6-7-13 rant to DC rep

i just down loaded the NSA documents related to PRISM. if the goobermint is reading every email and listening to every phone call and storing them why is it so easy for people in your district to drive to paterson to buy heroin? the goobermint doesnt care if it’s citizens buy dope becuz they will all end up in the prison industrial complex, that is slave labor. what the goobermint does want to know is what sort of investments it’s citizens are making so the goobermint can tell wall street how to more efficiently steal the money.

if everything is being monitored how do all the illegals enter the country? if the everything is being monitored why are billions of dollars missing from iraq and afghanistan?

why are you worth free health care and i am not even though my taxes fund it? my lousy health care plan, pre-obamacare, cost me 25 bucks a week. yet, when i went to the doctor back in january i still had to pay 70 bucks! i have to spend $2500 out of pocket to get any benefit and then it only covers 80%. i think it is high time you and all the other crooks down in washington,dc get the same treatment.

i called up my brother yesterday on my verizon pay as you go phone. i told my brother that crispy crisp is a fat pig. crispy crisp sed that tritium in the water supply is nothing to worry about for 15 years. then he sed he wouldnt investigate the dumping of perchlorate, that is rocket fuel, because it happened too long ago. dont crispy crisp look like he has been drinking water with tritium and perchlorate in it? well, dont he? everyone running the salem atomic reactor should be sent to gitmo and water boarded with tritium and perchlorate.

i still see busted utility poles that have never been replaced from hurricane sandy. the wires are hanging low to the ground making it easy for terrorists to sabotage them. why is my electric bill so expensive?

do you think the NSA is monitoring this email? do you think they are laughing?

why are gangs so prevalent when all communications are being monitored? why is it so easy for junkies to do B&E and sell the stuff on craig’s list? why is there an underground economy of middlemen fencing stolen stuff from junkies? why is it that even with all this email and phone tapping the goobermint cant stop none of it?

why? why? why?

a citizen cant point a banana or a finger at someone without a swat team being called in. then i read one time too many how the swat team goes to the wrong address and kills an innocent person. if everything was being monitored the DHS wouldnt have to grab your crotch at the air port. maybe the fix is in. maybe everything is crooked. i dont understand the things the elected officials do down in washington,dc. have a nice day.