06-13-13 rant to DC rat rep:

this is what is wrong with this nation:
“The Supreme Court has come up with a new regulation banning demonstrations on its grounds, two days after a broader anti-demonstration law was declared unconstitutional.

The regulation bans activities on the court’s grounds or building such as picketing, speech-making, marching, vigils or religious services “that involve the communication or expression of views or grievances, engaged in by one or more persons, the conduct of which is reasonably likely to draw a crowd or onlookers.””

free speech zones are to stifle the citizenry from expressing disagreement with the goobermint.

not only is the goobermint recording every email and phone call corporations are willing to buy any data about habits of citizens to target them with ads.

if every phone call and email is recorded why wasnt the boston bombing thwarted? the russians even told the goobermint to watch out for the so called suspects. what’s up with that? and why was a drill held on the same day?

why were untold billions of dollars spent on the war in afghanistan and now the streets are flooded with heroin?

why do we spend billions of dollars on education and produce a generation of junkies? if teachers were fined for every junkie they turned out i bet that would stop drug use. i dont make enough money to buy illegal drugs. only rich people can afford to buy drugs, like highly paid teachers.

i aint against folks doing recreational drugs any more than some one smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. look what those substances have cost our society. it’s the excessive use of drugs that destroys and kills. when i buy a six pack i go hope and stay home.

i have a job. i can just barely stay in my house. i have no pension. i have medical insurance in name only. i make just enough money so i dont have to engage in dishonest activities. i see many other less fortunate than myself.

i have endeavored to be honest and i see no pay off. look at wall street. they stole all the money, tricked the rubes in congress, such as yourself. it’s when the chairman of GM went to congress and demanded more money, a guy who makes 10 million bucks a year. then GM turns around and gives all their technology paid for by tax subsidies to china.

it’s not GM but GE, AIG, BOA, gold man sacks, apple and many many others. pay low wages and offer poor benefits while a small elite, the 1%, rake in all the benefits. these same folks get appointed to goobermint positions in administration and call for cutting the benefits to the average citizen.

i am not supposed to notice all this. well, i do. all you guys in goobermint are strangers to me. it just seems that you guys are all working for someone else.

take the minimum wage, WHAT A JOKE! a clown in congress making $175,000/year can say with a straight face that a citizen can live in $7.50/hr. this same clown gets free medical care, free hair cuts, a great pension, scads of time off and denies the people he serves a living wage becuz some heel capitalist needs all the money for himself.

did i ever tell you about upchuck? he was the CEO at biomet in parsippany. HQ sent him here to “fix” the nj division. we had a christmas buffet. he gave us $50 bonus. well, the following october blackstone group bought biomet out and upchuck left with THIRTY THREE MILLION DOLLARS!!!! that rat basset could had given us all $500 or even $5000 and never missed it.

it just so happened that biomet kept threatening the state for tax breaks or they would leave the state and toss everyone out on unem. i think biomet pulled that trick more than once and ended up leaving anyway.

most of the manufacturing went to china but none of the savings was past on to the consumer. all went to profit for blackstone group.

now why am i supposed to think that you and the rest of congress are doing a great job? well? why?

i want to get on a jury to throw an crooked cop in jail, one who used excessive force and killed a citizen. i want to get on a jury and throw a crooked politician in jail, one who stole the money and denied benefits to citizens. i want to get on a jury and throw a crooked business man in jail one who exploited the workers and polluted the environment and shipped jobs to china.

i want to get on a jury where a DHS official allowed a shipment of heroin into the country after being bribed and throw him in jail.

have a nice day!



06-12-13 rant to Dc rep rat:

i posted one of the NetOps diagrams to my flickr page to show my contempt for the secret totalitarian goobermint. right now there are junkies buying heroin in your district. the goobermint says it intercepts EVERY email and phone call but drug deals go down. how can this be? teachers make big bucks and get 3 months off and have a great pension and health care yet they produce an army of junkies instead of scientists, engineers, honorable statesmen or doctors. my property taxes go up and up and UP to pay for it all. you yourself make $175,000/yr have great pension and health insurance and vacations while i dont. if every phone and email is tapped how come the executives at BP get to go free after killing a bunch of men AND the whole gulf of mexico? you dont have to tap my phone or read my emails (except this one) to know what i think of the goobermint. FART! i have low regard of members of congress, the house and senate, the present president and most past ones and all the folks who ran the treasury. that includes bernanke, paulson, giether, sommers and greenspam plus all the heels from gold man sacks. dont forget chase and AIG and BOA and GM and GE and apple all who pay little or no taxes and ship jobs overseas. i understand that snowden was a high school drop out and making between $120,000 to $200,000 per year. HOT DAM! i wanna jake easy goobermint job like that and his hot girl friend and a flop in hawaii. what’s going on in afghanistan? we got our military there and the streets here are flooded with heroin. not enough slaves for the private prison industry? what’s going on in iraq? we spent our treasure and spent our men and now i understand china is buying all the oil. how much did cheney make selling us out? why isnt cheney being water boarded in gitmo with tritium and perchlorate? just to make it all sparkling clear, you dont need no stinking eavesdropping to know what i think.