latest rant to DC rat rep on 6-11-13:

i just signed the pardon edward snowden petition at the white house. becuz he is a hero and, well, congress is full of rats. that guy manning is a hero also and the senate is full of rats. obama is a rat. bernanke is a rat. cheney is a rat. etc. ALL RATS! i read you make $175,000/yr and get free medical insurance and a great pension and lots of time off. i get low wages and lousy health care and no time off. BUT I HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL YOUR PERKS! even including free hair cuts. i get scalped. there was a big explosion at the airport in kabul. man, we must be doing a great job! and all the heroin in your district? what’s up with that? i am for legalization of marijuana and the criminalization of tobacco. i think that all our elected officials, including yourself, should smoke pot. if any refuse, it’s off to gitmo and water boarding with tritium and perchlorate. why do the titans of wall street get to do lines of coke but shlubs go to slave labor in the private prison industry? the more money one has the less the law pertains. i say the goobermint wants drugs in the community to befuddle the citizens while gold man sacks steals every thing. you haz to prove me wrong with action. i haz to see it and read about it. have a nice day!


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