fed and sitting in a sunny window. i can imagine that sparky has been run over by a car or has been tortured by a monkey boy.

i used to be a monkey boy and i have seen first hand how cruel they are. but then maybe a monkey girl is dressing him in doll’s clothes and having a pretend tea party. i dont know much about monkey girls.

i live on a planet i call the monkey sphere. other monkeys i know call it “the earth” or “the world”. but really it’s the monkey sphere. it is round, very round. if you could shrink the monkey sphere to the size of a bowling ball it would be more perfectly round and smooth.

many monkeys are excluded from social interacting with other monkeys due to environmental and economic situations. the internal mental state and past experiences of each individual monkey come into play just like quantum effects. often the monkey will have a companion animal of a different species. sparky was such an animal. in the past monkeys called such animals “pets”. often the individual monkey will enjoy the companion animal more than other monkeys.

monkeys are mean and nasty. all monkeys want to do is dominate other monkeys. monkeys want control and power. monkeys like making other monkeys mean and nasty, especially uhmerikan monkeys. uhmerikan monkeys think they are the best and brightest and most just and moral monkeys on the monkey sphere. nope, uhmerikan monkeys are assholes just like all the other monkeys on the monkey sphere.

monkeys have bad judgment. monkeys are impulsive. monkeys dont consider facts they dont like. a monkey may want to do a certain thing that has a high probability of failure or may harm others. the monkey just thinks, “it wont happen to me!”

monkeys have no patience, monkeys cant wait. monkeys cant be polite. when monkeys are polite they are trying to get over. monkeys always use violence or deceit to get what they want. monkeys only follow rules and regulations when supervised. when monkeys think no one is watching the do anything they please.

monkeys used to thinK there was a big monkey in the sky they called god watching them all time to make sure they followed the rules. now that the monkeys killed theIr own good they are a lawless bunch.

monkeys have no internal restraint. perhaps the monkeys are under control of some parasite or virus. perhaps some evil spirit or alien entity is controlling them. maybe the monkeys’ own various goobermints are directing them by electro magnetic remote control. maybe the monkeys are being manipulated using brain washing techniques.

monkeys think they have free will until things go wrong and THEN they blame other monkeys. monkeys are excellent liars. monkeys are excellent cheaters. monkeys are outstanding thieves. monkeys invented money, MONKEY MONEY!

i like bananas. OOO-OOO-OOO! AH-AH-AH! EEE-EEE-EEE!


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