HOO-RAY!  sparky came back today. i had the garage open in order to get tools as i worked on my car in the drive way. i did all i could and it was after 7 pm edt. so i started packing up returning things into the garage. i thought i saw sparky’s tail. i had 2 dreams about sparky. i thought i was just having a wishful thinking awake experience. i used the drop light and looked under some shelves and there he was. i got him some of his favorite canned food. he gobbled it up, then i got him some clean water and a blanket to lay on. i put a litter box in the garage also.

i gave him a second helping of canned food. he looked in good shape but tired. tomorrow i will skip work and bring him to the vet for rabies and distemper and a flea dip. he whimpered a little bit. maybe sparky is glad to be home. i sort of figured he slink back while i was farting around outside. it has been 6 weeks or so.

all’s well that ends well. i just wonder how squeaky is gonna take it, us being bonding all this time as best buds. squeaky is a very jealous cat and very possessive.


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