06-22-13 rant to DC rat rep

i read in sunday record yur vote NO! for food stamps. you always vote NO! for increases in soc sec or extended unem. and as usual you vote NO! for food stamps. and you vote NO! for a real minimum wage.

but….“We’re making history doing what we’re doing here,” said Maj. Gen. Kurt J. Stein, head of the 1st Sustainment Command, who is overseeing the draw down in Afghanistan. “This is the largest retrograde mission in history.”(By Ernesto Londoñoo/WASHINGTON POST, Published: June 19)

just like veit nam we are pulling out after wasting untold billions if not trillions of dollars. why dont you vote NO! on that waste and fraud?

and….”The most contentious and closely watched part of the effort involves the disposal of Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, the hulking beige personnel carriers that the Pentagon raced to build starting in 2007 to counter the threat of roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. The massive trucks, known as MRAPs, came to symbolize the bloody evolution of wars that were meant to be short conflicts but turned into quagmires.

The Pentagon has determined that it will no longer have use for about 12,300 of its 25,500 MRAPs scattered at bases worldwide, officials said. In Afghanistan, the military has labeled about 2,000 of its roughly 11,000 MRAPs “excess.” About 9,000 will be shipped to the United States and U.S. military bases in Kuwait and elsewhere, but the majority of the unwanted vehicles — which cost about $1 million each — will probably be shredded, officials said, because they are unlikely to find clients willing to come pick them up.”(By Ernesto Londoñoo/WASHINGTON POST, Published: June 19)

yeah, a million bucks each and now being shredded while you vote NO! on food stamps. the job market is very bad. wages are dropping.

why is heroin so readily available in yur district? why is a whole generation being sacrificed?

i just cannot fathom what you think and why and how. it is a complete mystery.

you get a great pension but most folks in yur district do not. you have great medical insurance but most folks min yur district do not. you have a great salary but most folks in yur district do not. you get free hair cuts but most folks in yur district get scalped.

besides from all that fancy expensive military hardware being tossed, how many veterans are being tossed into homelessness and drug abuse? how many vets will get the shaft from the VA while you and yur criminal cronies get rich doing the bidding of the wall street banksters.

here is a perfect example of goobermint ineptitude. i have been seeing my GF for over 4 years and i have to drive down 208 to get to her house. all that time until this week 208 was exactly like a bombed out road in iraq. not only myself but 10 of thousands of commutes were made miserable becuz of the decay and lack of repair to 208.

where does all the tax money go? why werent my taxes low for the past 4 years while 208 was in wrack and ruin?

i was in shock when i drove down 208 on a pristine resurface. think of how many times 208 could have been resurfaced just by the amount of shredding that is being done in afghanistan right now. we could all be getting free hair cuts!

something is not right, not right at all.


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