6-6-13 rant to DC rep

yeah, it’s all over the inter tubes, the NSA and the CIA and DHS all tapping and storing millions of phone calls. why? in yur district, up here in west milford, drug dealers are still ruining lives. so i dont get it. the goobermint, which you are part of, spies on it’s citizens but dont help them in any way.

the goobermint wont pave a road until it is like some bombed out street in iraq. yeah, there are 108,000 contractors in afghanistan that the pentagon hasnt a clew what they are doing or getting paid for, billions of dollars are missing and for what? for heroin to be distributed in your district and lives ruined?

what about the f-22 and f-35 fight bombers that cant fly without harming the pilots? what about the VA not being able to get benefits to veterans?

why can wall street steal all the money and everyone else have to pay for it?

why do you have a PAC in georgia? why do you have a great pension and health insurance and salary and free haircuts and i dont? dont you think you should cut your benefits before you cut mine?

why do you guys hold us all upside down to shake out the last penny while you live high on the hog?

why does DHS have to order ONE BILLION ROUNDS OF HOLLOW POINT AMMO? what are you afraid of?

what of COG? continuation of goobermint? what about continuation of citizens? dont you have a berth in that secret underground bunker when TSHTF? i dont.

i say you are doing a terrible job. when i drive home from my horrible job i still see busted utility poles with wires dangling from hurricane sandy. yet my electric bill is way too expensive. got to pay the share holders before we fix the infrastructure.

it dont matter if an elected official is dumbocrat or ratpublikan.

i would like to be empaneled on a special jury to to find you guilty of treason and ship you of to gitmo to be tortured and water boarded and generally degraded, you, bernanke, obama, biden, crispy crisp (i bet he can lose weight there!), every one from verizon, everyone from monsanto, all of the senate, the house, the supreme court, in short all of you crooks, directly to gitmo to wear orange jump suits for ever and ever.

you dont think there are enough citizens willing to stomp on all of youse? think of the pay for view fees! watch scott garret get water boarded! tonite at 8! 7 central! the office pools that determine how long you will hold your breath! i got a hunnerd box sez you caint hold yer breath for 2 minnits.

mebbe each elected official should have a drone with hiz/her name on it. hiz/her folks in district get to fire the missiles if he/her dont vote proper on soc sec or extended unem. BAM! you vote for wall street and you get blowed up! now that is democracy.

i go to my rotten job every day and i get to stay in my house and watch it decay. i cant afford to go to the dentist, i aint got insurance. when i get old and sick very soon i has to sign the deed over to some shyster doctor to keep me alive for a few extra weeks.

all the time the goobermint, local, state and fed wants more and more and MORE! why does a bag of oranges cost 5 bucks? you shipping them all to the elite in china?

instead of killing me why dont you kill BP for what they did to the gulf of mexico.

i’m sick of immigrants telling about the their charity care while i pay through the nose. i am sick and tired of every two bit hoodlum and con artist getting over while i have to suffer being honest.

i hope jesse ventura runs for president. now there is a man i admire.

have a nice day!


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