mascon mystery

is the DHS monitoring usage of  “mascon”? mascon is nasa speak from the 1970’s post moon landing. it is a contraction of mass and concentration.

nowadays “mascon” sounds like the name of a bad assed super villain/thug/rapper. YO! i would like to throw into the mix at this time, “KREEP”. that is the name of the super villain/thug/rapper (a.k.a. MASCON)’s shadow organization. Kill, Rape, Exploit, Exploit, Punish.

KREEP is also nasa speak.lunar basaltic igneous rock enriched with potassium (K), Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Phosphorus (P).

here’s a pix of a lunar mascon map. sort of looks like a pop art jimi hendrix alas “mascon” supervillian/thug/rapper (CIA asset).



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